Overview: The Brewer has always been an honorable profession, capable of feeding and entertaining large numbers of folk with wares both delicious and nutritious. Some Brewers are even capable of making potions that can heal the worst of wounds or imbue their imbibers with a courage that is near enough to real courage to matter. And then there is the dark side of Brewing: Venomology – the creation of poisons. Some Brewers dabble in such dark art to improve their craft while other find involvement in Brewing precisely to further their knowledge of poisons. To those that eat and drink from a Brewer’s stock, beware… and never get on a Brewer’s bad side if you intend to take your fill.

Note: Brewers can cook, make brews and make poison.

BASIC BREWER: A character at first level that chooses Brewer as his first profession may choose from the following selections (Elixirist or Venomologist, receiving the benefits below their choice:

– Learn the Elixirist skill
– Learn Spiritsong Potion Recipe

– Learn the Venomologist skill
– Learn the  Blacksteel Venom Recipe

Required Physical Reps:
Elixirs: small empty plastic bottles filled with water. All commercial labels must not be seen (so either rip them off or paint over them). These bottles must have a “sleeve” where you can insert a 3×5 index card. Create said sleeve using transparent tape and cardboard. The pocket must be opaque so that the card inside cannot be seen. Alternatively you could use old plastic film canister. You can label it a potion on the outside and place the index card inside.
Poisons: Tiny glass or plastic vials.

Basic Skills: can be learned from Player Characters or Non-player Characters who possess the Teach skill. Alternatively, these can be learned during character creation.


5                      Disjunct Brew

5                      Delay Poison

10                    Elixirist

5                      Lore-keeper

3                      Poison Dart

5                      Resilience

10                    Venomologist

Complex Skills: can be learned from Player Characters or Non-player Characters who possess the Teach skill.

5                      Expert Elixirist

5                      Expert Venomologist

5                      Imbue Feast

7                      Student of the Lotus

Erudite Skills: can only be learned from select Non-player Characters.

10                    Master Ellixirist

10                    Master Venomologist

10                    Potent Potables

10                    Scorpion’s Loyalty

10                    Scorpion eats the Lotus

10                    Tea Ceremony


Description: Elixirists are the bright side of the Brewer’s craft. Their brews always apply beneficial effects to the imbiber, although more potent Elixirs may consist of mixed blessings instead. A good Brewer is at the heart of a happy community, providing health and strength to those who are blessed with their presence.

Usage: This skill allows a Brewer to learn and utilize Basic Elixir Recipes to create Basic Elixirs.

Furthermore, you can use this skill to identify a Brew (a Poison or an Elixir) for what it is, including its name and its properties. This process requires 1 minute of role-played analysis while handling the object in question. Certain special brews (Archonic, Demonic, etc) might evade identification.


Expert Elixirist

Requires: Elixirist skill

Description: Expert Elixirists have mastered the basics of brewing Elixirs, gaining the ability to create more potent recipes for their own health and the benefit of those they favor. Such is their skill and devotion to their craft that they benefit more than usual when imbibing their own creations. It is believed that this is a side-effect of the arduous and tedious self-testing that such skill mastery requires.

Usage: You can now learn and utilize Elixir Recipes of the basic and complex variety, thereby gaining the ability to create complex Elixirs.

Furthermore, when you drink an Elixir of your own creation that allows you to regain HP, you regain 10 more HP than normal. Similarly, with Elixirs of your own creation that allow you to regain SP, you regain 1 more SP than normal.


Master Elixirist

Requires: Expert Elixirist skill

Description: Master Elixirists are at the core of any truly respectable establishment of dining or potion-making. Not only do they have access to the greatest Elixirs of Midworld, their fluency in the basic recipes has allowed them to become more efficient in their creation — where a lesser Elixirist could only create three doses, a Master Elixirist can create five doses of a basic recipe.

Furthermore, they have gained enough insight in their own inner workings to create a “Master Elixir” that is attuned to them and only them — while it expires quickly, a Master Elixir can completely cleanse one’s body of injuries or rejuvenate one’s spirit.

Usage: You can now learn and utilize Elixir Recipes of the basic, complex and erudite variety, thereby gaining the ability to create erudite Elixirs.

A Brewer at this level of skill creates 5 doses (instead of 3) when using a basic Elixir recipe.

