“Man and Beast melded, mortal and immortal enjoined.”

The Beastlings are a Race of intelligent spirit-beasts, crafted long ago by magic now lost to the world. To fight a war against a demonic presence, Totemic Spirits were bound into an army of Men by the ancient Coven known as the Circle of Valla. The army of spirit-beasts, strengthened by the melding of spirit and flesh, triumphed. However, Valla and her Circle were destroyed by the Demon Prince’s death throes.

With the spirits bound to the Men for the rest of their lives, many of the beast-men died. Some of the beast-men were corrupted by demonic energies and went insane. Those that survived, and found themselves inextricably tethered with their spirit allies left to find a place in the world. Their descendants are the Beastlings, who found that rest of the world had only disdain for them. Thus did they settle in the wild and lonely places of Midworld.

There are five basic types of Beastlings:

Bearkin: The Bearkin are the toughest kind of Beastling. They combine the physical tenacity of the Bear with the willpower of Man.

Costuming Requirements: Bearkin needs to have all exposed skin painted as though in the pattern of fur. Also, a Bearkin needs a bulky fur pelt over his back.

Birdkin: Feathers, talons and a beak reveal the presence of a Birdkin. Birdkin are most observant among the Beastling tribes.

Costuming Requirements: Birdkin need a beak (either a latex one that fits over the nose or the mouth or a beak painted on the face) and tufts of feathers all over their body. Exposed skin must also be painted to match the feathers and any pattern that the feathers might have.

Catkin: The Catkin have always been loners among the Beastling tribes. Because of their penchant for stealth, they are renowned for their abilities as huntsmen and scouts.

Costuming Requirements: A Catkin needs to have whiskers and to have all exposed skin painted as though in the pattern of a wild cat.

Extra Options: Catkin may also have clawed hands (gloves with small, blunt claws glued on) and cat’s eye contact lenses.

Houndkin: The Houndkin have been synonymous for loyalty and persistence, as opposed to the feral viciousness of the fallen Wolfkin. Those who harm a Houndkin’s allies can expect no escape and no quarter from these Beastlings.

Costuming Requirements: Houndkin need to have whiskers, latex ears, fangs and to have all exposed skin painted as though in the pattern of a dog.

Serpentkin: In times of crises and conflicts, the Beastling tribes look to the secretive Serpentkin for wisdom and guidance. Beneath a scale exterior and a venomous fury lies a deep understanding of Midworld and of the things that tread upon it.

Costuming Requirements: Serpentkin need to have all exposed skin painted as though in the pattern of scales and in a snake’s shade (green, brown, etc).

Extra Options: Serpentkin may also have snake-eyed contact lenses.


All Beastlings begin the game with the following abilities (take note that you only choose one variety of Bestial Wrath):

o      10 HP. A Beastling is of average physical toughness, although some Beastling types may possess or have access to abilities that augment their own physical endurance.

o      Kindred to Spirits: Attacks that specifically target spirits affect Beastlings as if they were spirits. This means that attacks that affect spirits and spirits alone, such as Spirit Bane or Banishing effects can affect Beastlings.

o      Bestial Wrath: Once per period, Beastlings may choose invoke this racial ability to enter a state of animalistic rage wherein in their physical and spiritual prowess is augmented by the beast-portion of their souls. This rage ends when a Beastling is knocked unconscious by damage (reduced to 0 HP or below) or after 5 minutes. While in a state of Bestial Wrath, a Beastling must continue attacking the enemy with his weapons or his spells. When he runs out of enemies, he starts attacking allies – he need not use feats nor spells when this happens. The benefit of this ability varies for each type of Beastling:

Bearkin: A Bearkin Beastling that uses the Bestial Wrath ability is healed by 10 HP. Furthermore, a Bearkin is considered to have the Endure Pain feat and the Spurn Death feat while using Bestial Wrath. If a Bearkin Beastling already possesses these feats, then the healing he receives from his racial ability is augmented by 10 points.

Birdkin: A Birdkin Beastling that uses the Bestial Wrath ability gains the defensive ability to invoke a Dodge feat (even if he does not possess the feat) for 1 SP, although he is held to the restrictions of the feat’s use. A Birdkin Beastling using Bestial Wrath is considered to have the Blind-fighting skill when it comes to using the Dodge feat, which means that he can use that feat to defend against attacks from behind, prefacing the invocation of the Dodge feat with the word “Blind”.

Catkin: A Catkin Beastling that uses the Bestia
l Wrath ability gains the capacity for greater damage when pouncing upon unwary targets. When striking a target from behind with a melee strike, a Catkin Beastling inflicts 2 more points of damage than he normally would. Preface this melee attack with an invocation of “Backstab!” This bonus to damage stacks with all other bonuses to damage.

Houndkin: A Houndkin Beastling that uses the Bestial Wrath ability becomes immune to Charm effects for the duration of Bestial Wrath. Furthermore, a Houndkin Beastling regains 10 HP upon using this Bestial Wrath ability. While in a state of Bestial Wrath however, the Hound must attempt to defend and protect any comrade that he sees being attacked instead of the typical destructive behavior of a Beastling in Bestial Wrath.

Serpentkin: A Serpentkin Beastling that uses the Bestial Wrath ability gains the capacity to spit deadly poison unto his enemies. A Serpentkin Beastling can blind an opponent for 5 seconds by striking an enemy upon the torso with a melee weapon strike or an arrow packet and invoking “Blinding Strike! Blind 5!” Each use of Blinding Strike costs 1 SP. While using Bestial Wrath, a Serpentkin is considered to have the Student of the Lotus skill. If he already has that skill, then he only needs to expose armor once while in the throes of Bestial Wrath.

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