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June 2015: The Wraiths of Gerion Vard

Celebrations: No traditional celebrations were observed this past moon. The moon of July will see the annual “Nondenomnomination” barbeque hosted by the collective churches of Freehold.  This celebration will include good food, wonderful drink, and impressive entertainment from what I’ve been told.  Be sure to be there!

Deaths: Kelas, a Baron of the Chivalric Kingdom of Pendrakken was slain in battle with Gerion Vard and his minions. While revived afterwards, the town should thank the man for his stalwart defense.

Jakob, a kindred of the spirits of winter, was slain helping the Kingdom of Jotunbrud retrieving Sinvicta, an ally to the town of Freehold from their homeland.  He was revived in short order, but may have been saved altogether if things had gone differently.  Let his sacrifice in the protection of unity and service of the endangered be remembered as a call for all Freefolk to never leave an ally on the field of battle, regardless of the risk.  Every life is sacred.

Important events: The refinery, captured from Fang-Zhara, finally was destroyed.  It had been defended vehemently by Freefolk, but was too badly damaged by several attacks to remain functional.

Gerion Vard, an outlaw Necromancer from the Chivalric Kingdom, was driven from the field of battle by the Freefolk. He was not slain, though many of his minions were given the peace of death.

Birth announcements: Marlowe, of Ishtari faith, gave birth to a son, it was reported to this humble scholar.  That son was taken to be raised away from the dangers of Freehold.

While not a birth, the town of Freehold did get a ward by the name of Lilly-Rose.  This young lady survived an attack on her farmstead.  It is my personal hope that this young lady is cared for and shown every opportunity.


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From the Diary of Sirul Vulfric

Dear Journal,

Freehold, it seems, still bears no shortage of surprises. Especially so since I missed the gateway on the previous moon. Apparently, one of my own kinsman is in possession of a whisp artifact that is sought by the wraiths that continue to haunt Freehold. Much of the night was spent fighting wraiths as a result of this. Following the glorious battle, where in I managed to kill a wraith, Silverleaf finally got me that drink she owed me at the War Horse tavern, which was moved since last moon and is now a proud part of the business district. I did have the misfortune of learning of a beastling rebellion going on back home. I decided to get some information on the uprising. Surprisingly, Cromley Diamondfist had more information than I could have garnered on my own. Apparently, Sssssimon and his Unifiers were responsible for the uprising. Somehow, he set in motion events to drive my people in Pendrakken closer to their primal nature. I must write to my mother and persuade her to leave Pendrakken until the issue is resolved.

I decided to retire for the evening too soon, as the following day, I learned that Sssssimon had passed through freehold. I was robbed of the chance to get answers and justice. The morning brought with it Yao Guai, nightmare demons. I had hoped we’d seen the last of their ilk two moons ago, but I was clearly wrong. It took a lot out of us and Jonathan Crowley was slain. At noon, I attended mass at the Church of the Seven United for the first time in longer than I care to admit. We gave Lord Executioner Blick a memorial service and I delivered what I felt was a glowing eulogy. Following that, I spent some time training with Myoch to become an oracle of the Loci spirits and soon I hope that training pays off and the accept me. I was told to be stable, like the earth and the trees. To empty myself of emotion to channel the Loci and act as an instrument of their will, rather than bending them to my own.

I had heard rumors that Ren Stormwater, a famed pirate about whom smutty romance serials were written, had come to freehold. I never read these, but I have heard tails of his exploits. Following this, I found myself in the unfortunate position of doing business for the Iron Bank.

This time, it was much more straightforward, even if we had to fight through water elementals to get there. A pregnant woman had taken out a loan to help get her inn, the Crowing Rooster, off the ground in a manner of speaking. Fortunately, I was traveling with a member of the Defenders of Dawson. He had put forward one hundred gold to pay off the woman’s debt. We escorted her back to Rottenbottom and delivered him the gold his bank was owed. I was given five gold for my part, and went on my way to Annie’s Inn to steal some sleep. I was awoken by a commotion outside and rushed out to find a little girl running, screaming that someone had taken her mother and father. Being the Enforcer that I am, I had to help. I joined an adventuring party and set out to help find the girl’s parents. I was brought in by Kaliah to help comfort the poor thing. I promised her I would do what I could to help find her parents before she was escorted back to the Inn for safety’s sake.

I kept my word and helped to organize a search party, and we DID find the girl’s parents. We found their bodies. I made my way back to town, followed by a member of the Defenders of Dawson who sought to tell her the truth, but I urged him against it. When we found the poor girl in the business district at Starducks tea house, he did not listen. He told the girl the fate of her parents. A woman at the tea shop told the girl that her parents had gone somewhere far away and the girl insisted she should go with them. I couldn’t bear to watch and made my way back to the inn. The undead attacked shortly after and fighting them uncovered something fascinating. When darkness fell, wraiths descended again on freehold. I fought valiantly and managed to kill another one. And then another. I am getting quite proficient at dealing with wraiths. I had twisted my ankle during one such fight and had to rest it before returning that night to Pendrakken, hoping the couriers there would be more reliable than Griffon mail. I must urge my mother to leave Pendrakken until the uprising is curbed. I pray to the Seven that King Arcturus makes the right call.



May 2015: The Shade of Nuatha

Celebrations: No traditional celebrations were observed this past moon. Please let the staff of the Freehold Journal know if you or your country is planning an event!

Deaths: Dairmond Egilson, affectionately known as “Blik, back of the Hand of Pendrakken” met his end as he lived his life, on his own terms and as brashly as he could. He sacrificed himself to put down the menace of Nuatha. Maerla, Archdruid of Fir’Bolg, advised us to sing songs, tell stories, and remember his life and death. This humble scholar has an additional request to the people of Freehold: remember the unity Blik fought for, the Light he sought to protect, and never cease to laugh, even when faced with your end.

