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“My blood be iron and my flesh be stone, I am hoarder, crafter, breaker and first-born among all others. I am Dwarf.”

Built for resilience, for crafting and for war, the Dwarves of Midworld are known for their love of for stone and things that last; for their passion for brewing and feasts; and for the unrelenting, unceasing feuds that divide their people. Only the Dwarves of smoke-covered Iron City do not dwell overlong in grudges, having replaced the sin of Wrath with that of Greed. There is no Race as stalwart and as driven as that of the Dwarves. And if the Seventh Kingdom is to be forged, it can only be done with the iron will of the Dwarves behind it.

Costume Requirements: Male Dwarves must have long beards that span at least one foot in length and are braided or ornamented with jewelry and/or tiny skulls. Female Dwarves have stone or earth-like skin (see below) usually have long, often ornamented, braids of hair that fall down to the small of their backs.

Extra Options: A significant amount of Dwarfkind has rock-like grey or brown skin, like stone or earth – for some reason, it is the Dwarf Females that tend toward this skin coloration more than the Dwarf Male. Dwarves with this skin color are marked with fissures and cracks across the skin. Some Dwarves appear to have tiny gems in their skin, represented by wearing glitter over the grey or brown paint. While others may have blocky protrusions upon their face (represented by prosthetics) or body or else, are carved with runes of strength and clan/Guild/religious symbols (their version of tattoos).


All Dwarves begin the game with the following abilities:

o       12 HP: Dwarves are physically more resilient than most of the other Races of Midworld.

o       Stone-Skin: When affected by a basic poison, a lesser disease or fire damage, a Dwarf may invoke this ability within 5 seconds of being attacked to completely negate the poison, disease or fire damage. Once invoked this ability cannot be used until after a Dwarf has taken a short rest.

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