“Who was he that opened the gates of the Vaults, Master? Who was he that had strength enough to rend the veil? Who was he that wrought this fate upon the world?

Of his face we did not see. Of his name we do not know. But learn this, young one: of the Race of Man was he, born to great power, born to high wisdom and to blind, accursed folly. T’was the last that shadowed the world and made it as hard a place as it is now.”

There are none among the other Races that have tasted to the height of glory and the dregs of depravity besides the Race of Humans. The Empire of Wyrd, the greatest Empire of Humankind, united Midworld and left it in ruin. Man and Woman have wrought shadow and light, chaos and order, to a world that bears the marks of their wisdom and their folly. But there is hope: it is said that when the Seventh Kingdom is built, a golden age will rise with it. And the only Race foolhardy enough to try and keep trying is the same Race that might destroy the world in its attempts.

Costume Requirement: None.


All Humans begin the game with the following abilities (take note that you must choose only one feat for Boldness). Humans do not have any Racial Skills or Feats.

o       10 HP. Humans are of average physical toughness among the Races of Midworld.

o       Ingenuity: You gain a basic Feat or Spell from your Profession or Class Lists whose prerequisites you meet for no build cost. THIS CANNOT BE USED TO GET A SKILL, ONLY A FEAT OR SPELL.

o       Confidence: Gain the one of the following feats for no build cost:

–        Break Force

–        Endure Pain

–        Resist Charm

–        Spurn Death

-Human Kingdom List