Gnome Kingdom List

The Misty Kingdom of Ixia – Most of the Gnomish Race dwells amidst the cloudy citadels of mythic Ixia, far away from the rest of Midworld and the wars that rage across its surface. It is within the reaches of Ekthalon that the Gnomes have found serenity among Troll and Nightkin, other Races deemed monstrosities by the world at large that have found peace among the misty peaks. Here, all three Gnomish lineages are able to pursue the lores and the diversions that they wish although those who are unable to bear with the “stagnancy” of Ixia often choose to exile themselves rather than be cast out.

The Labyrinthium within the Jungle – The jungles to the south of Midworld hold dangers aplenty, not the least of which is the Labyrinthium, a stronghold for pirates, brigands, cultists and worse. The Deep Gnomes and Warp Gnomes that dwell here come from freed slave stock that had clawed their way up the social ladder to achieve a prominence of sorts among the sinister residents of the Labyrinthium. The constant conflicts and schisms of this place are a stark disparity to the contemplative atmosphere of Ixia. In this stinking, steamy den of villainy, folk are too busy trying to survive and to prosper; there is little and less time and effort spent contemplating the abstracts of life and consciousness.

Free Tribe – There are those Gnomes that take to neither Jungle or Mountain in their choice of dwelling. These Gnomes are spread out across Midworld in small bands that are either wholly made of their Gnomish kindred or composite groups that hold together for survival’s sake. The experiences and the perspectives of these Gnomes vary wildly, although they are more likely to subscribe to a worldview of suspicious cynicism rather than a cheerful optimism.