Elven Feat List

Build Cost: Each feat costs 5 build to learn. You do not need a teacher to learn these feats.

Critical Strike
Dodge (2 SP)
Evade (2 SP)
Resist Charm
Sense Deception
Sense Hidden
Spurn Death


Critical Strike
1 SP
Basic, Melee/Ranged Attack

Description: There are two main schools of thought with the Critical Strike feat. For some fighters, it is simply a mighty blow driven by muscle and will. For others, it is precision and skill – the talent of striking the right organ or body part, at the right time. Many Warriors, Rogues and Marksmen use this Feat in a methodology that lies somewhere between the two philosophies – but the result is the same: the severe injury inflicted upon one’s enemies.

Usage: To use this feat, spend 1 SP while performing a ranged or melee attack upon your enemy. In mid-swing or mid-throw, say “Crit! X damage”, where X is equal to your normal attack damage plus 3. This damage includes any Expertise bonuses, bonuses granted by Great Strength or special Backstab or Flourish bonuses.

If you are performing Critical Strike as a ranged attack, then you must Aim before you use it.

Know thy Enemy skill (Physic Profession): For each rank of this Skill, your Critical Strikes inflict 1 additional point of damage; this means that when you learn Know thy Enemy (rank 3), you inflict 3 more damage when using the Critical Strike feat.

2 SP
Basic, Melee/Ranged Defense

Description: The solution to many problems is avoidance and the Dodge feat follows that to a tee. Through quickness and gracefulness, this feat allows you to avoid even the worst non-magical attacks, whether they are ranged or melee.

Usage: To use this feat, you must spend 2 SP and say “Dodge” in response to a ranged or melee weapon strike that just hit you; its effects are negated by “Dodge”.

You cannot use
“Dodge” in the following circumstances:

–          You cannot use “Dodge” against attacks that come from behind you and strike your back torso.

–          You cannot use Dodge if you are restrained or bound in any way, such as via an Snare effect.

–          You cannot use Dodge if you are wearing any metal armor that is not Chainmail.

2 SP
Erudite, Spell Defense
Effect: You may invoke this defense feat in response to spell that has struck you within the last five seconds. With this feat, you negate the effects of your opponent spell upon you.

Resist Charm
1 SP
Complex, Charm Defense

Description: There are many monsters and people in the world that can bend the minds of others through words or spell. This feat exists to combat such creatures, calling upon one’s inner reserves of energy to tear away fabrications and manipulations – to unveil the truth of things. This is especially useful for characters who dislike being fooled or being deceived.

Usage: To use this feat, you must spend 1 SP and say “Resist Charm” in response to a Charm attack (such as a Suggestion, a Befriend, a Pacify or a Taunt effect). You cannot use this Feat to defend against an attack that comes from behind you and strikes your back torso.

Sense Deception
1 SP
Basic, Detect Deception

Description: This feat allows a character to discern truth from lie and to pierce the disguises of the untrained. Those who are able to Sense Deception have learned to read the vocal tone and non-verbal cues to determine the falsity or the veracity of others. This feat is prized by many who expect to enter and compete in the arenas of diplomacy and subterfuge – although any creature with an iota of wisdom would do well to be trained in this area of expertise or gain the camaraderie of someone who does.

Usage: This feat has three main functions, all usable only upon a character within a one-handed weapon’s reach of you:

–          While conversing with a target, you can spend 1 SP, say “Sense Deception” and then clarify to your target the effects of this feat. They must tell you if the statement they just said is true or a lie – furthermore, they must whisper this information to you.

–          When a creature attempts to use the Suggestion effect upon you, you may negate it completely by spending 1 SP and saying “Sense Deception”.

–          Lastly, after 5 minutes in conversation with another character, you may spend 1 SP and then say “Sense Deception! Who are you?”. A character without the Disguise skill or any other ability to defend against this must reveal to you (in a whisper) their true guise if they have an alternate or true identity that is familiar to you. If you are not familiar with any of the character’s alternate identities, you gain no information from this use of the feat.

Special: The Poker Face skill will make a character immune to lie detection effects such as this feat.

Sense Hidden
1 SP
Basic, Detect Hidden

Description: This feat represents specialized training in the seeking out and the revelation of hidden creatures. Those who can Sense Hidden have trained their senses to pierce the subterfuge of the invisible and the unseen. This is especially useful in avoiding ambushes and seeking out hidden quarries.

Usage:When there are invisible creatures in the area, merely the knowledge of this feat allows you to subtly detect the presence of others through various clues in the environment. Without this feat or similar abilities, you must act completely unaware of the invisible creatures’ existence.

To reveal the location of 1 invisible creature, you must count to 10 seconds by saying “Observing 1, Observing 2… Observing 10″ while pointing at your desired target. Afterwards, merely spend 1 SP, say “Sense Hidden!” and your target will be revealed to all (as below).

–          Unless they are somehow able to defend against your feat, they must stand up from their hidden position. This unmasks them for you and everyone around you.

–          “Sense Hidden” only reveals one enemy; to reveal other hidden ambushers, you  must use this feat again.

–          This feat will not help you against players are not using game rules to be unseen or players whose presence you are unaware of.

Spurn Death
1 SP
Complex, Mortal Defense

Description: There is magic in the world that can attack one’s soul directly. Sometimes, this power is used to Dominate the will of others, to usurp command of their bodies from their spirits. Other times, this power is used to scar the souls of others through fear and terror. The Spurn Death feat exists to take intense spiritual training and relentless determination, to bind it with will and to say “no” to these spiritual assaults.

Usage: To use this feat, you must spend 1 SP and say “Spurn Death” in response to a Mortal attack (such as a Fear, a Weakness or a Dominate effect). You cannot use this Feat to defend against an attack that comes from behind you and strikes your back torso.