Overview: There are those who keep in their books and in their minds the accumulated histories and lores of their societies. These are the Wisdoms, among Humans also called Wise Men and Wise Women. Such intangible resources can be belittled by the ignorant, but for Wisdoms, knowledge is power and they stand beside ready sources of it. Some Wisdoms can delve into lores and find the insights they need to proceed in the world and teach others of what they have found (perhaps, at a cost). Other Wisdoms use their knowledge to heal others of pain and suffering, or to study the mortal flesh in order to inflict greater pain and suffering. In the end, the Wisdom’s strength is in learning – and for them, it is second to none.

BASIC WISDOM: A first level character that chooses Wisdom as his first Profession may choose to receive one of the following (Scholar or Physic) and receive the skills outlined for no build cost:

-Learn the Researcher skill
-Learn the Lore-Keeper skill
-Learn the Scribe Glyphic-Cipher skill

– Learn the Medicine Man skill
– Learn the Quicken Recovery skill
– Learn the Soothsalve Bandage Formula (Physic Remedies)

Phys Rep Requirements:
Wyrdic Cipher/Glyphic Cipher: Index Card, Rule-book, Colored Pens
Runic Cipher: scroll, scroll-roller
Remedies: different colored bands for different remedies and poultices.



Build Cost: Each feat costs 5 build to learn.


Cripple Limb

Critical Strike

Sense Deception

Staggering Strike





Cripple Limb

1 SP
Basic, Melee, Cripple Limb (Pain), Attack

Description: For those with an eye toward victory and precision, the Cripple Limb feat exists to temporarily disable an enemy in order to facilitate a push toward victory.

An enemy with a Crippled Arm cannot use that arm to attack or defend himself. Likewise, an enemy with a Crippled Leg cannot move beyond a stumbling limp and therefore cannot maneuver properly.

In controlling an enemy’s movements thusly can a fighter step towards triumph and away from defeat.

Usage: To use this Feat, spend 1 SP and then perform a Melee attack that targets an enemy’s limb while saying “Cripple Limb 10” in mid-swing. If you succeed in your attack, the targeted limb is Crippled for 10 seconds. 

Critical Strike

1 SP
Basic, Melee/Ranged, Attack

Description: There are two main schools of thought with the Critical Strike feat. For some fighters, it is simply a mighty blow driven by muscle and will. For others, it is precision and skill – the talent of striking the right organ or body part, at the right time. Many Warriors, Rogues and Marksmen use this Feat in a methodology that lies somewhere between the two philosophies – but the result is the same: the severe injury inflicted upon one’s enemies.

Usage: To use this feat, spend 1 SP while performing a ranged or melee attack upon your enemy. In mid-swing or mid-throw, say “Crit! X damage”, where X is equal to your normal attack damage plus 3. This damage includes any Expertise bonuses, bonuses granted by Great Strength or special Backstab or Flourish bonuses.

If you are performing Critical Strike as a ranged attack, then you must Aim before you use it.

Sense Deception

1 SP
Basic, Detect Deception

Description: This feat allows a character to discern truth from lie and to pierce the disguises of the untrained. Those who are able to Sense Deception have learned to read the vocal tone and non-verbal cues to determine the falsity or the veracity of others. This feat is prized by many who expect to enter and compete in the arenas of diplomacy and subterfuge – although any creature with an iota of wisdom would do well to be trained in this area of expertise or gain the camaraderie of someone who does.

Usage: This feat has three main functions, all usable only upon a character within a one-handed weapon’s reach of you:

          While conversing with a target, you can spend 1 SP, say “Sense Deception” and then clarify to your target the effects of this feat. They must tell you if the statement they just said is true or a lie – furthermore, they must whisper this information to you.

          When a creature attempts to use the Suggestion effect upon you, you may negate it completely by spending 1 SP and saying “Sense Deception”.

          Lastly, after 5 minutes in conversation with another character, you may spend 1 SP and then say “Sense Deception! Who are you?”. A character without the Disguise skill or any other ability to defend against this must reveal to you (in a whisper) their true guise if they have an alternate or true identity that is familiar to you. If you are not familiar with any of the character’s alternate identities, you gain no information from this use of the feat.

Special: The Poker Face skill will make a character immune to lie detection effects such as this feat.

Staggering Strike

1 SP
Complex, Melee or Ranged, Daze (Pain)

Description: By striking your enemy with a powerful blow that shudders their bones, you can inflict so much pain upon them that they are temporarily unable to utilize advanced martial techniques or cast spells. This tactic is especially useful for those who want to disable their enemy’s defenses before unleashing a powerful series of attacks.

Usage: To use this feat, spend 1 SP and then perform a melee attack while saying “Daze 30” in mid-swing. If you hit, your enemy is afflicted by a Daze effect and cannot use Spells or Feats for 30 seconds; they can fight normally otherwise.

If you are performing Staggering Strike as a ranged attack, then you must Aim before you use it.

Requires: Medicine Man, Break thy Enemy

1 SP
Complex, Detect Information

Description: This distasteful and gruesome feat allows a skilled user to pry accurate (albeit limited) information from a target through torture and questioning. While it takes only cruelty and malice to torture another living being into insanity, this feat represents training and talent in retrieving accurate information from a tortured target. A character without this feat that attempts to gain the secrets from torturing a target is not guaranteed precision in what he gains. The Interrogate feat is often known by criminals and law enforcers alike, although those with knowledge of the feat are relatively commonplace beyond these two main sources of learning.

Usage: To use this feat, you must simulate torturing and tormenting a dying target (at their first death count) for at least 1 minute. Afterward, you may spend 1 SP and then say “Interrogate”, followed by 5 Questions.

          The target must be at the first stage of his or her death count and therefore, must answer in a whisper.

          These questions must be framed so that their answer is either yes or no (I don’t know is also acceptable for an answer), but the target must answer truthfully.

After 5 questions have been asked the target enters the second stage of his death count as though a Killing Blow has been placed upon them.

Until the next Period, further application of this feat or any other similar interrogation effects upon the target will not yield results that are absolutely truthful, due to the target’s unhinged mentality.

Interrogate and similar effects have no benefit when used upon a creature that is immune to Pain.