Beastling Feat List

Build Cost: Each feat costs 5 build to learn. You do not need a teacher to learn these feats.

Dodge (Catkin or Birdkin only)
Endure Pain (Bearkin or Houndkin only)
Flee the Scene (Birdkin or Catkin only)
Knockback (Bearkin or Houndkin only)
Pursue Quarry (Houndkin or Birdkin only)
Resist Possession
Sense Deception (Birdkin or Serpentkin only)
Sense Hidden (Houndkin or Birdkin only)


2 SP
Basic, Melee/Ranged Defense

Description: The solution to many problems is avoidance and the Dodge feat follows that to a tee. Through quickness and gracefulness, this feat allows you to avoid even the worst non-magical attacks, whether they are ranged or melee.

Usage: To use this feat, you must spend 2 SP and say “Dodge” in response to a ranged or melee weapon strike that just hit you; its effects are negated by “Dodge”.

You cannot use
“Dodge” in the following circumstances:

–          You cannot use “Dodge” against attacks that come from behind you and strike your back torso.

–          You cannot use Dodge if you are restrained or bound in any way, such as via an Snare effect.

–          You cannot use Dodge if you are wearing any metal armor that is not Chainmail.

Endure Pain
1 SP
Complex, Pain Defense

Description: Pain effects are one of the more debilitating of Control effects; they can disable, hamper or even completely paralyze the recipient. Learning this feat involves intense training and discipline so that the character can place mind above body and with simple willpower – ascend above the agony that his or her body is suffering.

Usage: To use this feat, you must spend 1 SP and say “Endure Pain” in response to a Pain attack (such as a Cripple Limb, a Daze or a Stun effect). You cannot use this Feat to defend against an attack that comes from behind you and strikes your back torso.

Flee the Scene
1 SP
Basic, Escape

Description: This feat represents training in running and eluding the pursuit of most enemies. A character with Flee the Scene is an expert at escaping dangerous encounters and surviving deadly enemies through the ancient art of running away. Many are those who dislike this tactic and deem it “dishonorable”. However, the benefits of surviving a stronger or more numerous opponent can often dwarf even the satisfaction of pride when one’s life is at stake.

Usage: To use this feat, you must move while counting for 10 seconds, saying “Fleeing 1, Fleeing 2…Fleeing 10″. If you are not brought to 0 HP or rendered immobile somehow, you can spend 1 SP and then say “Flee the Scene” at the end of your flight. This has the following effects:

— Out of game: This allows you to go out of game for 100 seconds. Raise your hard and count “Escape 1, Escape 2, Escape 3… Escape 100”.

— Move out of combat: Move to while out of game, you must walk slowly (one step per second) to a non-combat location.

— Cannot be followed: No one can follow you unless they have the Pursue Quarry Feat or unless they have the Flee the Scene Feat.

— Cannot be burdened: You cannot be burdened with anything or anyone while Fleeing – this means you cannot carry the bodies of friends or enemies with you.

— Return to game: After 100 seconds, you return to the game and anyone following you with the appropriate abilities also return to the game.

2 SP
Basic Ranged/Melee Knockback, Force

Description: By tapping into your inner reserves of strength and willpower, you can strike a blow that knocks your enemy away from you and yours. This is most useful when you are attempting to defend yourself and your fellows from attack, as it provides you with a temporary reprieve. However, this is also useful when you are attacking; use it on healer to knock her away from her patient or use it on a minion to expose his leader to assault.

Usage: To use this feat, spend 1 SP and perform a melee or ranged attack upon a target, saying “Knockback 10″ in mid-swing. If you hit, your enemy must take 10 steps away from you.

If you are performing Knockback as a ranged attack, then you must Aim before you use it.

Pierce Shield feat and Great Weapon Mastery skill, Mace Mastery skill or Axe Mastery skill: You may spend 1 additional SP to preface your attack with “Piercing”, allowing it to bypass a Shield. This can only be done when you are using the correct weapon-type or weapon style.

Pursue Quarry
1 SP
Complex, Detect Escape

Description: By tracking a target’s movement and taking note of environmental clues, this feat allows its user to follow a would-be escapee. Characters with this feat are often trackers and hunters in the wild or are bounty hunters, bloodhounds or other law enforcement professionals.

Usage: To use this feat, you must be aware of another character using an Escape effect such as the Flee the Scene feat or the Word of Exodus spell. When the “Escape” effect is invoked, you may spend 1 SP and respond with “Pursue Quarry”.

You may also go “out of game” and place your hand (or weapon) upon your head. You may follow your target out of the scene although you must maintain the same distance that you had with your target. When your target completes the Escape effect, you may enter the game with them. If your target should attempt to escape again, the onus is upon you to stop it somehow or to pursue again.

Resist Possession
1 SP
Basic, Spell Defense
Effect: When attacked by a Possession or Domination attack, you can negate it by invoking this feat within 5 seconds of the attack.

Sense Deception
1 SP
Basic, Detect Deception

Description: This feat allows a character to discern truth from lie and to pierce the disguises of the untrained. Those who are able to Sense Deception have learned to read the vocal tone and non-verbal cues to determine the falsity or the veracity of others. This feat is prized by many who expect to enter and compete in the arenas of diplomacy and subterfuge – although any creature with an iota of wisdom would do well to be trained in this area of expertise or gain the camaraderie of someone who does.

Usage: This feat has three main functions, all usable only upon a character within a one-handed weapon’s reach of you:

–          While conversing with a target, you can spend 1 SP, say “Sense Deception” and then clarify to your target the effects of this feat. They must tell you if the statement they just said is true or a lie – furthermore, they must whisper this information to you.

–          When a creature attempts to use the Suggestion effect upon you, you may negate it completely by spending 1 SP and saying “Sense Deception”.

–          Lastly, after 5 minutes in conversation with another character, you may spend 1 SP and then say “Sense Deception! Who are you?”. A character without the Disguise skill or any other ability to defend against this must reveal to you (in a whisper) their true guise if they have an alternate or true identity that is familiar to you. If you are not familiar with any of the character’s alternate identities, you gain no information from this use of the feat.

Special: The Poker Face skill will make a character immune to lie detection effects such as this feat.

Sense Hidden
1 SP
Basic, Detect Hidden

Description: This feat represents specialized training in the seeking out and the revelation of hidden creatures. Those who can Sense Hidden have trained their senses to pierce the subterfuge of the invisible and the unseen. This is especially useful in avoiding ambushes and seeking out hidden quarries.

Usage: When there are invisible creatures in the area, merely the knowledge of this feat allows you to subtly detect the presence of others through various clues in the environment. Without this feat or similar abilities, you must act completely unaware of the invisible creatures’ existence.

To reveal the location of 1 invisible creature, you must count to 10 seconds by saying “Observing 1, Observing 2… Observing 10″ while pointing at your desired target. Afterwards, merely spend 1 SP, say “Sense Hidden!” and your target will be revealed to all (as below).

–          Unless they are somehow able to defend against your feat, they must stand up from their hidden position. This unmasks them for you and everyone around you.

–          “Sense Hidden” only reveals one enemy; to reveal other hidden ambushers, you must use this feat again.

–          This feat will not help you against players who are not using game rules to be unseen or players whose presence you are unaware of.