Racial Legacies

The following are Racial Legacies, special powers and abilities that members of a particular Race can unlock with effort, training or by sheer coincidence. Each Legacy costs 1,000 Service Points to Unlock and each Race has 5 different Legacies to unlock. In addition to the Service Point requirement, there may be Skills or Feats that serve as prerequisites to each Legacy and some Legacies require the player to follow additional phys-rep requirements.

Each Legacy is lesser in power to a Class ability or power. They are meant to be minor themes to a character’s power, not major, overpowering themes.

A Legacy that says (1/M) can be used once per Moon (or once per Event). Similarly, (1/P) means that a particular Legacy can be used once per Period while a Legacy that is noted as (1/SR) requires a Short Rest before every use.


Human Determination

The Human Race has always been looked upon as a people possessed of a relentless determination. While not all members of this Race possess this trait, many of its greatest leaders, heroes and villains are known for their resolve in the face of overwhelming odds and their unwillingness to surrender.

You are especially possessed of this virtue, allowing you to get back on your feet even when all seems lost. Doing so inflicts a severe amount of strain upon your body, however and has relatively long lasting effects that may lead to your demise in the near future.

(1/M) You may spend 1 SP and invoke “Human Determination” to regain 10 HP. You may do this while you are at 0 HP and even while you are at your Critical Death Count. Doing this is very stressful and very risky; until you complete a Short Rest or until you are slain (i.e. you lose a life), you no longer fall to a Critical Death Count when you receive a Killing Blow or complete the first stage of your Death Count – you simply die.

Human Mastery

While the other Races of Midworld possess strange and alien powers, the Human Race instead focuses its will upon the mastery of the different skill sets and strengths of their occupation. Trolls are tougher Warriors and Elven Rogues have boundless amounts of energy but only in the Human Race can be found an uncanny understanding of the intricacies of one’s Class.

Through the study of your own skill sets or through sheer untrained talent, you can harness the power of one of your Class Abilities that are either Once per Period. This Mastery may corrupt you with an inflated sense of confidence beyond your true skill level; it may well be that some will call you arrogant while others believe you to be more powerful than you actually are.

(1/M) Choose one of your Class Abilities that you can perform Once per Period. Say “Human Mastery”, then the name of the Ability and then use that ability’s effects even though you have expended that ability for the Period or the Moon. The strain of doing this costs you 3 SP. You may instead receive 10 HP damage (that ignores AP) only if you have no SP to spend. If this brings you to 0 HP, you perform the ability before falling unconscious.

Human Resolve

Other Races (especially Elves and Dwarves) regard Humans as foolish individuals who know nothing of limits and boundaries. It is believed by many Cultures that it was the hubris of Humanity and the Wyrdic Empire that brought a horrible Demonic Age into the world more than a thousand years ago.

This trait manifests in your ability to try a Spell or Feat again, even if the previous attempt failed. For some people, this also manifests as an unwillingness to admit defeat or mistake except in the face of overwhelming evidence or opposition.

 (1/P) If you use a Spell or a Feat that costs you SP to perform and you either miss with it, it is interrupted or its effects are resisted, you may invoke “Human Resolve” and then immediately repeat the effect portion of the Spell or Feat (thereby replacing the Incantation or name of the feat if these are required)– this second attempt does not cost further SP. If this second attempt misses, is interrupted or is resisted, you do not get a third chance.

If a feat or spell has multiple targets or attacks, you can only retry it if you miss with all the attacks.

Human Desperation

“The spirit is strong but the flesh is weak” is an old saying upon the wise. There are those among the Human Race however, that can push beyond the limits of the flesh to achieve greatness. Against all odds and at all costs, they strive to perform the impossible… even though they price that they pay may be too much.

You are one such person, possessed with a willpower greater than your body. With this Legacy, you may push yourself beyond your normal means toward a greater effect with a Spell or a Feat; this comes at a grave cost however, as you suffer horrible wounds from the strain of your effort.

(1/P) If you use a Spell or a Feat that costs you SP and inflicts damage or healing, you may preface its use with “Human Desperation”. You may add 10 to the damage or 10 to the amount you heal. After performing this action, you take 10 points of Mortal-bane damage; Bane-type damage cannot be reduced or turned into Minimal damage, although it can be negated with certain Feats or Spells.

Human Adaptation

The other Races are tougher and more powerful but none of them are as adaptable as Humanity. Kali-Ishtar lies to the Sunless North while Kenrei sits in the burning Obsidian Wastes; meanwhile, the Fir’bolg dwell in a death-infested bog while the Corpse Kingdom is consistently harassed by the restless Dead. The Humans of Midworld can adjust to anything and the proof can be seen everywhere you look.

You are an especially adaptable member of the Human Race. You can adjust to any situation, flexing to minimize your disadvantages and vulnerabilities while maximizing your strengths. If a particularly troublesome attack keeps hitting you, you can attempt to overcome it through sheer willpower and clever malleability.

(1/M) Choose a Control effect (not a family of effects such as Pain or Mortal and not damage or any damage type) such as Stun, Daze, Domination or Suggestion. Until the end of the current Period, you may invoke “Human Adaptation” and spend 1 SP to resist such effects. You may only choose an effect that has been used against you this Moon and you cannot resist this first attack; it is only through suffering this effect that you can acclimatize yourself to its results. This cannot be used to defend against attacks that hit you upon your back torso and from behind you.


Phys-Rep Requirements: Those who unlock any of the legacies below must possess and display superior costuming and cosmetic alteration for their particular sub-race.

