Stone Clans Overview

Amidst and beneath the craggy reaches of the Stoneclaw mountains dwell the war-like Clans of the Stone Dwarves. Although they are respected for their craftsmanship, they are also feared and hated for their fury. Many Kingdoms bar them when they arrive en masse at their borders, for such is the destruction and the bedlam that they leave in their wake.


Because of their factious natures, it is difficult to find a symbol that best represents the Stone Clans. Even within the Creed of their faith, they find differences enough to war with one another.

However, Clanless Dwarves usually bear the sigil of crossed arms, an axe and a hammer — a representation of their love of battle and competition.


Flame and Passion. Stone Dwarves are regarded by outsiders as factious, boisterous and otherwise unruly. In truth, they consider themselves to be passionate beings, the flame in their veins given expression and voice. When a Stone Dwarf feels an emotion, they give vent to it. They swear when angry, weep when sorrowful and laugh when happy — except with greater intensity than the other Races of Midworld.

Life of War. It is said that each and every Stone Dwarf is dry kindling awaiting the spark, that each of these First-born are always looking for a reason to start smashing and killing. The fact is that most Stone Dwarves are not violent, just passionate and prepared for violence. When roused or provoked, a Stone Dwarf will challenge others — usually to contests of strength (arm-wrestling), skill (rock throwing), toughness (drinking) or any other method. Most Stone Dwarves do not revel in violence, it is in the conflict, in the determination of victory and loss that they find appeal. Indeed, Stone Dwarves are as good at winning as they are at taking loss, especially when a contest is entertaining enough. Many Stone Dwarves will toast to their victory or their loss, making friends (or at least, drinking partners) of their competitors. It is only when blades and blood are drawn that a Stone Dwarf will resort to bloody, ruthless violence.

Clan above all. A Stone Dwarf’s Clan dominates most of their youth, thereby ensuring that most Stone Dwarves are a deep love for their Clan and their family. It is expected that a Clansdwarf would give shelter to sister in need and give cherished weapons to a brother in a feud. Most Stone Dwarves will wear favors or tabards with their Clan’s sigil or else tattoo their flesh with their Clan’s mark. Even First-born that wander far from their Clans expect to one day return — and when they do, it will be with open arms and a brimming flagon of brew.

Craftsmanship. Their talent for building is one of the gifts given to the First-born by the Maker. Whether they revere the Maker or not, these people are born artisans and each one of them feels the need to master a craft that isn’t fighting; the art of craftsmanship is in every Dwarf, great and small. To the First-born, the finished product is just as important as the act of making — anyone can see beauty in the polish of a masterpiece, but Stone Dwarves can easily see the splendor of good work and give it the admiration it deserves.


Walking Armouries: The savagery of the Stone Clans are well known, but renowned too is the care they give to their weaponry and their protective gear. Even the dirtiest of Stone Dwarves will have their hammers maintained with the precision of a jewelsmith and their axes sharpened to the greatest of care. Such is the love for weaponry that some First-born will carry multiple swords, axes and hammers around — “in case the killing needs more weapons!”

Marked Flesh: Many Stone Dwarves will invest not only in fine equipment but also in brightly colored or stark black tattoos. The former usually reflects Clan affiliations while the latter is of  symbols or runic writing of personal representation or a reference to a concept or a saying that the Dwarf holds dear. Some Dwarves are known to tattoo the names of their greatest conquests across their bodies or will paint their beards bright colors.

Blood of the Maker: Destructive tendencies aside, each and every Stone Dwarf possesses a talent at craftsmanship and artisanry. It can be as grandiose as architecture and engineering or as simple as wood-whittling. To that end, these First-born will have tools for their talent on their person. During times of idleness, a Stone Dwarf can be found indulging in a minor craft, whether it be hammering in the dents of their armor, sharpening their ax or even sewing rips in their gambeson.

A Stone Dwarf’s Flagon: Moreso than their weaponry and armor, to many Stone Dwarves, one of the most sacred things they possess is their drinking horn or drinking flagon. These flagons tend to be ornate and well-maintained or at least, well-worn with travel and care. For Dwarves skilled in brewing, their horn typically contains their finest mixture or their latest experiment. Only to his closest allies and truest friends will a Dwarf loan his flagon. Similarly, these First-born will go to great lengths and expense to retrieve a lost flagon or to avenge the theft of one.

Accent: It is not necessary for a Stone Dwarf player to carry an accent. But those who dwell near the west may a trace of Scottish, due to their proximity to Fir’bolg. The Dwarves themselves argue that the accent transition is the other way around.


Dwarven names are reminiscent of Scandinavian and Germanic names. Male names tend to be hard and blocky while female names retain the harder accents with endings softened by i’s or a’s. Generally speaking, Dwarves tend to be named after famous ancestors or heroes. It is uncommon amongst Stone Dwarf family trees to see the same name pop up more than a dozen times.

Name examples:

Male: Alfrig, Balgan, Durrok, Gromdur, Harthog, Kessek, Narfel, Rigdar, Sheldrig, Tordek

Female: Alea, Cadra, Ea, Felsi, Ialla, Jindris, Ladra, Rellara, Quilda, Zindri

Clan Names (Major): Bladebreaker, Rumbletum, Shaggrath, Stormgrimm, Thundershield

Clan Names (Minor): Axefist, Blackstone, Cragspike, Flagonhelm, Halgath, Margoth, Runebrew, Steelbeard, Zortooth

Historical Allusions:

Stone Dwarves are the archetypal Dwarves of most fantasy lore — they’re war-like and crafty, clannish with a love of beers and ales. Greater emphasis has been placed upon their love of their Clans and their ties to the greater plot upon the world. Furthermore, their boisterous tendencies have been blunted somewhat so that every interaction with them does not automatically lead to violence — simply, friendly conflict.