Once per Moon, a Master Elixirist may craft a “Master Elixir” (expending a Basic Water Component) that only works upon themselves — to all other eyes it appears to be a vial of clear water. After 5 seconds of drinking, say “Master Elixir” to restore up to 100 HP or 10 SP. The Master Elixir only lasts until the end of the Current Event however.


Description: What the commonfolk call Poisoners, the learned call Venomologists. These craftsfolk are skilled in the creation of Poisons, be they applied to the blade, the trap or the drink. Reviled and feared by both outlaws and lawful citizens, Venomologists thrive in places where grudges and feuds are prominent and reciprocated. However, Venomologists aiming for a more genteel vocation typically choose to create fine wines and liquors that pack a (mostly harmless) punch to those who imbibe them.

Usage: This skill allows a Brewer to learn and utilize Basic Poison Recipes to create Basic Poisons.

Furthermore, you can use this skill to identify a Brew (a Poison or an Elixir) for what it is, including its name and its properties. This process requires 1 minute of role-played analysis while handling the object in question. Certain special brews (Archonic, Demonic, etc) might evade identification.


Expert Venomologist

Requires: Venomologist skill

Description: Expert Venomologists are in high demand in the bloody streets of the Labyrinthium and in the intrigue-laden courts of the Gotterdammerung and the Kenrei. These artisans have reached the skill necessary to create even more complex and deadly forms of poison. This proficiency even extends to their handling of Combat Poison, where their deft hands and keen minds allow them to envenom weapons with quickness and grace beyond the clumsy fingers of the uninitiated.

Usage: You can now learn and utilize Poison Recipes of the basic and complex variety, thereby gaining the ability to create complex Poisons.

Furthermore, you now only need 5 seconds to apply a combat poison to a weapon.


Master Venomologist

Requires: Expert Venomologist skill

Description: Unlike most other masters of their craft, Master Venomologists are typically not publicly lauded and exalted, but they are extremely prized nonetheless. Not only have these craftsmen mastered the necessary proficiencies needed to create the deadliest poisons of Midworld, but they have also developed a resistance to the product of their craft — which makes them maddeningly more difficult to kill and more likely to thrive in their profession.

Usage: You can now learn and utilize Poison Recipes of the basic, complex and erudite variety, thereby gaining the ability to create erudite Poisons.

Furthermore, you may use the Tolerate Poison feat successfully against on any Poison that you have created yourself, regardless of your ranks in Toughness. This also extends to any Poison that you have learned (spent Build on), regardless of whether you crafted it or not.

Lastly, Once per Moon, you are able to create a unique poison called a “Death Toxin” from a basic Death component. When used in battle, it is a combat poison that inflicts 50/20/20 Poison damage — however, only you are able to apply and use this poison without hurting yourself. If unused, it expires at the end of the current Moon. When using this poison, invoke “Death Toxin” before performing the next three attacks.

Delay Poison
Requires: Tolerate Poison feat

Description: This skill represents an inhuman tolerance to Poisons and Venoms.

Usage: Whenever you are poisoned, you may say “Delay Poison” to delay the effects of the poison for 60 seconds before you suffer them. This grants you time to find help before the Poison takes its toll on you.

This has no effect on Combat Poisons.

Disjunct Brew
Description: This skill is the controlled and precise destruction of a Brew to salvage components from its remains. It is mainly used to gain some utility from unwanted Brews, whether they are looted from a fallen foe or from a discovered stash.

Usage: After 5 minutes of role-play at an Alchemy Lab, you may use this skill to destroy an Brew that you possess and retrieve 1 elemental component that was used in its creation. Typically, it is the lowest tier of component that was used to craft it. You need at least 3 doses of a Brew to disjunct it for components.

With the help of a Scholar with the appropriate skill, you may attempt to scribe the Recipe of the Item you destroyed. This only works with Basic, Complex and Erudite Brews (not Archonic, Divine, Necrotic, etc).


Imbue Feast
Description: With this skill, a Brewer can imbue food with their recipes, thereby extending the duration of their effects while making the Brew itself expire quickly if unused. For Elixirists, this is a way to improve the beneficial effects of one’s latent brews. For Venomologists, this only makes their Poisons deadlier.