Primal Wrath

The Race of Beastlings has always been known for animalistic aggression
and savage wrath. Through communing with and appeasing your inner beast, you have unlocked a Primal Wrath that seems to be unending when compared to your Bestial Wrath. Those who access this Legacy tend to be either easier to infuriate because of the greater access to their animal spirit or harder to enrage because they have overcompensated their mental discipline. It should also be noted that this Legacy grants a massive vulnerability to anti-Spirit energies.

(1/M) You may transform your Bestial Wrath into a Primal Wrath (this expends the use of Bestial Wrath for the current Period); the effects of the two are similar except that a Primal Wrath lasts until one of the following things occur:

          You are brought to 0 HP

          You have 0 SP

          The current Period comes to an End

          Someone inflicts an Exorcism effect upon you.

          You do not engage in combat or perform an attack upon an enemy within a minute.

Houndkin Sub-Race: Because a Houndkin’s Rage stems from a desire to protect their packmates from harm, the Primal Wrath of a Houndkin will also fall apart when all enemies of a battle have been defeated or routed.

If you have this Legacy, you are even more tightly bound to the Aethyric realm of spirits. If you receive any Spirit-Bane damage, you are affected by a Daze effect for 10 seconds; while Dazed, you are in great pain –even though you can move and fight normally, you are under so much pain that you cannot utilize any Feat or Spell.

Unleash the Beast

Those who unlock this Legacy have achieved a greater communion with their animal selves. Even moreso than other Beastlings, they perform habits and rituals that match their inner beast’s own customs and routines. However, when a Beastling with this Legacy undergoes Bestial Wrath, they are granted a combat maneuver that is taught to them by their inner beast.

(1/P) While in the Bestial Wrath (or Primal Wrath) state, you can use the following ability based upon your Beastling sub-race:

  • Bear’s Rampage (Bearkin): Invoke “Bear Claw” – Your next two melee attacks inflict either 10 damage or Knockback 10. You can only use “Bear Claw” immediately after you have been damaged and only against those who have harmed you or are currently harming you. After “Bear’s Rampage” is invoked, the benefits must be used immediately (within 10 seconds).
  • Cloud of Feathers (Birdkin): Invoke “Cloud of Feathers” to negate the effects of an attack that hit you. Afterward, you may invoke “Flying 5, Flying 4, Flying 3, Flying 2, Flying 1” while raising one hand up to indicate that you are in flight. You are subject to all the immunities and vulnerabilities of being in flight.
  • Tiger’s Dance (Catkin): You gain two SP-free uses of expert Assassinate, usable only while you are in Bestial Wrath. You may use this with ranged weapons (such as bows and crossbows) but not with spells. Each use inflicts 15 damage unless you have the Assassinate feat and your damage with it is greater; in that case, use the higher damage value instead. In lieu of saying “Expert Assassinate”, say “Tiger Claw”.
  • Protect the Pack (Houndkin): Invoke “Protect the Pack” – Your next two melee attacks inflict a Taunt 30 or a Knockback 10 – upon someone who is in the middle of attacking one of your packmates (your discretion), you may instead inflict 10 damage per strike. After “Protect the Pack” is invoked, the benefits must be used immediately (within 10 seconds).
  • Snakeskin (Serpentkin): After you are attacked from the front or the back, you may invoke “Snakeskin” to completely negate the attack’s effects by shedding your skin at the last moment, fooling those who assail you to attack your boneless double. Furthermore, you are renewed in flesh and form – you regain 10 HP.

Gift of Vallah

The Beastlings were originally created by the Circle of Vallah to fight Demons. This was mainly through their resistance to possession and their bestial ferocity – some Beastlings became anathema to Demonic essence itself. You are one such Beastling, given a hatred and a method to destroy Demon-kind. This also manifests as a hatred for all things Demonic.

(1/P) Invoke “Gift of Vallah”. Your next three melee strikes inflict 10 Demon-Bane. You may only perform this while in the throes of Bestial Wrath (or Primal Wrath). If you are a Spell-Caster or a Marksman, you may instead inflict Demon-bane damage by throwing three spell-packets or firing three shots (without aiming) – these represent you focusing your powers through your arrows or by firing bolts of holy energy.

Ten seconds after invoking “Gift of Vallah”, you lose the ability to make these special attacks if you have not yet done so.

Diabolist sub-class: You take 30 points of Mortal-bane damage 5 seconds after using this power. Bane-type damage cannot be reduced or turned into Minimal damage in any way, although it can be negated by a Defense Feat or Spell.

Wrathful Resurgence

Requires: Bestial Ascendance Skill

Those Beastlings who let themselves fall to their archetypical animalistic rage often find themselves endangered by the recklessness that such wrath engenders. Those who unlock this Legacy find the pain of their wounds and the damage of their injuries fleeing before the anger of their inner beast. This ability has been lost from most of the Beastling Race, emerging only in a rare few and seemingly at random.

(1/P) When you use your Bestial Wrath (or Primal Wrath) ability, you not only regain 3 SP but you also regain 10 HP as your flesh is flooded with spiritual rage and power. This healing augments the healing granted to Bearkin who use Bestial Wrath.

Beast Friend

Requires: Spirit Sight skill or Witch class

Though they are part Human, some Beastlings feel a strong kinship with their more animalistic brethren. While these Beasts would give no mercy to a Beastling, the power of Vallah and the soul of Humanity has imprinted compassion and mercy into the twin-souled people.

Using this compassion and your innately magical nature, you may revive a dying creature from its fallen state. This allows the creature a second lease on life, giving it a chance of flight over death.

(Channel 10) When dealing with normal Beasts, a Beastling may channel for 10 seconds and then invoke “Beast Friend” to revive a dying normal Beast-type creature (such as a Bear, a Deer or a Wolf, but not an Umbral Bear or a Demonic Wolf) to 1 HP. The revived Beast will immediately run awa
y into the woods in order to recuperate.

