Professions of Seventh Kingdom

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Acquiring more professions-


While other professions delve in the mundane and the magicless, the Alchemist is steeped in the art of change  – changing ordinary to extraordinary and changing one element into another. With a laboratory and components, an Alchemist can

change a component into different kind, implant elements into dangerous infusions or create talismans that can protect and augment the bearer. While relatively expensive, the work of an Alchemist is always called for and always needed – there’s always someone out there that needs transmuting, augmenting or protecting and they’re always ready to pay the price for Alchemy.

Transmutation Formulae // Talisman Formulae \\ Elementalist Formulae


There is power in words, say the Bards of Midworld. They have the power to bolster, to soothe and to devastate. The Bards take the “common thread” of words and weave them into intricate, potent compositions that border the realm of the supernatural… and with erudite compositions, go beyond.  Though a good Bard is hard to find and even harder to become, they can find easy welcome anywhere, even with the stodgiest Dwarf or the cynical Necromancer. Everyone, even the cruelest of killers, likes a good tune now and then… _______

Bard Compositions


The Brewer has always been an honorable profession, capable of feeding and entertaining large numbers of folk with wares both delicious and nutritious. Some Brewers are even capable of making potions that can heal the worst of wounds or imbue their imbibers with a courage that is near enough to real courage to matters. And then there is the dark side of Brewing: Venomology – the creation of poisons. Some Brewers dabble in such dark art to improve their craft while other find involvement in Brewing precisely to further their knowledge of poisons. To those that eat and drink from a Brewer’s stock, beware… and never get on a Brewer’s bad side if you intend to take your fill.

Brewer Poison Recipes  //   Brewer Elixir Recipes


The Dwarves say (and surprisingly, many Kingdoms agree with them) that the gods themselves taught the mortals to take the bones of the earth and turn them into tools. Needed personages in any village or town, Smiths are skilled at the creation and the repair of weapons, armors and other devices. Good Smiths can achieve an artistic reputation in the industry, with their work fetching high prices in the market and with rivals always trying to oust them and discover their secrets. There are a few Smiths that discover how to imbue their creations with elemental or spiritual power, some even learn to bind souls (their own or the souls of unfortunate other folk) into their inventions. But such workings are the stuff of rumor and legend, say the majority of Smiths in Midworld, not the talk of an honest craftsman.

Artificer Formulae  //  Weapon Creation Formulae \\ Weapon Augmentation Formulae
Armor Creation Formulae  //  Armor Augmentation Formulae


There are those whose profession lies in the wilderness, whether it be by choice or against it. Survivalists are especially common amongst the Free Tribes who must depend on nature itself to sustain. But such a harsh existence cannot help but spur the growth of essential skills in woodcraft such as tracking, hiding and fleeing. Unlike the other Professions who allow for the manufacture of products and exist in a society, the Survivalist bears no such conceit. The civilized world may fall to ruin – but Survivalists will hold their own as they are accustomed.


While other Professions dabble in creation, the Trader dabbles in that abstract symbol of power, the legal tender: money. The Trader is usually associated with a Guild of sorts that provides them with a stipend and on occasion, even products for sale. The Trader’s skills at haggling does not work on everyone, but those it works on can find no fault in the method, in the clever wheeling and dealing that the Trader engages. “In trade and exchange, everyone leaves happy”, say the Traders, “but we leave happier than most”.


There are those who keep in their books and in their minds the accumulated histories and lores of their societies. These are the Wisdoms, among Humans also called Wise Men and Wise Women. Such intangible resources can be belittled by the ignorant, but for Wisdoms, knowledge is power and they stand beside ready sources of it. Some Wisdoms can delve into lores and find the insights they need to proceed in the world and teach others of what they have found (perhaps, at a cost). Other Wisdoms use their knowledge to heal others of pain and suffering, or to study the mortal flesh in order to inflict greater pain and suffering. In the end, the Wisdom’s strength is in learning – and for them, it is second to none.

Physic Remedies