Rules Update – Effective Immediately

The end is coming. Heroes, mercenaries and champions alike must rise and gather
against the perils and evils that await Midworld in these dire times.

The following are a group of rules updates that reflect the rallying of powerful individuals to Freehold and the Hinterlands. They are rules updates that strengthen new and incoming characters. Those with new characters are especially enhanced if they are preceded by an experienced character that has been slain by the horrors that assail the Freefolk or has retired from the adventuring life.

Progression and advancement of current characters has also been improved, allowing all characters to learn abilities more quickly and certain Professions to learn erudite abilities with greater speed.

As per usual, while the new characters of a Player may associate with whomever they wish, they are discouraged from dealing with any of their previous characters’ items.

The following are bonuses that the players of new characters receive; only new players to Seventh Kingdom IGE will receive this bonus.  This replaces the Agimat that a new player would receive.

  • Destined Resilience: At the beginning of an Event, you may choose for your Maximum HP to be 20 HP instead of its normal value. This may not be increased by any effect whatsoever.
  • Destined Might: When you attack with a melee or ranged weapon, you may choose for your attack to strike for 5 damage instead of their normal value. This may not be increased by any effect whatsoever, nor may this damage type be changed. It may be decreased or minimalized by the normal effects that would do so.
  • Destined Arcana: Your spells and feats are enhanced. Your healing-type spells and feats have their healing effects increased by 5. Similarly, your attack spells and feats have their damage increased by 5, this includes the Assassinate feat.

New Permanent Death/Retirement rules:

  • The rules below only affect those who retired a character after the January 2018 event or were permanently slain at the January 2018 event or onwards. Players with Characters that are retired or are slain before this time are not eligible to use those characters with the bonuses below.
  • Take note that we have extended the time for those who benefit from this — whereas originally we intended for it to only benefit those whose characters died after July 2018. Due to Player requests and after deliberation, we have decided to extend this benefit to those who have been with us for the Year 2018 onward.
  • When your character permanently dies or retires at the aforementioned times, you may choose for one of your other characters or a new character to get bonus build based on a portion of the dead/retired character as per the normal rules.
  • All of the bonuses from this cannot be split up among different characters. Only one character may receive the build and skill training from a single character.
  • The chosen character receives 1/2 of spent build (rounding up) and all of the unspent build of the dead/retired character. The starting 15 build is deducted from the original total before it is halved.
  • In order to have a character benefit from this or to benefit from this retroactively, the Staff have to be informed of a character’s eligibility at least a week in advance of an event. The additional build and advanced training (see below) will then be applied before an Event. Due to the intense logistics required, this will never be done during an Event. There are no exceptions to this.

If the dead/retired character is at 5th level or higher, there are some additional bonuses.

  • A new character may start with the build mentioned above and up to 3 complex skills/feats/spells as well as 1 erudite feat/spells/skill. This will not and will never include a Multi-class Path, a Mythic Path or affiliation/advancement into a special order/organization (such as Council of Light, etc)
  • Alternatively, an existing character will receive the additional build above and training in 3 complex skills/feats/spells and 1 erudite feat/spell/skill. This will not and will never include a Multi-class Path, a Mythic Path or affiliation/advancement into a special order/organization (such as Council of Light, etc)
  • This Erudite skill/feat/spell is non-transferable by any means, including through “Even in Death, I serve”
  • All other portions are as per normal for a new character
  • Any character may only receive such an enhancement once (i.e. you cannot sacrifice multiple high level characters to grant multiple erudite abilities to one of your characters)
  • 50 GP to start, instead of the normal amount

Special Learning Upgrades: 

Academic Surge: All player characters may learn as many Skills/Feats/Spells as possible for their build, provided they have access to them and the appropriate training. Everyman skills and Racial skills/feats do not require training, giving non-human characters an advantage in this regard. This only applies to Skills/Feats/Spells and nothing else. 

Previously, you can only learn one Skill, Feat or Spell a month unless you had the Master Researcher skill.

Knowledge is Power: Similarly, Master Researchers that attempt to self-teach a Skill/Feat/Spell or teach an Erudite Skill/Feat/Spell that they know to others no longer take 3 months of training to do so — it only takes one month of training though this must be done ahead of time instead of during the Event. The costs of 500 GP and 500 Research points still apply. You may only learn one such Erudite skill/feat/spell in this way (or through Spectral Enlightenment) in a month of play.

Spectral Enlightenment: While Freehold is in possession of the Tier 4 of the Academic Domain and Tier 4 of the Spectral Domain, any Player character may teach themselves an Erudite skill/feat/spell as though they were a Master Researcher using the ability above. Obviously, Spectral Enlightenment cannot be used if Freehold loses possession of the required Domain Tiers.

However, this requires 500 GP and 10 Rare Holy (or Death) components, instead of the normal gold and research costs – in addition, you must spend some time performing an NPC shift (at least 4 hours, Academic or Spectral domain) as you meditate upon the Soulwell’s mysteries. You may only learn one such Erudite skill/feat/spell in this way (or through Knowledge is Power) in a month of play.

Take note that the Avatar of the Soulwell sees all and sees through all disguises, those who have proven themselves as enemies of Freehold or have knowingly and willfully killed its innocent commoners and tradesfolk in the past will be denied this boon or have it cost 10 more Rare components, regardless of their abilities to disguise themselves. Assisting the Soulwell or the Spectral domain does not erase this mark upon their lives that their vile actions have awarded them.

On a meta-game note, learning an Erudite ability in the normal way costs 300-500 GP and takes 1-2 months if the trainer is available and longer if the trainer is not. In these dark times, a trainer may even perish or be slain by one of the many threats to Freehold hence the value in Spectral Enlightenment. The cost may be immense but at least learning is certain for most Freefolk. The immense cost is also there to encourage NPC shifts, which are a good way to earn gold and components.

Clarification and Reminder on Year Gifts: Please note that Year Gifts from a retired or permanently slain character are semi-transferrable to a new character of the same player. This means that the old year gifts are discarded and the new character will get one year gift per three months of play until the amount of Year Gifts they have matches the amount of Year Gifts that their previous character had (plus any other Year Gifts that they are owed).

Those who choose an Erudite skill/feat/spell for their Year Gifts aren’t subject to this time constraint.