Clarify this Legacy’s effects upon your target: It is healed to 1 HP and must run away although the NPC can still respawn as a different creature.

This Legacy cannot be used upon a creature who has been Harvested or who has received a Killing Blow.

After you use this Legacy, you regain 5 HP from the powerful (yet momentary) spiritual bond and the appeasement of the animal totem within you.


Requires: A Dwarf that unlocks any of the Legacies below finds himself or herself completely encased in a skin hued in worked stone or earthen colors. The players of such Dwarves must cover all exposed skin with stone grey or dark brown cosmetic face or skin paint. These Dwarves may have glitter over the paint, or be carved with runes or wrought with fracture lines.

First Blessing of the Maker

Requires: Smith, Brewer, Alchemist or Wisdom (Physic) Professions

The Dwarves of Midworld believe in the Maker’s power; all of them have been wrought in His divine image. Those who unlock this Legacy have acquired the ability to hasten the creation process of a Profession that he or she practices; Dwarves with this Legacy are a sign that the Maker’s favor is slowly returning to the Dwarven Race as they are becoming more commonplace as the centuries passes. According to the Dwarven histories, this Legacy are only a lesser version or a lesser aspect of the original First Blessing before the First-born lost their Deity’s good graces.

(1/SR) When you are performing a crafting task that requires 10 minutes of role-play, it instead requires only 5 minutes of role-play. This only applies to non-magical crafting or creation such as the work of a Smith (Augmentation or Creation), an Alchemist (Transmutation or Creation), Wisdom (Remedy Creation) or a Brewer (Brew Creation). Say “I invoke the First Blessing of the Maker” upon completion of the task. This can only be done in Annie’s Inn and only in a non-combat situation.

Fifth Blessing of the Maker

It is believed that the skin of the First-born was once as hard as metal but as supple as soft leather, turning aside the claws of beasts and the blades of lesser Races with ease. Now that the Maker has turned his face from his First-born, the Dwarves have been reduced to forms as fleshy and vulnerable as all other Races. However, those who unlock this Legacy have somehow regained the favor of the Maker… in a small aspect. They can temporarily turn their flesh into iron and take only minimal damage from almost any attack; unfortunately, while benefiting from this Legacy, your movement is slowed to a crawl due to the stiffness of your joints and the weight of your new form.

(1/M) After 5 seconds of uninterrupted and immobile Channeling, you may invoke “Flesh to Iron” followed by raising one hand in front of your chest at a 90 degree angle and invoking “Minimal 10, Minimal 9, Minimal 8… Minimal 1!”.

While sustaining this Legacy to “Minimal 1”, you take only 1 point of damage from any source except for attacks that inflict the Mortal Bane damage type. “Flesh to Stone”.  Furthermore, you may ignore all Pain effects and take no effect from any Disease and any Poison.

Iron-soul Skill: You may sustain from “Minimal 15” instead and while sustaining “Flesh to Iron” you may say “No Effect” when struck by Mortal effects.

Mountain Roots: While sustaining “Flesh to Iron”, you may say “No Effect” when struck by Force effects.

Wrath of the First-born

So great was the wrath of the Maker that the mother of all Dragons, Wyrm, could not survive their final confrontation. Some Dwarves have inherited their creator’s legendary rage, summoning it into a destructive flurry of weapon strikes upon those who would dare harm them. The Dwarves possessed of this Legacy are easy to infuriate and rarely keep their hands far from their weapon handles.

(1/P) After you receive any damage, you may say “Wrath of the First-born”; your next two melee attacks will either strike for “10 damage”, “Daze 10” or “Knockback 10”. Ten seconds after you invoke “Wrath of the First-born”, if you have not yet used its benefits, the ability is expended without effect.  

Fire-blood skill: these attacks can instead strike for 15 Fire damage or Daze 30.


Tenacity of the First-Born

Dwarves are one of the most long-lived of Midworld’s Races and they are very difficult to kill. This Legacy compounds this difficulty by imbuing a Dwarf’s fallen form with the tenacity of stone. It is believed that Dwarves with this Legacy have been given a great destiny by the Maker and thus have been granted an incredible resistance to killing attacks. Dwarves possessed of this Legacy tend to be more daredevil and more risky in their tactics and strategies, mainly because they believe that the Maker is guarding them from death itself.

(1/P) When you receive a Killing Blow, you may respond immediately with “Stone Coffin”. You become immune to all Killing Blows (respond with “no effect”) and similar effects until you are healed. Furthermore, the Critical Stage of your Death Count is improved from 2 minutes to 10 minutes- so long as you stay immobile.

Resilience of the First-Born

Those gifted with this Legacy by the Maker’s will have been blessed with a mental and physical hardiness that evokes envy from their fellow Dwarves and even Trolls. Those that attempt to break or cripple such a Dwarf will find their efforts wasted as the Dwarf’s bones and limbs prove highly resistant to breakage.

(1/SR) When you receive a Pain effect or a Sever/Break limb effect, you may say “Stone-skin” in response (thereby expending your Stone-skin ability until after you perform a Short Rest) to negate the attack.  


Archonic Resurgence

It has ever been writ in the lore of all Elves that they hail from the heavenly heights of Overworld and from the legendary Race of Archons. The Archons were the servant-children of the Gods, completely spiritual in nature and perfection made manifest. In this modern era, the Elves only retain a portion of their ancestor’s spiritual nature. However, some Elves can radiate the strength of the Archon to greater potency than others; this allows them to manifest greater effects based on their sub-Race.

