Race Aging

The First-born, Dwarves, can live up to 300 years. They hit full maturity at 20 and old age at 200. As a dwarf comes closer to dying of old age, his limbs become stiffer and stiffer. A day after after dying of old age, a dwarf turns into stone.

Elves only live for a 100 years on average, reaching full maturity at 20. But unlike the other races, they do not have “twilight years”. An elf at 105 is just as spry and quick as an Elf at 25. However, the Elf feels its old age spiritually and often pass into the next life peacefully. Due to their mostly spiritual constructions, many Elves believe in reincarnation. On a tangential note, the Queen of the Silver Elves is immortal.

On average, Humans in the Seventh Kingdom live up to a 100 years (although violence and disease brings most lifespans to 30-60 years maximum). Some mythic Humans have reached the age of 200.

Despite their regenerative abilities (or perhaps because of it) Trolls usually live for up to 60 years although they mature quickly (full physical and sexual maturity by 10) Grellken Trolls rarely live past 30. Many (but not all) Troll rituals dictate that the tribe or the immediate family ritually partake of their ancestor’s corpse, especially one that is wise enough to have somehow reached its elder years.

Because of their spiritual nature, Gnomes age like Elves. Unlike the other Races, they are slow to reach full physical and sexual maturity, most do so at 25-30 and then never physical age. Sometime after their 150th year, an “old” Gnome receives an irresistible urge to return to Aetherworld, the world of spirits and dreams. They say good-bye and never return. When restrained (according to the incomplete notes of the Dammerung Scholar Marlowe von Falkenkreuz), a Gemling Gnome fights against his restrains to the point of gibbering madness as though in a waking nightmare. The study proved inconclusive because the subject mystically broke the restraints and killed the Herr von Falkenkreuz’s assistants and minions in a mad foaming rage.

Of the Nightkin, Cambions and Gorgons age like Elves although they die of old age in 150 years (very, very rare) unless they find some way to prolong their life. Minotaurs age strangely because of their odd nature: they reach old age at a 150 and live until 500, sporting hunchbacks and long beards that resist cutting.

Beastlings, because of their cursed and dual-spirited nature, live as long as humans. But they reach maturity (physical/sexual maturity by 8 years old) and reach their “twilight” years faster (twilight age at 40). When faced with a long winter and short supplies, many Beastling elders walk out of their tribe into the dead of winter “to forage” in order to spare their kin the effort/supplies in supporting them. More feral Beastling tribes feed ritually upon those elders who are unable to defend themselves.