“Savagery with society, hunger with restraint”

There are many different kinds of Troll that dwell in the wilds of Midworld but there exist only one kind that possesses the capacity to see beyond their blood-thirst, their savagery and their ravenous hunger. They are the Grey Trolls, of the tribes Tulken and Grellken; though they are the smallest Race of Trolls, it is they who have prospered while their brethren wallow in mud and blood. These Trolls and no other kind of Troll are welcome to join in the Seventh Kingdom –so long as they keep their hunger in check.

Costume Requirement: Trolls must have dark grey or dark green paint upon any exposed skin. Also, they must wear ear-tips and fangs.

Extra Options: Some trolls are born with claws that help them climb rocky terrain(very short rubber claws attached to dark green gloves).


All Trolls begin the game with the following abilities:

o       12 HP. Trolls are blessed with greater physical resilience than most of the other mortal Races.

o        Fire Vulnerability: A Troll that is struck by at least 10 points of Fire damage is afflicted by a Daze effect that lasts for 10 seconds. Using the Endure Pain feat negates this daze and the Resilience skill halves its duration. A Troll that possesses both feat and skill no longer suffers from this racial limitation.

o       Troll Resilience: You may invoke this ability to heal up to 5 HP after 5 seconds of uninterrupted channeling. Furthermore, any Cripple Limb effects and Weakness effects are removed and any severed limbs are restored to working capacity. Unlike most channeling, the channeling required by this racial ability may be done while a character is in the first stage of their death count.

      Once this ability is used, it cannot be utilized again until you have taken a short rest. If you gain a skill that improves the healing granted by a spell or a feat, this ability is similarly augmented.

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