(1/P) After 10 seconds of immobile and uninterrupted Channeling (no Skill can reduce this Channeling Time), you may say the following effect, based on your Elven sub-Race.

Silver Elf: Say “Radiant Soul! 1 SP! Blind 10!” instead of “Bright Soul” to grant 1 SP to two allies that you touch (with weapon or hand); you must maintain contact with your allies for the entirety of the Channeling. After receiving your blessing, your racial energies also inflict a Blind effect upon them for 10 seconds as they are dazzled by your radiance.

Wild Elf: Say “Verdant Soul! Heal 10! Snare 10!” instead of Wild Soul to grant up to 10 HP to two allies that you touch (with weapon or hand); you must maintain contact with your allies for the entirety of the Channeling. After receiving your blessing, the verdant energies of the earth also inflicts a Snare effect upon them for 10 seconds as they are wrapped in rapidly rotting vines and roots.

Twilight Elf: Say “Midnight Soul! 1 SP! Stun 10!” instead of Twilight Soul to grant up to 1 SP to two allies that you touch (with weapon or hand); you must maintain contact with your allies for the entirety of the Channeling. After receiving your blessing, the powers of darkness that is your bloodline also inflicts a Stun effect upon them for 10 seconds as the shadows play havoc with their souls.

Special Note: Using Archonic Resurgence expends a use of Angelic Resurgence (i.e. Bright Soul, Wild Soul and Twilight Soul). Furthermore, you cannot use Archonic Resurgence if you cannot use Angelic Resurgence for any reason (e.g. because you’ve used it within the past hour or because you cannot fulfill the situation requirements of your sub-Race)

Flight of the Archons

Requires: Wings skill and Wings phys-rep

Blessed are those Elves that can take to the skies like their ancestors of eras long past. In flight, an Elf is vulnerable only to arrows and other ranged attacks. Elves with this Legacy cherish their brief time in the skies of Midworld, absorbing light and life even as they soar through the air.

(1/P) Say “Flight of the Archons” before you begin your flight. Your flight costs no SP, lasts for up to 30 seconds and at the end, you may immediately use a Feat or Spell; that Feat or Spell’s SP cost is reduced by 1 to a minimum cost of 0 SP.

Blessing of the Overworld

The Race of Archons were spirit-beings that donned forms of flesh and bone to live and thrive within the realms of Midworld, thus creating Elvenkind. However, some Elves have the capacity to tap into their inner souls in order to unleash some of their energies in a controlled fashion. Those Elves with this Legacy possess such a talent, drawing out some of their personal power to add greater potency to their current task.

(1/P) You may use this Legacy to improve damage of a Feat or Spell by 10. If the effect is Healing, the amount healed is also improved by 10. If the effect is a Control effect (any Pain, Mortal, Charm, Incapacitate or Force effect), increase the duration or steps taken by 10 (if Knockback). 

To use this Legacy, preface the use of Spell or Feat with “Blessing of the Overworld” followed by 5 seconds of Channeling. When you are finished channeling, immediately perform the Spell or Feat in question.

This Legacy is best used at range or as a beneficial spell because it is difficult to use against a target who is both mobile and hostile.  

Grace of Elvenkind

Long has the Elven Race associated with grace and artistry, the works of Callas Selvarion are renowned throughout Midworld and the mythic Elven Empires of old continue to hold the greatest of innovations. Elves with this Legacy are blessed with the creative mastery of their Race, allowing them to harness their innate Elven poise toward an artistic task.

(1/H) When you are performing a Crafting task, a Bardic composition or a Ritual spell that requires 10 minutes or 5 minutes of role-playing, it instead requires only 1 minute of role-play. This applies to non-magical crafting or creation such as the work of a Smith (Augmentation or Creation), an Alchemist (Transmutation or Creation), Wisdom (Remedy Creation) or a Brewer (Brew Creation). This Legacy may also be used to shorten the necessary time requirements of a Bardic Composition or a Ritual Spell.

Say “I invoke the Grace of Elvenkind” upon completion of the task or after you say the spell’s incantation. This can only be done in Annie’s Inn and only in a non-combat situation.

Special Note: Using the Grace of Elvenkind expends a use of Angelic Resurgence (i.e. Bright Soul, Wild Soul and Twilight Soul). Furthermore, you cannot use the Grace of Elvenkind if you cannot use Angelic Resurgence for any reason (e.g. because you’ve used it within the past hour)

Spirit-Blood of the Ancients

Among the Elves, especially revered are those who have taken leadership roles among their people and led them to the path they now tread. Even the unscholarly among the Elves is made aware of their heritage and no Elf can deny the inherited power that flows through their flesh and soul. The Wild Elves revere Verdis, who spoke out against war and sought to live in harmony with the land. The Shaedlings revere Shaedis, who was also the Twilight Empress of her own Empire and the mightiest Sorcerer to walk the land. The Callasine revere Her Radiance, the Queen of Stars, once known as Caellas-Rhee; she governs the Silver Elves of Callas Selvarion with wisdom and guidance and is beloved despite her distant demeanor.

Those who gain access to this Legacy can tap into the well-spring of their ancestry to allow them to improve upon their Angelic Resurgence ability. For some sub-Races, this allows the Elf to perform a weakened version of Angelic Resurgence without regard to their situation. For the Wild Elves, they are granted powerful regenerative abilities that rival the resilience of Trolls.   

Spirit-Blood of Verdis

Requires: Wild Soul ability

(1/H) When you use your Wild Soul ability, you may instead invoke “Spirit-Blood of Verdis” and you must channel for 10 seconds and this Channeling time may not be reduced by any Skill.

When you do this, all broken and severed limbs are restored to full functionality.

