Nightkin Kingdom List

The Corpse-Kingdom of Gotterdammerung (Cambion only) – Those who dwell in the Corpse-Kingdom must also contend with supernatural evil as well as physical perils. Those who succumb to corruption and consort with demonic forces bear Cambions, half-Men and half-Demon children with a dark bloodline. Unlike most other Kingdoms however, Cambions are treated with a measure of fairness and justice – while they are not praised for their bloodline, they are not immediately killed on sight either. Instead, those Cambion that are born within the Corpse-Kingdom are given chances to prove themselves beyond their legacies… or to die trying to do so.

The Labyrinthium within the Jungle(any Nightkin) – The hive of villainy that is the Labyrinthium is a prime location for Nightkin to gather and to dwell, mainly because it is one of the few places where they aren’t slain at first sight. Whether a particular Nightkin indulgences in brigandry, demon-worship or not, is up to the Nightkin in question. However, in such a wretched place, it is difficult to raise one’s self higher than the nefariousness of one’s neighbors.

The Murky Kingdom of Ixia (any Nightkin)– For the most part, Nightkin are deemed monstrous by most Kingdoms. Ixia is an exception to such prejudice. After all, the other residents of Ixia are also considered monstrous by the rest of the world. Those Nightkin that reach Ixia are able to lead lives of serenity and tranquility from the cloudy reaches of Ixia’s strongholds – in some cases, even reaching prominence in Ixian society. Indeed, the current King of Ixia is a wise, old Minotaur known only as the Horned King.

Free Tribe (any Nightkin)– There are remote places where Nightkin are free to be themselves, free from a life of crime or a life of contemplation. In most Free Tribes, Nightkin are considered individuals accursed by their heritage rather than deserving of the vileness in their blood. In a few unfortunate cases, prejudice continues to haunt a Nightkin and he is cast out of society for the sins of his ancestors or even trumped up charges wrought by superstitious tribe leadership. Either way, a life of peace for a Nightkin outside of Ixia is not one easily found.