January 2019 Event - Closes Jan 9th at 7pm

$10.00 - $50.00 (tax incl.)

Eight hour long – 1 Day event.

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Event #107 – Season Premier – January 12th – One Day event

Preregistration Options:

  • PC Basic: $20.00 – Rewards 3 build.
  • PC Complex: $40.00 – Rewards 6 build
  • PC Erudite: $50.00 – Rewards 8 build
  • NPC: $10.00 – Rewards 2 to 5 build.

Prices above include the $5.00 pre-registration discount.
Clean up / NPC shifts are not counted in the build totals above.
There will be limited room for NPC shifts. Sign up during check in.

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Matt Wagner is the game director at Seventh Kingdom, having previous experience working at three LARPs over the past 17 years. In addition, Matt is a graduate of Rowan University, having studied Theater Arts: Design/Tech and TV/Film Production. As Game Director, Matt organizes the events schedule and oversees all the games individual departments.