Phys-Rep requirements: Your garments must be festooned with leaves or vines (whether they are green or autumnal in colors). Vines, vine-like tassels or vine-like paint may wrap around your limbs as well.

Spirit-Blood of Shaedis

Requires: Twilight Soul ability

(1/H) You may use your Twilight Soul ability even if you are out-doors during the daytime. If you do this, say “Spirit-Blood of Shaedis” instead of “Twilight Soul” and you must channel for 10 seconds; this Channeling time may not be reduced by any Skill.

If you do the above, you regain 1 SP as you siphon power from the darkness you create despite the bright light around you.

Phys-Rep requirements: You must wear a large dark (black, dark purple or dark blue) cloak with a hood during the daytime in order to use this Legacy. This hood must be up when you use this Legacy. Furthermore, if you are a Shaedling with glitter on your skin, you begin to manifest black veins upon any exposed flesh. If you are a Shaedling with black face-paint, these veins manifest in silver or gold.

Spirit-Blood of Caellas-rhee

Requires: Bright Soul ability

(1/H) You may use your Bright Soul ability even if you are outdoors during the nighttime. If you do this, say “Spirit-Blood of Caellas-Rhee” instead of “Bright Soul” and you must chan
nel for 10 seconds; this Channeling time may not be reduced by any Skill.

If you do the above, you regain 1 SP as you absorb what radiant energy you can despite the darkness around you.

Phys-Rep requirements: A Silver Elf with this Legacy must have light blue or silver swirls and patterns upon all exposed flesh; female Elves may sport bright colored eye-shadow.

While using this Legacy, you must have a light shined upon your person. If you are an Adept or a Spell-caster, you may use the Light that you summon and shine it upon you for the duration of the Channeling. If you are not such a caster, you must have two others perform this act for you while you Channel.

Special Note: You cannot combine this Legacy with the effects of any other Legacy, including Archonic Resurgence. This is simply a way for Elves to partially bypass the limitations on their Racial ability.


Monstrous Regeneration

Trolls have long been regarded as paragons of vitality and fortitude; bringing down a Troll marks a killer as skilled and thorough. Such killers would be hard-pressed to do their jobs when faced with a Troll of this Legacy, however. Trolls who have unlocked the secrets of Monstrous Regeneration have tapped into a primal power that usually only their bigger, animalistic cousins can use. For a few moments, this Legacy turns a Troll into a fount of living power – wounds seal instantly, organs are fully restored and all pain is washed away; the result is a Troll ready and willing to jump back into the fray and break a few heads.

(1/P) – After channeling for 5 seconds by saying “Master Channeling 1, Master Channeling 2, Master Channeling 3…Master Channeling 5”, you may say “Monstrous Regeneration! Heal 100!”; you regain up to 100 HP or your maximum HP total. Furthermore, any Crippled, Severed or Broken limbs are restored to full functionality and all Pain effects are removed from you.

Because of the special channeling qualities of Monstrous Regeneration, damage no longer interrupts it. However, the channeling must be done without moving from your location. Similarly, Monstrous Regeneration can be done while a Troll is at 0 HP but not if the Troll is at the critical stage of their Death Count.

Special Note: Monstrous Regeneration expends your use of Troll Resilience and renders you unable to use it until you perform a Short Rest. Likewise, you cannot use Monstrous Regeneration if you cannot use Troll Resilience for any reason (e.g. because you already used Troll Resilience and you haven’t taken a Short Rest yet)


Feeding Frenzy

Requires: Feast of Flesh skill

The hunger of Trolls is often linked to their legendary vitality, that is to say that they can heal their wounds at an astounding rate only because they eat so much. This Legacy brings that hunger and bestial aggression to a single monstrous state. Under this Legacy’s influence, a Troll suffers from powerful urges to hunt and to slake its primal need to feast- these urges may even overwhelm a Troll’s sense of propriety or duty, forcing them to feed upon friend and ally alike. Those who unlock this Legacy can benefit from the single-minded savagery that the Feeding Frenzy provides, but they are plagued by the occasional moment where they unconsciously size up their allies for tenderness and weight.

(1/M) To use this Legacy, you must first spend 10 seconds role-playing the devouring of a creature at 0 HP (the creature must be a Mortal or a Beast); while simulating this action, say “Feeding 1, Feeding 2, Feeding 3…Feeding 10” followed by “Killing Blow! Feeding Frenzy!” – you will then benefit from the Feast of Flesh skill (and the Feast of Souls skill if you have it) and enter the Feeding Frenzy state.

While in a Feeding Frenzy, you gain the ability to perform a melee strike while invoking “Devour! 10 damage!”. When using the “Devour” attack, you regain 10 HP if your attack successfully inflicts damage. You cannot use “Devour” again until you have fed upon a Mortal or Beast’s corpse for 10 seconds or until you next activate “Feeding Frenzy” (which will be next moon). Furthermore, while in a Feeding Frenzy, you must spend 10 seconds feeding upon any creature you bring to 0 HP (in the manner described above); likewise, it is difficult for you to resist feeding on the corpses of any fallen allies.

A Feeding Frenzy automatically ends if any of the following happens:

– You are brought to 0 HP

– You have 0 SP

– It has been 1 minute since you have engaged an enemy in combat or fed upon a body.

At the end of a Feeding Frenzy, you are Stunned for 30 seconds while your primal urges retreat and you begin to mentally recollect yourself. While you are Stunned, you must stand in place and can perform no actions (not even defend yourself or speaking in-game)  for the duration of the effect unless you have a way of negating Stun effects or Pain effects (Stuns are a sub-type of Pain effects).

