Rules Update & Pre-registration

Preregistration is now open for the August event! Save five bucks and time at check in by pre-registering now.

We hope to see you there!
Pre-reg closes on August 8th at 7pm.

Last event marked Seventh Kingdom’s 9 year anniversary, and with it came new found magics and tough decisions for Freehold. To everyone who was able to join us, we hope you enjoyed the event and would like to thank you for sharing your weekend with us in this fantasy world. Staff found the event exciting as we had no idea how Freehold was going to answer the immortal threat. Let us know what you enjoyed about the event on the forums and receive service points for each question you answer.

Meanwhile, during the July event, the battle was fierce. Fang-zhara, Tenebrous and Portia attempted to rain down immortal terror and destruction upon Freehold. With the help of unlikely allies and after much deliberation, Freehold bravely decided to stand against this onslaught. In the last moments of the battle, the final blow was delivered as a blinding flash engulfed Freehold. As the dust settled, it was decreed. Dark days are now upon us.

“Dark Days” is a rules update that seeks to strengthen the players, new and old, against future challenges. You can find all the details here, effective immediately.

“Some say Freehold is where heroes go, but I know the truth.
Freehold is where heroes are made.”
-Kyle Rumblend

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Matt Wagner is the game director at Seventh Kingdom, having previous experience working at three LARPs over the past 17 years. In addition, Matt is a graduate of Rowan University, having studied Theater Arts: Design/Tech and TV/Film Production. As Game Director, Matt organizes the events schedule and oversees all the games individual departments.