Troll Kingdom List

The Misty Kingdom of Ixia – It was the Troll tribe of Tulken that founded Ixia. It was to be a sanctuary and a place of meditation for the small troll tribe. But soon after they cleared the mountains, they found that there were others that sought what they had sought, and these folk were just as feared and reviled as they, for no reason than for their appearances and natures. And so Ixia became what it is today – a mix of Races living in harmony and peace away from the rest of troubled Midworld.

The Mercenary Clans of the Grellken – There were some Tulken that became bored of the sedentary, contemplative life in Ixia. These Trolls sought to embrace civilization and society, but they could not ignore their instincts for battle and bloodshed. In this way was wrought the Mercenary Clans of the Grellken, descended from families who left Ixia to find adventure and war in the world. There is no bitterness between the two cultures, although the Tulken regard the Grellken as their impetuous, wayward cousins and patiently await their return.

The Labyrinthium in the Jungle – The Trolls of the Labyrinthium are descended from slaves and brigands who have withstood the cruelty of the Vicious City with Trollish resilience and clawed their way to prominence among the guilds and cults of the Kingdom. Toughest and strongest of all the Races, they flourish in the environs of the Labyrinthium, adapting and thriving where other, lesser Races would wither away.

Free Tribe – There are those Trolls who have left Grellken and Tulken to form their own tribes or to join the tribes of others in their wanderings. Life for these Trolls involves more prejudice and questioning and definitely more savagery unless a tribe finds some way to drain away the Trollish love of war and bloodshed as the Grellken and the Tulken have.