Sacrificial Limb

Requires: Delay Poison skill

Those who unlock this Legacy gain the awe-inspiring ability to collect lesser poisons or diseases from his body’s systems, collect it in one of his limbs and then remove that limb and the toxins within. This Legacy is a monument to the Troll’s mastery of his or her own physical well-ness, from regenerating wounds that would have slain lesser Races to sacrificing pieces of his or her body to let the remainder thrive and survive.

(1/P) When attacked by any Basic Poison/Disease or Greater Disease/Complex Poison, you may say “Sacrificial Limb” to negate it. Your body absorbs the aforementioned Poison or Disease into its system then gathers it into a limb of your choice (one of your arms or legs); you take 5 damage and that limb falls off and is considered to be Severed, with all the restrictions and penalties thereof. No skill, feat or spell can stop your limb from being Severed; however, your Troll Resilience ability or any Heal spell can regenerate your limb for you.

Feast of Brains

Trolls often have rituals where a revered elder is cannibalized after they die in order for the tribe or clan to benefit from his wisdom. This Legacy is a powerful version of such b Those who unlock this Legacy are able to feast upon the brains of an enemy and derive more than mere nutritional benefit; specifically, they can obtain bits and pieces of their food’s memory and gather information from these memories before they fade away completely.

(1/P) After feasting upon a slain opponent, you may say “Feast of Brains” and spend 10 seconds simulating the feasting upon a dead creature’s brain while saying “Feasting 1, Feasting 2… Feasting 10”. Afterward, you may ask the corpse 3 questions that must be framed to allow a “Yes”, “No” or “I don’t know” answer – the Corpse must answer truthfully.

After you do this to a corpse, it is mutilated and this Legacy can no longer be used upon it.


Gift of Troll Blood

Some Trol
l religions, particularly among the Ixians and the Grellken, believe that they derive from the World Serpent’s living form, that they are walking representation’s of their true mother’s vitality. This Legacy lends great credence to such a claim as it allows a Troll to share their legendary resilience with those who need it, even if their patient is one of the supposed lesser Races.

Trolls who have this Legacy tend to be altruistic and compassionate, although some Troll chieftains claim that this Gift is a symbol of the Gods that they, and they alone, are destined to lead their tribe to greatness.

(1/SR) While using Troll Resilience, you may sacrifice the healing that you would get from it in order to bestow that healing to someone else. Instead of Channeling (as you would normally do to activate Troll Resilience), you may inflict 5 points of damage to yourself.

Say “Gift of Troll Blood” and “Heal X” where “X” is the amount of HP that you would normally regain from Troll Resilience.  


Requires: Minotaurs have runes and at least six horns. Gorgons have Elven ears and either glitter or tiger-like streaks of black.

Half-Breed Heritage

Many who see Nightkin immediately bring their thoughts to the Mortal’s Demonic ancestor and the Evils they posses. Those who unlock this Legacy bear a Nightkin’s Mortal lineage in mind and capitalize on their more mundane parent’s traits. Nightkin with this Legacy place greater emphasis on the non-Demonic portion of their ancestry; this does not automatically mean esteem. Just as some Nightkin hold their Elven/Human/Troll parentage in higher regard than their Demonic origins, others will bemoan their Mortal weaknesses or even regard themselves as the fruit of superior breeding.

(1/M) Gain a Legacy based on your Sub-Race

  • Cambion: Gain Human Determination
  • Gorgon: Gain Flight of the Archons or Blessing of the Overworld
  • Minotaur: Gain Monstrous Regeneration or Sacrificial Limb


The reaping and the stealing of Souls are acts typically associated with the vile Race of Demonkind. Even those with the least amount of Demonic blood cause unease to Mortals – this Legacy allows a Nightkin to take advantage of such unease, slowly and discreetly siphoning the spiritual energy of others while they rest. Some who possess this Legacy are predators that prey on the life force of Mortals while others actually do this spiritual theft unconsciously – inadvertently draining the vitality of others.

(1/P) After engaging in a Short Rest (10 minutes) with at least 1 other character and remaining within weapon and a step’s reach of them for the entire Short Rest, you may Clarify to them the following (or close enough to it)

“You feel a vague sense of unease that hovers over your attempt to Rest. You are unable to pinpoint where it is but it prevents you from fully resting. You have 2 less SP that your full SP pool (minimum of zero) The next time you rest, you may regain all SP.”

On the other hand, you gain 2 SP that dissipates at the end of the Period if they are not yet expended. These SP may exceed your maximum SP pool.

No Feat, Skill or Spell may reveal that you are the source of the theft. Not even Gather Information or similar Feats or Spells may reveal this.

Kindred of the Night

“The Shadow and the Darkness are the Daemon’s greatest allies” say the faithful of Midworld. This Legacy proves that saying true by shrouding a Nightkin with dark energies that hide him and sustain his vital powers.

(1/P) During the hours before sun-up and after sun-down, you may say “Kindred of the Night! Fading 3, Fading 2, Fading 1”. You must have some kind of nearby object to hide near, such as a Tree, a Shrub or a Wall. You may not hide out in the open.

If you are not damaged or otherwise interrupted before you finish your Fading count, you become invisible. While invisible, you must crouch down and cross your arms over your chest. Moving from your position or talking in-game immediately breaks your invisibility. If anyone reveals your presence or when you break from your invisibility, you are healed by the darkness for 10 HP and you also regain 2 SP.

If you cast a spell or use a weapon Feat while invisible, you break your invisibility but you may completely waive the SP cost of the Feat or Spell.