Usage: To use this, a Brewer needs to 100 uninterrupted seconds (“Imbuing 1, Imbuing 2…Imbuing 100”) with the food they intend to imbue with a Brew. This also requires a GM’s presence. They can then place dose cards beneath the plate.

There is a catch though: if there are less doses than there were people who partook from the plate – then the dose does not take effect. If the dosage was equal to or greater than the amount of people who partook, then the dosage works exactly as planned. With the use of this skill, the entirety of the food need not be eaten for the dose to take effect, so long as the dosage and the number of victims match well.

The effects of this skill vary, depending on whether it is an Elixir or a Poison.

Elixirs placed into food nourish the body for longer – add 1 month to the amount of time that such an Elixir benefits its recipient. However, the food (and the Elixir) expires if not consumed within the Period it was created, due to the elemental instability of its solid form.

Ingested Poisons inflicted in this way last for 5 minutes longer.

Poison Dart

Description: Delivering poison to an enemy is dangerous as any Assassin can attest. Even the most unwary of targets can suddenly become a dangerous, unpredictable foe. However, a character with the Poison Dart skill can bypass the dangers of melee by applying poison to a dart and then throwing the envenomed missile at his opponent. While this method has some disadvantages and retains some of the restrictions of delivering poison via melee, many poisoners use it simply because of the security it grants them.

Usage: To use this skill, you must have an arrow-packet in hand and at least one dose of Combat Poison on your person. You must aim for 2 seconds, saying “Aiming 1, Aiming 2, Poison Dart!” and the throw the arrow-packet while saying the damage or effect of the Combat Poison you are using.

Just like all Poison attacks, this attack has no effect upon a target that has any Armor Points or AP remaining. These AP must be depleted through damage or a skill such as Student of the Lotus must be employed to bypass the protection they grant.

If a Combat Poison has multiple uses per dose, you still expend 1 dose per arrow-packet. However, if you miss your attack or your attack is negated by the Dodge feat, Block feat or Parry feat, you may reuse the arrow packet if you can find it and pick it up.

Physical Representation Requirements: An Arrow-packet for throwing and the Poison vial props must be on your person.


Description: You are no stranger to pain and to suffering. Your body has borne wound, scar and bruise countless times and it has learned to recover from these and quickly. Pain may stop you… but not for very long.

Usage: Pain effects with a duration (such as Stun, Daze or Cripple Limb)only affect you for half the duration, rounding up. When the effect would end, say “Resilience”. However, Resilience will not reduce a Pain effect that has already been reduced.

Like most skills, Resilience does not cost SP to use. You may use this skill as many times as you need


Description: You are proficient in the ways of gossip and rumor. Not only do you have the necessary contacts and talents to find out about the latest hearsay, but you can make rumors of your own. Some rumors may reveal the presence of buried treasure in the woods while others might be the rumblings of a future conflict.

Usage: Once per period, you may use Rumormonger to pick, read and then return a rumor from the Rumor Box. Alternatively, you may plant a rumor instead, writing it down on parchment paper and then placing it in the Rumor Box.

You need the presence and guidance of a Staff member to perform this skill.

Student of the Lotus
Description: Amidst jungles of the Labyrinthium, the venomous marshes of the Fir’bolg and the cultivated gardens of Kenrei, the art of poisoning has many practitioners that seek to perfect its craft and its delivery. However, armor has ever been a serious obstacle to delivering poisons, mandating the creation of this skill. The Student of the Lotus skill allows a talented poisoner to bypass the protections of armor and apply poison to his victim. While this skill’s usage is hardly effortless, the reward is great enough.

Usage: To use this skill and deliver a poison effect to a character with AP remaining, you need to hit with two normal melee attacks . Before the first attack, say “Expose armor 1″. Similarly, say “Expose armor 2″ before the second attack. If both connect, then you have up to 60 seconds to deliver a Combat Poison through a melee attack or a ranged attack (using the Poison Dart skill).


Potent Potables

Requires: Master Elixirist skill

Description: Long hours of experimentation and training can yield a strange, yet beneficial talent from within certain Brewers. While affected by an Elixir of their own make, they become stronger and more resilient – gaining might and health from the elemental mixtures that empower them.

Usage: While you are affected by an Elixir (that you have crafted yourself) which grants a Latent Effect, you gain the Great Strength skill (if you do not have it yet). Furthermore, your maximum HP is increased by 5.

