July 2019 Epilogue (Rumors only)

The Rite of the Aethyric Flood did as it was supposed to — open the gates to the Aether and allow enough power to its caster in order to cast a spell of great power: the Crown of Annihilating Flame, an ancient magic forged but Aethereals who were slain by the Immortals long ago. Empowered by vast amounts of Mercurium and Aethyric energies, it spread across Midworld obliterating all things Immortal that ever enshrined Immortal energy — whether it be augmented minion or corrupted earth. 

The Storm-Islands fell into the ocean, bathing nearby coasts with titanic tidal waves. All of Fang-zhara’s golemic creatures ceased functioning and exploded, as the batteries that lent them life seized. Every Wyrdic Cipher ever created also turned into ruin, burning and disappearing like flashpaper. 

Likewise, all the remnants of Tenebrous were eradicated from Midworld, their hosts screaming in pain and in relief. Not just people and animals died by the thousands, but elementals and aethereals as well — once puppeteered by the Immortal, now freed and destroyed. Strangely, almost every Shadowsoul in Midworld felt a few seconds of euphoric relief.

Unlike the others, there was no tumultuous furor that accompanied Nihilus’ defeat. They faded away into the whispers of ghosts and rumor and memory, which is all they ever were. The End had found the End-Bringer and Doom had found the Doom-Seers.

A vacuum in the Aethyric domains was created by Tenebrous’ defeat — this gave Midworld a few years to prepare for the horrors to come. 

When it arrived, it did so not with a terrible clangour but with a whisper of dread and the fracturing of sanities. The Witches and Adepts of Midworld suffered immense nightmares as the Aethyric realms fell upon the world. 

Midworld had endured demonic invasion before. But even with time to prepare and the warnings of the Freefolk, it could not fathom the horrors that would befall it. Every Kingdom would feel the wrath of nightmares unhinged, every Kingdom would lose ground like they never have.

But the Mortal Races would survive, in the end. 

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