Overview: While other professions delve in the mundane and the magicless, the Alchemist is steeped in the art of change  – changing ordinary to extraordinary and changing one element into another. With a laboratory and components, an Alchemist can change a component into different kind, implant elements into dangerous infusions or create talismans that can protect and augment the bearer. While relatively expensive, the work of an Alchemist is always called for and always needed – there’s always someone out there that needs transmuting, augmenting or protecting and they’re always ready to pay the price for Alchemy.

Creating Alchemical Items typically requires an alchemy laboratory, elemental components and at least 10 minutes of creation.

BASIC ALCHEMIST: A first level character that chooses Alchemist as their first Profession may choose one of the following:

-Learn the Transmutation skill
-Learn the Purify Element formula (player chooses)
-Learn the Transmute Basic Element formula  (player chooses)
-Learn the Talismanry Skill
-Learn the Green Oak Talisman Formula
-Learn the Elementalist Skill
-Learn the Thunder Oil Formula


Basic Skills: can be learned from Player Characters or Non-player Characters who possess the Teach skill. Alternatively, these can be learned during character creation.

10                    Elementalist

10                    Talismanry

10                    Transmutation

3                      Analyze Item

5                      Lore-keeper

Complex Skills: can be learned from Player Characters or Non-player Characters who possess the Teach skill.

5                      Expert Elementalist

5                      Expert Talismanry

5                      Expert Transmuter

7                      Aura-sight

5                      Disjunct Item

10                    Energy Transmuter


Erudite Skills: can only be learned from select Non-player Characters.

10                   Master Elementalist

10                    Master Talismanry

10                    Master Transmuter

5                      Alchemical Tattooist

5                      Expert Purifier

10                    Alchemical Weapon-master



Description: Elementalists are alchemists that are able to harness the destructive might of natural energies through science and technique. Elementalists are able to channel elemental force into weaponry while others use their skill to fashion explosives that detonate when thrown at foes. Also, they are able to push their creations beyond their limit, using practice and knowledge to inflict greater damage upon their targets using weapons that they have imbued themselves.

Usage: You can now learn and utilize Elementalist Formulae of the basic variety, thereby gaining the ability to create basic Elementalisms.

Expert Elementalist

Requires: Elementalist skill

Description: Expert Elementalists have mastered the basic techniques of their profession, learning the matrices and forms necessary for the completion of complex formulae. This proficiency with the elements also extends to the attack elementalisms that they wield. In their deft hands, they can maximize the explosive power of these volatile weapons.

Usage: You can now learn and utilize Elementalist Formulae of the basic and complex variety, thereby gaining the ability to create complex Elementalisms.

Furthermore, when you throw Attack Elementalisms of your own creation, they inflict 5 more damage than normal.


Master Elementalist

Requires: Expert Elementalist skill

Description: Through training, practice and talent, Master Elementalists have developed the ability to harness the most volatile and dangerous Formulae of their profession. In their hands, the elements themselves bend to their will. Weapons imbued by a Master Elementalist thrum with power in their hands. Similarly, this Master craftsman can hasten the process of his craft at great risk.

Usage: You can now learn and utilize Elementalist Formulae of the basic, complex and erudite variety, thereby gaining the ability to create erudite Elementalisms.

Furthermore, when you wield a melee or ranged weapon augmented by one of your Elementalisms, you inflict one more damage than usual when using it and while it inflicts elemental (“Fire”, “Ice”, “Silver”, “Shadow” or “Lightning” only) damage. This damage bonus is an Expertise bonus, which does not stack with other Expertise bonuses.



Description: Those with the Talismanry skill are Talismongers, alchemists capable of imbuing trinkets and jewelry with elemental power. To those who wear Talismans that are attuned to them, these precious baubles have to capacity to protect them from harm or even enhance their abilities.

Usage: You can now learn and utilize Talismanry Formulae of the basic variety, thereby gaining the ability to create basic Talismans.


Expert Talismanry

Requires: Talismanry skill

Description: Expert Talismongers have managed to attain the necessary skill to create the next tier of Talismans. This expertise also allows them to occasionally push a Talisman of their creation beyond its limits, coaxing its elemental energies to serve them beyond its normal capacity.

Usage: You can now learn and utilize Talismanry Formulae of the basic and complex variety, thereby gaining the ability to create complex Talismans.

