Beastling Skill List

*After character creation, these skills can be learned without a teacher.

10 Bestial Ascendance
 10 Beast Claw Style (Bearkin or Catkin only)
 10 Bestial Resilience (Bearkin or Serpentkin only)
 5 Bind the Beast
 10 Blind Fighting (Serpentkin or Houndkin only)
 5 Camouflage (Catkin or Serpentkin only)
 10 Great Strength (Bearkin or Houndkin only)
 10 Pack Strike (Catkin or Houndkin only)
 5 Spirit-Sight
 10 Wings (Birdkin only)


Bestial Ascendance
With this skill, a Beastling that uses the Bestial Wrath ability regains up to 3 SP. This skill does not allow you to regain more SP than a Beastling’s maximum capacity can allow.

Bestial Resilience
With this skill, a Bearkin or Serpentkin Beastling gains 10 AP that does not stack with armor whenever he uses the Bestial Wrath ability.

Beast Claw Style
With this skill, a Bearkin or a Catkin Beastling gains the benefit of the Dual Weapon Expertise skill – whenever holding two weapons, a Warrior that misses while attempting with a melee attack feat receives a second chance to land his failed attack.

He may repeat the missed feat, this time using his other weapon and prefaced with the word “Off-hand”. The “off-hand” attack must be done within 10 seconds of the previous attack. This function of the skill can also be used when the previous attack was dodged, parried or blocked.

The benefit of this skill does not augment the benefits of the Dual Weapon Expertise Skill, nor does it allow a Beastling access to the Dual Weapon Mastery skill.

Blind Fighting
Description: This skill represents specialized, rigorous training of one’s battle senses, melding instinct and skill with the purpose of an impregnable defense. Characters with the Blind-fighting skill are able to predict when they are going to be attacked from any angle and can thus mount an adequate defense.

Usage:  When you are Blinded, you may attack and defend yourself normally. Also, you can now move at a slow walk (1 step every 2 seconds maximum) while Blinded, instead of being immobile.

Furthermore, when you use a Defense feat, you can Augment it with the Blind-fighting skill, allowing you to use it against attacks that come from behind you and strike you in the back torso (such as Ambush feats). Preface the Feat you are going to use with “Blind” (e.g. “Blind Dodge” or “Blind Parry”). A Feat may only benefit from one Augment or Modification at a time.

Bind the Beast
By invoking this skill, you gain the ability to end the Bestial Wrath effect –thereby preventing you from attacking your allies. After this skill is used and Bestial Wrath is ended, you are stunned for 30 seconds.


Description: A character skilled in Camouflage can hide themselves from sight, effectively turning invisible as long as they do not move. Camouflage is important for characters who wish to conduct ambushes or hide from pursuit. The power of this skill is not foolproof, however – certain Feats allow others to detect the presence of a Camouflaged character, although it takes some effort and energy to perceive and reveal a Camouflaged character’s position.

Usage: To use this skill, you must be adjacent to some cover (e.g. a tree, a shrub, a table, a wall) that hides you from view and you must be in the hiding position (crouching, arms crossed across chest). When these prerequisites are fulfilled, you may count “Hiding 1, Hiding 2…Hiding 30” in a normal voice; If you are touched by any creature or hit for any damage, you must stop your count and stand up.

If you complete the Hiding count without interruption, you become Invisible until:

–          you speak in-game (which includes spell-casting)

–          you move from your position

–          you Channel

–          or you perform an attack.

Characters with the Sense Hidden Feat or similar Spells/Feats will automatically sense your presence, although they cannot pinpoint or reveal your position without expending SP. You cannot use this skill if you are wearing any kind of metal armor that isn’t chainmail.

Great Strength

Description: Innate ability and/or intense training have given fruit to this: a prodigious amount of strength that has its uses on and off the field of battle. When you strike, your weapon shivers with the force of your blows. Tasks that would take the strength of two or three people are trivial chores for you.

Some who gain this skill do so through sheer muscle. However, a few who gain this skill do so through a melding of will and flesh that makes one’s strength beyond the norm. Although these two methods differ greatly, the result is the same: sheer destructive prowess.

Usage: The Great Strength skill grants the following benefits.

–          All of your normal melee attacks deal one more point of damage.

–          Also, you can perform a feat of strength once every minute by saying “Great Strength” and then performing the action.

–          While performing a feat of Strength, you may not perform any other action such as casting a spell or attacking and you need to have at least one hand free.

–          Feats of Strength include (but are not limited to):

o        throwing an object or a helpless creature (such as an ally’s body) up to 10 paces away.

o        carrying one heavy object (such as a body) for 60 paces at a slow walk.

o        breaking free of a Snare or a Grapple effect; you incur 10 damage in the process.

o        After a 10-second loud and vocal count (“Breaking 1, Breaking 2…Breaking 10″), you can break an basic Lock.

Pack Strike
With this skill, a Catkin or Houndkin Beastling inflicts one additional point of damage when using a melee weapon strike upon a target from behind him. This bonus to damage stacks with all other bonuses to damage.

Spirit Sight
Because of your bond with the world of spirits, you can see and speak (in whispers only) to spirits (those that wear white headbands). This skill also allows you to speak to Spirits and Spirit-Beasts. When using this skill, invoke its name before initiating a conversation with a Spirit or a Spirit-Beast.

With this skill, you gain the ability to fly. By spending 1 SP, you can fly for 10 seconds.

While flying, you can do nothing but move and use feats/spells to defend yourself. However, flying characters are immune to melee attacks and can only be affected by ranged attacks and spells. Any effect that stops movement, such as the Shackle effect or the Stun effect, inflicts 5 points of damage to you and ends your flight.

Phys rep: Feathers along the arms, or wings on back.