Gnome Skill List

*After character creation, these skills can be learned without a teacher.

 10  Blind-Fighting
 5  Camouflage
 7  Dirty Fighting
10  Dreaming Focus
 10  Dreaming Potence
 7  Skillful Scrounger
 5  Persistence
 7  Student of the Lotus
 5  Willpower


Blind Fighting

Description: This skill represents specialized, rigorous training of one’s battle senses, melding instinct and skill with the purpose of an impregnable defense. Characters with the Blind-fighting skill are able to predict when they are going to be attacked from any angle and can thus mount an adequate defense.

Usage:  When you are Blinded, you may attack and defend yourself normally. Also, you can now move at a slow walk (1 step every 2 seconds maximum) while Blinded, instead of being immobile.

Furthermore, when you use a Defense feat, you can Augment it with the Blind-fighting skill, allowing you to use it against attacks that come from behind you and strike you in the back torso (such as Ambush feats). Preface the Feat you are going to use with “Blind” (e.g. “Blind Dodge” or “Blind Parry”). A Feat may only benefit from one Augment or Modification at a time.


Description: A character skilled in Camouflage can hide themselves from sight, effectively turning invisible as long as they do not move. Camouflage is important for characters who wish to conduct ambushes or hide from pursuit. The power of this skill is not foolproof, however – certain Feats allow others to detect the presence of a Camouflaged character, although it takes some effort and energy to perceive and reveal a Camouflaged character’s position.

Usage: To use this skill, you must be adjacent to some cover (e.g. a tree, a shrub, a table, a wall) that hides you from view and you must be in the hiding position (crouching, arms crossed across chest). When these prerequisites are fulfilled, you may count “Hiding 1, Hiding 2…Hiding 30” in a normal voice; If you are touched by any creature or hit for any damage, you must stop your count and stand up.

If you complete the Hiding count without interruption, you become Invisible until:

–          you speak in-game (which includes spell-casting)

–          you move from your position

–          you Channel

–          or you perform an attack.

Characters with the Sense Hidden Feat or similar Spells/Feats will automatically sense your presence, although they cannot pinpoint or reveal your position without expending SP. You cannot use this skill if you are wearing any kind of metal armor that isn’t chainmail.

You cannot use this skill if you are wearing any kind of metal armor that isn’t chainmail.

Dirty Fighting
With this skill, you inflict one additional point of damage with a melee weapon when striking the back of a target’s torso from a position behind the target. Furthermore, when you use the Assassinate feat, you inflict 5 more points of damage.

Dreaming Focus
This skill allows Gnomes to fully embrace their Dreaming prowess, enhancing the strength of their abilities.

Astral Echo: You no longer need to suffer the effects of a spell in order to reflect it. When using this ability, you may use an Evade feat or similar defense feat to negate the effects of the spell that attacks you before reflecting it upon your assailant.

Whisper Step: now lasts for 30 seconds.

Warp Strike: When you use a spell packet to deliver this ability, you can affect up to 3 targets as though using a wave spell. After invoking this ability, throw a maximum of three spell packets (prefacing each throw with the word “wave”) an you can throw only one spell packet at a particular target. This use of Warp Strike lessens the length of Confusion to 5 seconds.

Dreaming Potence:

Requires: Dreaming Focus

This skill allows the Dream-singer a measure of mastery over their racial abilities.

Astral Echo: You may redirect the spell’s effects to a different target than the assailant. Furthermore, using this ability grants you 1 SP as you siphon energy from the spell you’re redirecting.

Whisper Step: now lasts for 60 seconds (1 minute). Furthermore, a Whisperling that emerges from his Whisper Step is healed of 10 HP and regains 3 SP.

Warp Strike: When you use this ability, you may spend 1 SP to turn it into a Whirlwind effect, confusing all within weapon reach and a step of you for 5 seconds.


Description: You are possessed of a fleetness of foot and a resistance to standing still. When the winds of change blow against you, you can dance with it and let it guide you. When something threatens to you immobilize you and imprison you, it cannot hold you for long.

Usage: Force effects with a duration (such as Snare, Shackle or Grapple)only affect you for half the duration, rounding up. Likewise, when you are affected by a Knockback effect, you are only pushed back for half the amount (rounding up).

When the effect would end, say “Persistence”. However, Persistence will not reduce a Force effect that has already been reduced.

Skillful Scrounger

Description: One of the primary acquisition skills of any character, this skill represents training and experience in searching a body or container for any item of value. Survivalists, scavengers and criminal types are common users of this skill although it can be found among the forces of law and order and among adventurers.

Usage: With this skill, you can perform the following actions on a fallen enemy, a container or a place where you think a trap is located (a doorway or a tree).

–          After 60 seconds of searching (“Searching 1, Searching 2…Searching 60”), you can invoke a “Thorough Search”. A thorough search defeats the conceal item skill or similar spells and effects.

–          After 10 seconds of searching(“Searching 1, Searching 2…Searching 10”), you can invoke a “Quick Search” which will yield one item from the target’s person, chosen at random.

–          After 60 seconds of searching, you can invoke a “Search for Traps” which will allow you to determine whether an Object or a Door is trapped or not.

Special Note: Without this skill, performing a search always requires 60 seconds and never reveals Concealed items.

Student of the Lotus

Description: Amidst jungles of the Labyrinthium, the venomous marshes of the Fir’bolg and the cultivated gardens of Kenrei, the art of poisoning has many practitioners that seek to perfect its craft and its delivery. However, armor has ever been a serious obstacle to delivering poisons, mandating the creation of this skill. The Student of the Lotus skill allows a talented poisoner to bypass the protections of armor and apply poison to his victim. While this skill’s usage is hardly effortless, the reward is great enough.

Usage: To use this skill and deliver a poison effect to a character with AP remaining, you need to hit with two normal melee attacks . Before the first attack, say “Expose armor 1″. Similarly, say “Expose armor 2″ before the second attack. If both connect, then you have up to 60 seconds to deliver a Combat Poison through a melee attack or a ranged attack (using the Poison Dart skill).

See the section on Poison (in the Brewer Profession) for more information.


Description: Through long hours of training or perhaps through a penchant for stubbornness, your mind can break free of outside influences. With this skill, you have an easier time than others when seeing through the manipulation of others.

Usage: Charm effects with a duration such as (Pacify, Taunt or, Befriend) only affect you for half the duration, rounding up. When the effect would end, say “Willpower”. However, Willpower will not reduce a Charm effect that has already been reduced.

Like most skills, Willpower does not cost SP to use. You may use this skill as many times as you need.