This temporary increase does not stack with any similar increase or bonus (such as from Grafts, Icons or similar boons). If this Elixir is an Erudite Elixir, your maximum HP is increased by 10 instead.

Scorpion eats the Lotus

Requires: Master Venomologist Skill and Scorpion’s Loyalty skill

Description: For the deadly warriors, rogues and marksmen of Midworld is this skill, which allows them to augment their own personal weapon talents with poison. This is not a talent for the faint of heart or the shallow-pursed – however, those with this proficiency can be relied upon to end conflicts with deadly precision.

Usage: The damage of your Assassinate or Critical Strike can be increased by expending a Complex or Erudite Poison that you have applied to your weapon. The Critical Strike or Assassinate inflicts Poison damage instead (which cannot be changed) but its damage is increased by 5 for Critical Strikes or 10 for Assassinates.

These damage bonuses are not affected by the Scorpion’s Loyalty skill or any other temporary, expended bonuses to Assassinate or Critical Strike (permanent bonuses do stack with this skill’s bonuses). Similarly, poisons expended in this fashion do not inflict their normal effect.

Scorpion’s Loyalty

Requires: Master Venomologist Skill and Tolerate Poison feat

Description: From the secret gardens of the Kenrei and the tangled jungles around the Labyrinthium come the greatest poisoners of Midworld. From these venomologists are the secrets to a greater use and proficiency in poisoning – these deadly assassins learn to apply poison to critical areas while making the most of their lethal mixtures.

Usage: You cannot accidentally poison yourself while applying Combat Poisons; however, being hit during application still destroys the dose you were trying to apply.

Also, when performing an attack with a Combat Poison that you yourself have created, you inflict 5 more points of Poison damage.

Tea Ceremony

Requires: Master Elixirist skill

Description: The art of the Tea Ceremony is as ancient as it is sacred. Callas Selvarion, Kenrei, Ixia and the Riverfolk each claims its creation. Using a potent Elixir shared with comrades and allies, a Master Elixirist can align body and mind through a harmonious blend of meditation and drink. Part of the calming effect of this ceremony is through its unifying presence – some Champions use this to appoint their Comrades-in-arms while more than a few Witches use this ceremony to select their Favored.

Gossip claims that the Stone Clans, Labyrinthium, the Fir’bolg and the Jotunbrud have their own bawdier version – which uses alcohol instead of tea. However, the chaotic nature of their ceremony typically leads away from the singularity of mind, body and purpose that the Tea Ceremony would grant.

Usage: Once per Moon, you may perform a Tea Ceremony that rejuvenates and becalms the most turbulent of minds. This ceremony takes at least 10 minutes of Role-play, with some of the specifics left to each Tea Master. Each ceremony usually involves meditation and/or prayerful chanting, the ceremonial mixing of beverages and a ritualistic style of verbal interaction. For some Tea Masters, even the setting up of the environment (using wall scrolls and/or flower arrangement) is a big part of the ceremony.

The benefits are far more uniform: everyone who attends and participates for the entirety of the Tea Ceremony has their SP increased by 2 (Maximum SP cannot be raised beyond 10 SP) for the remainder of the current Month.  This latent effect takes up 2 latent effect slots. Each Tea Master officiating (not just participating) in the Ceremony increases this SP increase by 1.

If there are at least 5 Tea Masters officiate the ceremony, those who participate gain the Za-Zen ability (once per Moon, invoke “Za-Zen” after a 10 second Channel to regain 3 SP).



Build Cost: Each feat costs 5 build to learn.

Tolerate Poison


Tolerate Poison

1 SP
Basic, Poison Defense

Description: For some, this feat represents months and years of voluntary exposure to a variety of toxins and venoms to induce a tolerance to their effects. For other characters, this feat is pure toughness – an innate resistance to the effects of poison. Either way, this feat exists for those who use cunning or pure resilience to weather poisoned wine, envenomed arrow or toxic fume.

Usage: To use this feat, spend 1 SP and say “Tolerate Poison” when affected by a Poison-type attack. This feat will only negate the effects of any Combat Poison or any Basic-level Poison (Trap or Ingested).

Toughness skill (rank 5): This feat can now defend you against Complex-level Poisons (Trap or Ingested).

Toughness skill (rank 10): This feat can now defend you against Erudite-level Trap or Ingested Poisons.