Furthermore, Once per Period, you may choose a Talisman that you have created with a Formula and is attuned to you. Mark it with a green or white yarn string, ribbon or cloth strip. You (and only you) can use its “Once per Period”, “Once per Hour” or “Once per Short Rest” properties one additional time that Period beyond its maximum.

Master Talismanry

Requires: Expert Talismanry skill

Description: Master Talismongers are at the apex of their craft, building the rarest and most powerful Talismans in Midworld. Master Talismongers are also marked by the special Belt-style Talismans that are unique to those of their proficiency, only Master Talismongers can make and use these special items. Those who bear these special Talismans are looked upon with envy and admiration by their inferiors as they represent the aspirations of lesser Talismongers.

Usage: You can now learn and utilize Talismanry Formulae of the basic, complex and erudite variety, thereby gaining the ability to create erudite Talismans.

Furthermore, you gain the ability to fashion and utilize Belt-style Talismans (allowing you to wear more Talismans than normal).


Description: Among the workshops and laboratories of Midworld, few occupations are as necessary and as misunderstood as the Transmuter. An important profession to other craftsmen, Transmuters are able to turn an Elemental Component into a different Elemental component, whether it is changing a Wind Component into a Water Component. Their importance is mainly for the creation of items and for the casting of spells that require certain elements. With the presence of a skilled Transmuter, all Components are usable regardless of their Elemental composition.

Usage: You can now learn and utilize Transmutation Formulae of the basic variety, thereby gaining the ability to perform basic Transmutations.


Expert Transmuter

Requires: Transmutation skill

Description: The Expert Transmuter has reached greater heights of skill and proficiency in their craft, gaining the ability to perform complex Transmutations. These craftsmen can utilize Transmutations that deal with Rare-tier Components, not only changing their element but either disjuncting them into a Basic-tier component or turning several Basic-tier components into a Rare-tier.  A useful trick that Expert Transmuters have learned is the ability to blunt an Elemental attack upon themselves, using their talents and willpower to turn a swipe of a fiery blade or rake of an icy claw into harmlessness, instantaneously summoning the appropriate anti-element for the span of a half-second. This has saved the lives of many a Transmuter.

Usage: You can now learn and utilize Transmutation Formulae of the basic and complex variety, thereby gaining the ability to perform complex Transmutations.

Furthermore, you may spontaneously blunt an Elemental (Fire, Ice, Shadow, Silver, Lightning) attack that you have been struck with. To do this, say “Expert Transmuter” after you have been struck by an Elemental Melee attack from the front or the side (not the back). This will reduce the attack’s damage to 0.

You may only perform this action Once per Period. Furthermore, it cannot be used upon attacks that inflict more than 100 points of damage.

Master Transmuter

Requires: Expert Transmuter

Description: The Master Transmuter is a precious commodity of their guild and their community. Only they can artificially produce the coveted Pure-tier of Components as well as disjunct such a Component into several Rare-tier Components. Their mastery of the craft has also expanded into their own self-preservation, they are able to blunt elemental attacks more often, flaunting their mastery of Alchemy over their lessers.

Usage: You can now learn and utilize Transmutation Formulae of the basic, complex and erudite variety, thereby gaining the ability to perform erudite Transmutations.

Furthermore, instead of using “Expert Transmuter” to blunt an Elemental Melee attack, you now say “Master Transmuter” instead. This version of the skill can be used Once per Short Rest instead of Once per Period.


Alchemical Tattooist

Requires: Master Talismanry skill

Description: Several Kingdoms in Midworld, including the Fir’bolg, the Kali-Ishtar and the Kenrei claim the origin of an exotic style of Talismanry. Instead of imbuing a trinket with elemental power, a special ink is infused with energy and then tattooed to a willing recipient. The process is a painful one and it requires constant maintenance but those who have it done flaunt their ensorcelled mark with pride.

Usage: You may create a Talisman as a tattoo on a player character, imbuing their flesh with a special ink that has been infused with elemental energies. The finished product is a tattoo that functions just like a Talisman, except it cannot easily be taken.

This process takes 10 minutes and in addition to the necessary materials of the Talisman formula, it has additional requirements: a Sorcerer with the Disciple of Fleshcrafting skill or an Expert Physic (as an assistant or as the Talismonger) and a basic Herbal Component to turn into ink.

The tattoo must be located in accordance to the Talisman’s normal placement. Furthermore, the tattoo must be attuned every Moon similar to a Talisman.