Important events: This moon saw many threats to Freehold, including the decimation of the Refinery by the nightmare demons, threats from the Aether, and a return of an ancient horror from Fir’Bolg. Nuatha, who betrayed the kingdom of Fir’Bolg and instated a reign of terror that lasted centuries. The battle against this shade was grueling, spanning from Freehold into a pocket of the Aether and back again. The final blow was struck by the Pendrakken hero, Dairmond Egilson, who sacrificed himself so that the scourge of Fir’Bolg could be wiped from the face of Midworld permanently.

Birth announcements: No new children were known to be born into Freehold this moon. Please feel free to contact the staff of the Freehold Journal to announce the joy of a new life entering this wonderful world.


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April 2015: Yao-guai

From the Diary of Sirul Vulfric

Dear Journal,

Events in freehold continue to remain weird. The town had been suffering from attacks by Yaoguai, known to the rest of us as nightmare demons. This didn’t seem to concern Marlowe, as she enlisted my help to gather firewood. Thankfully, that went rather well, but the same cannot be said for the actual reasoning behind the collecting. Marlowe’s goal was to create a fire for Guaine’s bachelor party, as his wedding was to take place the following night. As my previous attempts at fire magic set several taverns on fire, I was surprised that I was unable to get the fire going. We needed to enlist the help of a survivalist in order to get it started, and even then it was in vain. Regardless, a good time was had by all involved. We had some very potent Ishtari vodka and cold vegetable stew. The peace was not to last however, as some sorts of shadow spirits attacked us. It took significant help to fend them off, but eventually we succeeded. Afterwards, I shared a drink with a dwarf by the name of Diamondfist and discussed the troubles that brought me to freehold. He suggested that I look more closely at my old friend Sera and what she found out to get herself killed. I retired for the night after that discussion, the effects of Ishtari Vodka starting to make themselves known.

I was unable to sleep that night as the howling winds messed with my sensitive hearing. I spent much of my day at the inn trying to get some rest that had escaped me, but it didn’t last long. Journey was very forward with me throughout my days in freehold this month, due in part to the fact that she was in season, but I politely declined her request to breed with her, as those who got close to me in the past had a tendency to die. Regardless, I spent a good deal of time in Journey’s company and learned more about her. She had a friend named Quest, who was suffering from some form of curse. The letter I read to journey was laced with a very picante pepper from the hinterlands, thus assaulting the sensitive noses of houndkin.

Later on, I was approached by a dwarf whose name sadly got away from me. He said that the refinery was under attack by Yaoguai. I and a large number from a Vagnar warband arrived too late, as the refinery exploded. The battle against the Yaoguai was intense and I almost died a few times. I managed to kill one, but it exploded before I could harvest any parts for research. Later on afterwards, I was found by Maive, Guaine’s betrothed, to help set up the temple of Lord Reaper for a wedding. The ceremony itself was accompanied by music from a talented bard, but the ceremony ended on a sinister note as the couple was teleported away by a magic box. With the wedding party armed, we all set off to look for the newlyweds in the hinterlands. It later turned out to be part of a plot that sought to acquire land owed to Guaine. Sometimes, I am baffled by the politics of my homeland.

Throughout the reception, the groom appeared very sick, barfing up quite often. We held the reception at the War Horse tavern and besides Guaine, a good time was had by all. Diamondfist offered unlimited drinks for a mere five gold, but I did not partake. I had a bit of Sake before the wedding and could hardly stand by that point. I decided to acquire greater training in ritual casting from a man from the Sunless Kingdom and spent much of my day practicing. Events back in Pendrakken forced me to leave before the Yaoguai could be eradicated. Sera’s funeral required my presence. I write this from my home kingdom and thankfully, I feel safe here for the first time since my troubles began. My mother remains far too busy to see me and was sadly not at the funeral.

Celebrations: No traditional celebrations were observed this past moon.  However, Maeve and Gawaine became husband and wife.  The ceremony went off in true Freehold fashion, with many faiths and kingdoms coming together.  Let us all take this as a lesson that no matter the odds, true love will triumph over all.

Deaths: Death did not visit any of our adventurous souls this moon so far as this humble historian has uncovered.  Let us keep this trend and expand upon it.

Important events: Spring was felt this month, and reminded us that, while the days can be warm and comforting, the nights can be equally dark, cold, and terrifying as “nightmare demons” known as the Yao-Guai terrorized Freehold.

These insectoid creatures seemed to posses a hive mind, which made many magical effects useless and even speaking with them seemed pointless at times.  The beings seemed drawn to and had a desire to destroy anything that had the energy of an Immortal upon it.  A trait which had some Freefolk wondering if they were friend or foe.

The battle of the bugs came to a bust when the thing they had been seeking, a door marked with Immortal runes, turned out to be empty.  This had the insects enraged, and their “queen” fled the battlefield.  Freefolk have varying ideas of why the door revealed an empty room, but this soldier will be living by the motto “keep a keen sword, and a keener eye” for the forseeable future.

Also seen this moon was the Destroyer of Worlds.  An ancient and powerful being.  This creature was defeated, and eventually destroyed by a group of several hearty adventurers who fought long into the wee hours of the morning and were accompanied by yours truely. Though I had barely any hand in the fighting, knowledge was a key in this victory and myself and several others were able to direct the arm of the Hand of Pendrakken and Righteousness, Pelavir Vard, as he slew the vile beast once and for all.

Birth announcements: No new children were known to be born into Freehold this moon. Please feel free to contact the staff of the Freehold Journal to announce the joy of a new life entering this wonderful world.


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