Dwarf Skill List

*After character creation, these skills can be learned without a teacher.

 10  Bloodied but Unbowed
5  Bravery
10  Fire-Blood
 10  Great Strength
 7  Iron Fist
 10  Iron Soul
 10  Maker’s Mark
 10  Mountain Roots
 5  Resilience




Bloodied but Unbowed

Description: With this skill, you can harness your desperation and your vitality to fuel your defenses, channeling feral survival instincts into protective prowess. In this way, those who possess this skill will never find themselves defenseless as long as they are alive.

Usage: You can Augment a Defense feat with this skill, reducing its cost by 1 SP (to a minimum of 0 SP) by sacrificing 20 HP. If you do this, preface the Feat’s invocation with the word “Bloody” (e.g. “Bloody Dodge” or “Bloody Parry”). This means that you can keep using Defense Feats so long as you have HP to sacrifice.

A Feat may only benefit from one Augment or Modification at a time.


Description: Your soul has been hardened, through tragedy and loss or through meditation and discipline. Attacks that assault your very soul affect you as they do others, except that you are quicker to recover from such spiritual assaults. When Fear grips you or a Demon dominates your will, you can shake their influence from your soul with an quickness that most others envy.

Usage: Mortal effects with a duration (such as Fear, Dominate or Weakness)only affect you for half the duration. rounding up. When the effect would end, say “Bravery”. However, Bravery will not reduce a Mortal effect that has already been reduced.

Like most skills, Bravery does not cost SP to use. You may use this skill as many times as you need.

When you are struck by a melee attack that inflicts at least 5 points of damage (this damage may not be minimalized or negated), you may invoke this ability to avenge yourself upon your assailant. After invoking this ability, you may throw a spell packet at the one that struck you and invoke 5 points of fire damage upon your assailant. Once this ability is used, it cannot be utilized again until you have taken a short rest.

Furthermore, a character with this skill inflicts 1 more point of damage when using attacks that inflict fire damage.

Great Strength

Description: Innate ability and/or intense training have given fruit to this: a prodigious amount of strength that has its uses on and off the field of battle. When you strike, your weapon shivers with the force of your blows. Tasks that would take the strength of two or three people are trivial chores for you.

Some who gain this skill do so through sheer muscle. However, a few who gain this skill do so through a melding of will and flesh that makes one’s strength beyond the norm. Although these two methods differ greatly, the result is the same: sheer destructive prowess.

Usage: The Great Strength skill grants the following benefits.

–          All of your normal melee attacks deal one more point of damage.

–          Also, you can perform a feat of strength once every minute by saying “Great Strength” and then performing the action.

–          While performing a feat of Strength, you may not perform any other action such as casting a spell or attacking and you need to have at least one hand free.

–          Feats of Strength include (but are not limited to):

o        throwing an object or a helpless creature (such as an ally’s body) up to 10 paces away.

o        carrying one heavy object (such as a body) for 60 paces at a slow walk.

o        breaking free of a Snare or a Grapple effect; you incur 10 damage in the process.

o        After a 10-second loud and vocal count (“Breaking 1, Breaking 2…Breaking 10″), you can break an basic Lock.

Iron Fist

Description: A warrior without his weapon is like a magic-user without his voice – utterly defenseless and utterly useless. To counter this, the Iron Fist skill gives its user a death grip-like grasp of his weapon, preventing him from losing it from those who would disarm him through spell or feats.

Usage: Whenever you are the target of a Disarm effect, you may respond with “Iron Fist” and retain your weapon or shield. “Iron Fist” does not help you when you drop your weapon through a mishap or when your opponent disarms you without using game-rules, Feats or Spells.

Using this Skill does not cost any SP.

You may invoke this skill instead of the Stone-Skin ability to negate a complex poison, greater disease, a mortal effect or a pain effect upon you. The use of this skill remains subject to the restrictions of the Stone-Skin racial ability. In effect, this skill replaces and upgrades Stone-Skin.

Furthermore, if you also have the Fire-Blood skill, it inflicts 10 points of fire damage instead of 5.

Maker’s Mark
With this skill, when you wield a melee or ranged weapon that you yourself have crafted, you inflict one more point of damage than you normally would.

Mountain Roots
With this skill, you gain a bond with Earth and Stone that allows you to withstand anything that might separate you. You may invoke this skill when affected by any Knockback effect to nullify it completely — however, doing so inflicts a Daze effect upon you that lasts 20 seconds. Although it is a skill, you cannot use Mountain Roots while you are Dazed or otherwise unable to use any Feats or Spells.


Description: You are no stranger to pain and to suffering. Your body has borne wound, scar and bruise countless times and it has learned to recover from these and quickly. Pain may stop you… but not for very long.

Usage: Pain effects with a duration (such as Stun, Daze or Cripple Limb)only affect you for half the duration, rounding up. When the effect would end, say “Resilience”. However, Resilience will not reduce a Pain effect that has already been reduced.

Like most skills, Resilience does not cost SP to use. You may use this skill as many times as you need.