Eater of Magic

Requires: Evade Feat

Demons are known for their malice and their strength – but many Demon-hunters in Midworld know about the resistance to magic that most Demons possess. Many Demons are not only resistant to magic but they can also consume magical energies for sustenance. Some Wisdoms posit that this is because of their own arcane composition – that they can convert spell power into vitality through a mere act of will. Those with this Legacy tend to be overconfident and crass – willing to trespass and risk danger because they possess the means to overcome all opposition.

(1/P) When you are hit with a Spell that would inflict Damage or a Control effect, you may say “Eater of Magic” to negate the spell. Furthermore, you regain 10 HP and 1 SP. If the Spell cannot be negated by a Spell or Feat, then you cannot use “Eater of Magic” to defend yourself against it.

Sinister Transformation

Requires: Improved Sinister Legacy

This Legacy unlocks the power of a Nightkin’s Demonic bloodline and unleashes it with dire consequences unto one’s foes and friends. When using this Legacy, Nightkin can channel the power of their Demonic ancestor into their form, augmenting the power of their Racial abilities and improving their personal resilience for a short time. Those with this Legacy tend to either be incredibly ashamed of their power they can bring to bear or proud of the power that they can harness.

Legacy of the Shadowblood Demon

Requires: Cambion sub-Race

(1/M) If you take damage that would bring you to 0 HP, you may immediately say “Legacy of the Shadowblood Demon” to negate that damage and receive 50 HP of healing. While you are under the influence of this Legacy, you gain the following benefits:

          Your maximum HP is improved by 20

          You may use your Bloodline of Shadow Racial ability once every minute instead of once per Short Rest, although you have to be damaged in order to use it.

          the damage inflicted by Bloodline of Shadow may be delivered via spell-packet, arrow-packet or melee strike.

gacy of the Shadowblood Demon dissipates when one of the following conditions is fulfilled:

          You are reduced to 0 HP

          You are at 0 SP

          You have not attacked a capable Enemy (meaning someone who means you or your allies ill) in combat for 1 whole minute.

          Someone inflicts an Exorcism effect upon you.

When Legacy of the ShadowbloodDemon is ended, you are Stunned for 30 seconds as the Demonic influence forcibly leaves your soul. While you are stunned, you cannot perform any actions for the duration of the Stun effect. This persists even if you are taking damage or similar effects.  

Legacy of the Blackfire Demon

Requires: Gorgon sub-Race

(1/M) If you take damage that would bring you to 0 HP, you may immediately say “Legacy of the Blackfire Demon” to negate that damage and receive 50 HP of healing. While you are under the influence of this Legacy, you gain the following benefits:

          Your maximum HP is improved by 10

          You may use your Breath of Fire Racial ability after 5 seconds of uninterrupted, immobile Channeling instead of once per Short Rest.

          When you are hit by a Fire Attack or a Shadow Attack, you may absorb its energies to sustain your existence. To do this, spend 1 SP and say “Blackfire Soul”; instead of taking damage, you are healed for 10 HP.

Legacy of the Blackfire Demon dissipates when one of the following conditions is fulfilled:

          You are reduced to 0 HP

          You are at 0 SP

          There are no hostile combatants present for 1 whole minute.

          Someone inflicts an Exorcism effect upon you.

When Legacy of the Blackfire Demon is ended, you are Stunned for 30 seconds as the Demonic influence forcibly leaves your soul. While you are stunned, you cannot perform any actions for the duration of the Stun effect. This persists even if you are taking damage or similar effects. 

Legacy of the Shadow-wrath Demon

Requires: Minotaur sub-Race

(1/M) If you take damage that would bring you to 0 HP, you may immediately say “Legacy of the Shadow-wrath Demon” to negate that damage and receive 50 HP of healing. While you are under the influence of this Legacy, you gain the following benefits:

          Your maximum HP is improved by 20

          You may channel for 10 seconds in order to use your Minotaur Resilience Racial ability instead of once per Short Rest.

Legacy of the Shadow-wrath Demon dissipates when one of the following conditions is fulfilled:

          You are reduced to 0 HP

          You are at 0 SP

          There are no hostile combatants present for 1 whole minute.

          Someone inflicts an Exorcism effect upon you.

When Legacy of the Shadow-Wrath Demon is ended, you are Dominated by the Demonic influence for 1 minute before it leaves your soul. While you are Dominated, you must seek out your dearest companion who is also nearby and attempt to slay him or her. While you are Dominated, you retain all the benefits of this Legacy.


Whispers in the Mist

Because of their powerful ties to the depths of Aetherworld, Gnomes have some mental connection with that world of dreams and spirits. Likewise, a Gnome who has unlocked this Legacy through experimentation and meditation can influence the minds of others through their dreams. By delving into another’s mind, a Gnome can whisper a command that the subject must attempt to fulfill within the current Period after they regain their mental faculties or become conscious.

This Legacy is mostly used by Gnomes with the ability to Confuse their targets, such as Warplings, Dark Witches, Rogues and similar Classes. Some Gnomes choose to work with others in order to inflict this Legacy upon their targets. Gnomes with this Legacy tend to have commanding presences or have great desire to control others.

(1/P and Channel 5) While you are beside a target who is under a Confuse effect that lasts more than 10 seconds or is asleep in-game, you may Channel for 5 seconds, say “Whispers in the Mist” and then implant a Suggestion or command unto your target. The Evade feat and similar defenses against Spells can negate this attack. Although if your target does so, you regain 1 SP — as your mental link siphons energy from your target’s spirit.

The Suggestion or Command must be a reasonable one that (1) is within the target’s capabilities and (2) must be something within the target’s characterization. For example, asking a target to kill the King of Pendrakken will not work. Likewise, commanding a target to kill himself or a friend w
ill similarly not succeed unless the target already has a pre-existing condition to do so or a powerful emotion that sways him over the edge.

