Human Kingdom List

The Chivalric Kingdom of Pendrakken – Pendrakken is not the first Kingdom to attempt unity and solidarity, but it has yet to fail in its attempts either. As a new Kingdom, merely a few hundred years old, it bears none of the scars of old regimes and all of the hope for a bright future. Those who are raised in Pendrakken are taught the values of honor, of piety and of industry, whether they are nobility or peasantry – the finest in the land, whether whatever their birth or status, have a fair chance of becoming a Pendrakken Knight, a titled position of power given to individuals that perform heroic feats of valor and virtue in the name of their Kingdom.

The Corpse-Kingdom of Gotterdammerung – Gotterdammerung is an ancient scion of the Wyrd Empire, a grim land fraught with peril and death. Those who dwell in the Corpse-Kingdom must contend with threat of restless dead, orcish invasion and demonic subversion on a regular basis. The recent ascension of the King-Priest Siegfried has greatly mitigated these problems although the cleansing of the land still requires stalwart souls willing to take up arms and faith for king and kingdom.

The Chained Kingdom of Jotunbrud – The Men of Jotunbrud are split in twain – some are blood-thirsty fighters content to serve their Jotun masters, raiding and enslaving neighboring Kingdoms. But there are those Jotunbrud who remember the fallen god Woden and seek to free the Chained Kingdom from the clutches of the Frost-King Ymir. These desperate folk have turned to methods besides force to achieve their goals- alliance and inspiration are their truest weapons now and they seek to instill the former in other Kingdoms and the latter in their own countrymen.

The Painted Flotilla of the Riverfolk – The Flotilla of the Riverfolk are a vast network of nomadic, ship-bound clans led by their Five Kings, called the Datu. For the most part, Riverfolk are a colorful yet relaxed folk who engage in trade, gossip and exploration as their typical lifestyle. There is a darker side to the Painted Flotilla and few in this modern era remember when the word “Riverfolk” was synonymous to piracy and raiding. Only the current Datus truly know the reasons why they have placed heavy restrictions on brigandry by river or sea and why the Riverfolk have moved onto an exploratory, mercantile mindset in the meantime.

The Sunless Kingdom of Kali-ishtar – The Ishtari are zealots and fanatics of their three-faced goddess, Kali-Avesti-Ishtar, who is mother, judge and killer. They are ruled by an avatar of the goddess herself who sends her Chosen deep into foreign lands to acquire power and relics for faith’s sake. As a people, they are secretive and shadowy, befitting the frozen, sunless Kingdoms that they hail from.

The Obsidian Kingdom of Kenrei – The Kenrei dwell deep in the Obsidian Wastes, building their citadels and gardens beside oases and rivers as monuments of their mastery over the powers of the wilderness and savagery. They are a people of precision and perfection, of courtesy and honor. They have among them the finest philosophers and gardeners in Midworld. To be Kenrei is to be the Sword and the Lotus – to be sharpened steel and yet the essence of elegance.

The Bog Kingdom of Fir’bolg – The Fir’bolg are a dour, hardy people that dwell in scattered villages within the marshes of Morread. They have long been a disparate folk but under the banner of Baelor Witch-Eye, they are finally uniting and driving their many foes into the very mists of their homes. Certainly, with the Witch-Eye and his Dyed Men marching across Morread, it will not be long before the Bog Kingdom rises beyond the mist and the mud to attain true glory.

The Labyrinthium within the Jungle – More often than not, who choose to dwell within the Labyrinthium are people of the worst kind – pirates, brigands, sorcerers and other types of outlaws and ne’er-do-wells. There are some who live and stay there for the sake of political sanctuary, but unwary visitors to the Labyrinthium are quick to find their deaths by crossing with the wrong folk. Those born within the Labyrinthium who are unable to stomach the cut-throat lifestyle within this den of thieves and murderers usually make haste to escape the degradation and debauchery – before it claims them forever.

Free Tribe – The children of the Wyrd Empire, the first Empire of Men, have dispersed all over the face of Midworld to settle in places secret and remote – free from the rule of Kings to do as they will. But even these Free Tribes cannot help but sense the coming of a new golden age – the Seventh Kingdom is here and those who want of prosperity must partake or be left behind.