Dwarf Kingdom List

The Stone Clans – Most of the Midworld’s Dwarves count themselves as one of the Stone Clans: a vast number of feuding Dwarf Clans and their holdings. Each is led by their own Stone-King into bitter war or short-lived alliance with other Stone Clans.

The Iron Kingdom of Malas Travak– The Iron Kingdom has a single city in its domain, but the Runed-King and his Council of Ten have kept it standing amid smoke and stone for more than ten centuries. The Dwarves of the Iron Kingdom are utterly mercenary in their pursuits, seeking only profit for King, Guild and the almighty Self.

Free Tribe – There are those Dwarves that have forsaken their Kings, both Stone and Runed, to find lives in places beyond stone tunnels and the Iron City. These Dwarves carve out their own societies with or without other Mortal Races to live their lives as they see fit.