Once commanded, you must inform the target that he has within the current Period to fulfill the command that you have placed upon him. The target is not aware of your mental tampering, defending against this Legacy represents an unconscious attempt on his mind’s part to defend itself. After the Period has passed, he forgets about the command or suggestion completely.

Delving into the minds of certain powerful creatures such as Demon Princes or Immortals can have deadly consequences for an ambitious Gnome – madness or even domination may ensue from such an attempt.

Echoes of the Mind

A Gnome’s attunement to the realm of Dreams and Spirits allows her limited access to the emotional spectrum of others. With this Legacy, a Gnome that is not distracted by the minds of others can read the emotional state of a nearby target. Alternatively, a Gnome with this Legacy can alter her target’s  emotion to her whim, although without true precision.

Gnomes with this Legacy tend to feel their emotions more strongly than most people do, probably because they have unlocked a portion of their minds that have tuned into the thoughts and passions of others. 

(1/P) While you are within a one-handed weapon’s reach of another character and if you are alone with them (there is no one else that can see the both of you), you may use this Legacy to sense their emotions. To do this say “I read the Echoes of your Mind. Clarify: what is the strongest emotion you are feeling right now?”

Alternatively, if you spend 1 SP, you can implant a powerful emotion that manifests within them 1 minute after you have placed it. You have no control over what they do with this emotion, however – an angry friend may lambast you while a sorrowful individual might move to commit suicide or leave your presence.

To perform this function of the Legacy, say “I change the Echoes of your Mind. Clarify: After 1 minute, you feel a powerful (anger, sadness, guilt, etc). You are unaware of my actions upon  you”

The Resist Charm feat or similar defenses against Charm effects can be used against the mind-reading or mind-altering effects of this Legacy. However, doing so grants you 1 SP from your mental link with the target.

Fade into Dreams

Requires: Dreaming Potence skill

Despite their unnatural skin color and strange gem-like kha, Gnomes are renowned for their subtlety and their subterfuge. This Legacy compounds this reputation with a magical talent for disappearing from view. Gnomes that use this Legacy literally fade from view, vanishing wraith-like into the Aether.

Gnomes with this Legacy tend to be in the background rather than the foreground when massive events happen. Because of this tendency, some of these Gnomes are more flamboyant or otherwise louder than normal, in order to make themselves heard and be noticed unlike their other kin.

(1/P) After you use your Dream-song ability and you are beside some kind of large stationary object like a wall, a bush or a tree, you may choose to say “Fade into Dreams” and become invisible as though you successfully used a Camouflage skill. You must assume the correct position and follow all of Camouflage’s restrictions but you are invisible until this Legacy’s powers are broken by your own actions or by certain Feats or Spells.

Aethereal Power

There are a few Gnomes in Midworld that retain a powerful link to their origins in the spirit world. These Gnomes have a powerful psychic presence, capable of momentarily transmuting their weapon into aethereal material (thus allowing it to bypass an enemy’s shield or weapon). Similarly, these Gnomes can cast their spells upon their enemies by a simple touch – penetrating even the stoutest shield with mental prowess.

Gnomes who have unlocked this Legacy are oftentimes regarded as tactless because of a suppressed ability to empathize with others. A Gnome who is aware of this problem can rectify it with conscious effort but still commits the occasional breach of etiquette.

(1/P) Before you perform any one melee attack, you may say “Aethereal Power”. While you perform the melee attack, you may preface it with the word “Piercing” (e.g. “Piercing! 10 Shadow!”), allowing you to affect a target even if you hit their weapon or their shield.  If you have the Dreaming Potence skill, this damage improves to “20 shadow” instead.

Alternatively, you can preface a spell’s incantation with “From the Aether”. If you do this and deliver the spell with a melee attack, you can preface the effect with the word “Piercing” with similar effects as above.

Aethereal Birthright

It is believed by many Gnomes, especially those who are Chosen by the Keepers of Fate, that the origin of their people lies somewhere within the misty depths of Aetherworld. These Gnomes do not believe that they were made by gods but formed from the thoughts and dreams of a sleeping elder being. They use this origin myth to explain their own powers of minds and dreams, their strange powers of perception and their ethereal qualities.

Those Gnomes who have unlocked this Legacy have focused their training and meditation to accept their true spiritual origins as well as gain greater control over their own powers… and to that end, their destiny. Unfortunately, this Legacy also makes a Gnome’s dreams and nightmares more vivid and more realistic – these folk therefore can find themselves utterly distracted by even a simple daydream or occasionally have memories of an event that has never happened.

When you unlock this Legacy, you are now considered a Spirit creature for the purposes of all spells and effects. Also, whenever you are hit by Spirit-Bane damage, you are Dazed for 10 seconds.

Lastly, you gain a new ability based on your Sub-Race.

  • Gemling: (1/P) Dream of Illumination  – say “Dream of Illumination!” to regain a number of SP equal to your ranks of Apotheosis (up to 5), using your knowledge and power to renew your waning energies.
  • Whisperling (1/P) Dream of Exodus – say “Dream of Exodus” to remove a Force effect from yourself and to instantly perform the Flee the Scene feat, eluding your enemies by momentarily delving into the mists of the Aether. This cannot remove an effect upon yourself that is Master-class or Irresistible, but while you are fleeing, you cannot be pursued – clarify this to any would-be pursuers.
  • Warpling (1/P) Dream of Entropy – sacrifice 10 HP (or 1 SP) and say “Dream of Entropy” before performing a melee attack to imbue it with destructive chaos energy. This attack inflicts either a “Sunder Weapon”, “Sunder Shield” or “Break Limb”.