Elven Kingdom List

The Veiled Kingdom of Callas Selverion (Silver Elf only)– The Veiled City is a place of beauty, magic and splendor sequestered away from the prying eyes of the world by Her Radiance’s Veil and her Veil-keepers. Only Silver Elves are allowed to walk among the towers of ivory and the winding, argent streets of Callas Selvarion – so precious do the Callasines deem their city that other Races or even the other Elves are not allowed to look upon it, much less enter its borders.

The Corpse-Kingdom of Gotterdammerung (Twilight Elf only)– The Twilight Elves spent many of their years wandering before a great deal of them decided to settle within the grim borders of the Corpse-Kingdom. It took generations before they were fully accepted into Dammerunger society. Even now, Shaedlings that come from Gotterdammerung are treated differently than their Human countrymen. In some ways, they are considered worse for their immigrant heritage and in others, they are prized for their Racial abilities and innate gracefulness. 

The Chivalric Kingdom of Pendrakken (Wild and Twilight Elf only)- According to the edict of Arcturus the Errant, all are welcome within the borders of the Pendrakken. In the few hundred years since King Luther drove away brigands and monsters to build a dwelling for his people, Elves of the Wildling and Twilight varieties have been drawn to the Pendrakken Kingdom although they find it far from the utopia they expect. Certainly they are treated justly by King and Kingdom and all folk in Pendrakken have the ear of Arcturus; however, the land has yet to be completely tamed and King Arcturus expects his subjects to work alongside his Knights and Lords in creating a new paradise for all folk to dwell in unity and in peace.

The Labyrinthium within the Jungle (Twilight Elf only) – There are those Twlight Elves that seek out the darkness of their heritage for good reason or ill intent. Those Shaedlings who dwell within the confines of the Labyrinthium for want of dangerous fare will find its treacherous recesses well suited to fell pursuits. Twlilight Elves have carved out a place for themselves in this savage place, a society of cruel grace and swift vengeance that pays lip service to the King-Slayer and employs brutes and outlaws toward obscure and malign goals.

The Bog Kingdom of Fir’bolg (Twilight Elf and Wild Elf only) – The Kingdom of Fir’bolg consists mostly of villages and towns scattered across the Marsh of Morread, all banded under the banner of the Witch-eye, King Baelor. Long ago, a smattering of Twilight Elves and Wild Elves settled in some of the villages, having grown tired of wandering. The harsh times between that distant age and the reign of Witch-Eye has bonded both Races together – in this modern era, Man and Elf stand on equal, though boggy, ground among the Fir’bolg.

Free Tribe (any Elf)- The Wild Elves of Midworld are a scattered, savage people that gather in tribes named after the wilderness such as the Frostwing or the Summersong. They concern themselves with day-to-day survival and communion with the natural world, rather than politics or temporal power. Unlike most of the other folk in Midworld, they are open and welcoming of others, even though they act suspicious of outsiders at first. To the Wildlings, any and all are welcome to join a tribe as long as they are willing and are capable of keeping up. Much like herds, packs and flocks of wild beasts, the Wild Elves have little patience and less mercy for the weak.