A Tattoo can be removed or even moved from a willing target by a Sorcerer with the Fleshcrafting Discipline. Alchemical tattoos cannot be removed from a Dead or Unwilling target.

Special Requirement: Tattoo phys-rep which must bear similarities with the phys-requirements of the Talisman that it resembles.


Alchemical Weapon-master

Requires: Master Elementalist skill

Description: Alchemical Weapon-masters have honed their skill in Elementalism to a fine point, able to more efficiently recharge Enhanced weaponry with elemental power. Also, Enhanced weaponry in their hands strikes with greater power and strength – all due to their mastery of Elementalism.

Usage: For you, recharging an Enhancement Elementalism only requires 30 seconds of Channeling instead of 60 seconds of Channeling.

Furthermore, when you use the “Once per Period” or “Once per Hour” property of an Enhancement Elementalism of your creation, it inflicts 5 more Elemental damage than normal.


Analyze Item
Description: Those who possess this skill gain the ability to study an item in their hand and determine its special qualities and properties.  Most items that are found by adventurers or looted from villains need to have their properties discovered and relayed by anyone with this skill (or by someone who knows what those abilities are) in order to be used at their full potential.

Usage: After role-playing at least one minute of research at the Library, you may use this skill to discover the properties of an item you just found.

Using this skill will not automatically reveal all of an item’s properties – some Properties are only revealed under special circumstances, such as an astrological event or the touch of a specific type of person.

Special Requirements: Library or Annie’s Inn


Description: This skill allows you to read another character’s aura and thereby learn if they are Poisoned, Diseased or Cursed. Likewise, if your target has any latent effects on them (such as Spells, Blessings or Talismans), you learn of these as well.

Usage: To use Aura-sight, you must Channel for 5 seconds and remain within two arm lengths of your target. After Channeling, you may say “Aura-Sight” and clarify this skill’s effects to the target; the Target must whisper the relevant information to you.


Disjunct Item
Description: Alchemists with this skill have mastered the ability to separate the components within Alchemical items and dissolve the bonds that hold them together with precision, salvaging a single Elemental Component in the process. This skill is typically used by Alchemists who find Alchemical items they have no use for; they destroy these useless items but retrieve a precious component that can be used for other products.

Usage: After 5 minutes of role-play at an Alchemy Lab, you may use this skill to destroy an Alchemical Item (Talismans and Elementalisms only) and retrieve 1 elemental component that was used in its creation. Typically, it is the lowest tier of component that was used to craft it. This can also be used to remove an Alchemical enhancement on a Weapon.

With the help of a Scholar with the appropriate skill, you may attempt to scribe the Formula of the Item you destroyed. This only works with Basic, Complex and Erudite Items (not Archonic, Divine, Necrotic, etc).

When using this skill on an Attack Elementalism, you need three samples of the same type to successfully disjunct them for their constituent components.

Requires: Alchemy Lab or Annie’s Inn

Energy Transmuter

Requires: Expert Elementalist, Expert Talismanry or Expert Transmuter skill

Usage: While wielding a weapon that has been Enhanced or Augmented with a complex or erudite Augment/Enhancement to inflict a specific type of elemental damage for its normal attacks, you may choose to have your spell inflict the weapon’s augmented/enhanced damage type instead of what it would normally inflict.

Expert Purifier

Requires: Master Transmuter skill

Description: You are fluent with the building blocks of your craft, allowing you to perform the simplest of Transmutaitons with ease.

Usage: When using Transmutation Formulae that purifies Minor Components into Basic ones, you only take 1 minute instead of 10 minutes. This reduction in time cannot be combined with any similar effects.

This reduction in time can also be used when you are transmuting a Basic Component into a different Basic Component.

Special Requirements: Alchemy Lab


Description: You are a learned character, having sought out lore and knowledge in Midworld and beyond. Perhaps you hail from a prestigious place of learning or maybe your education is low-born and street-based but no less accurate than your academic peers. Either way, you are able to use this knowledge to your advantage, by interpreting discovered clues or utilizing esoteric knowledge about the creatures you face.

Usage: Only someone with the Lore-keeper skill may read cards that say “Lore-keeper”.

When fighting an unknown monster, you may say “Lore-keeper! What are you?” to find out the name of whatever you are fighting. You get no other information, although further research in the subject can provide you with information.