August 2017 Prologue

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frum the jounall of lysanna “the swift blade” briarbrook

dear diary,

the school hall this week was very very hard. but after my exercises teacher told me that i am the best at letters and i might even be ready for upper-cays letters! he even told mummy and mummy was very proud!

she told me that she will do my chores for me to-day and to-morrow. i think that i will go back to where i saw the elfs and the nurth folks last week

i know mummy does not like it. when i told her, she told me to tell no-body and to never go back there. i had to do brendon and talli and gilben’s chores all by myself for a week straight. she was so mad!!!

but there are so many things going on and its so prety! i looked at it from far away but even then i could see it! they were working on a glowing gem, like in the stories!!!

tonite i am going to take a closer look! brendon is going to be looking for me, but i know he likes fianna from 1 farm over. she is going to talk to him while i make my trip. it is a long walk away so i am bringing nuts and this mornings crust to eat.

maybe, dear diary, this will be the furst of my adventures! may be i get to be a hero like the freefolk!

wish me luck!!!


lysanna briarbrook

lysanna “swiftblade” briarbrook

lysanna “swiftfoot” briarbrook

lysanna “the swift blade” briarbrook – use this!!! its so heroic!!


OOG: This is the only surviving scrap of a journal found in a burned down farmstead in the Hinterlands last week. It belonged to Yllana Briarbrook, a widowed Hinterland farmer with four children. There were no bodies found in the rubble. Mundane and magical divinations have also discovered nothing.

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