Interlude 2017-2018

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Jade Glimmerglint doused the first of the candles as the dark above begun to lift. The dining room was empty, a strange sight in any other season but a common one this winter. Even this early, it would be full of patrons and customers. But many of the Freefolk made their way home to look after or to look for friends and family. It was an especially strong draw for her after she heard what had happened to Malak Travak. But as that situation went, there was no going back to her homeland – there were too many tons of rock between her and her family. She had only her hopes and her prayers to the Maker that they still lived.

But Malak Travak was a distant worry, though it was especially felt in her solitude. Indee was… gone. And her death was so… sudden, like the flash of lightning.  There were others that she hired to assist in the lack, but there was no one like that Riverfolk. Even Cobb came to help and it was appreciated (begrudgingly).

The Ixians called it finding Silver within Shadows. And there was some good to be found in the midst of all this. Anubisath was gone – slain utterly and irrevocably with the kind of justice that the Maker would inflict. Except it was not gods that did this, it was the Freefolk, with the terrifying strength and stubbornness that she had seen time and time again.

Nevermind that Kritek, a veritable murderer and cannibal, was the recipient of the Northern World-Lock – it would be centuries before he had the same power Anubisath ever did. At least, that’s what Jade hoped. But there was peace at least, made even more beautiful by its fleeting nature in this place.

Long ago, she had hoped that her stay in Freehold would be a short one. But now, it was a home beyond home. Jade knew people here and even loved a few. Malak Travak was far away, but she bore that lack better than she thought she did.

Who would have thought that courage could be so contagious?

She looked to the remainder of the candles in the dining room. It was time for them to be doused but she was not afraid – there was a new day coming and soon, the Freefolk would be back in strength… with all their noise and tomfoolery.

Maybe their strength would be contagious as well.

Rumors (anyone may read this)
Callas Selvarion Kingdom or Rumormonger skill only
Fir’bolg Kingdom or Rumormonger skill only
Gotterdammerung Kingdom or Rumormonger skill only
Ixia Kingdom or Rumormonger skill only
Jotunbrud Kingdom or Rumormonger skill only
Kali-Ishtar Kingdom or Rumormonger skill only
Labyrinthium Kingdom or Rumormonger skill only
Malak Travak Kingdom or Rumormonger skill only
Pendrakken Kingdom or Rumormonger skill only
Riverfolk Kingdom or Rumormonger skill only