The Sunless Kingdom of Kali-Ishtar

“Kali-Avesti-Ishtar is Mother, Magister and Murderer. She births, she judges and she kills – and we should be so lucky if she should choose us”

Overview: When King Arcturus I called for the forging of the Concord of Kingdoms, the Sunless Kingdom appeared as if from thin air and demanded their part in the protection and development of Freehold. Not long after the ink had dried, the Ishtari were quick to establish an Enclave within the districts of Freehold, quick to establish shrines to their three-faced Goddess and quick to hire able bodied professionals to perform tasks for the advancement of Ishtari interest. Those that often consort with Kali-Ishtar can swiftly recognize the magical augmentations that they can grant to those whom they favor; the Ishtari possess Priests and Sorcerers aplenty among their ranks. But few non-Ishtari are aware of the object of their single-minded devotion and the true depth of the Ishtari’s machinations. The Sunless Kingdom has been hidden from the eyes of Mid-world for centuries and centuries; it did not reveal itself for a mere alliance. Something is at stake here and the Ishtari, with their selfless, dangerous piety and their skill with otherworldly power, will stop at nothing to advance their cause.

Costuming Preferences: The Ishtari are a secretive, pious people, but their reputation is made fell by the grim ornamentation that they wear with their thick overcoats and the veils they often use to mask some of their features. While other Kingdoms prize jewels and precious metals, the Ishtari find beauty in bone jewelry, shrunken heads and other macabre adornments. Indeed, Ishtari attire reflects the deadly nature of their goddess and their gear and their clothing reflect a deadly, dangerous edge – their armors and vestry often have small studs, sometimes made of metal, sometimes made of bone. Whether an individual Ishtari is benevolent or malign, the mystery and the menace of their garments are usually enough to keep others at an arm’s length away – and perhaps, that is their intention.

Races: Human only

Language: Wyrd-Spiel,the most common language in all of Midworld and Rune-speak and Ark-spiel.

Kingdom Benefit: (choose one)

o       Scion of Kali: You are a child of Kali, the maternal aspect of Kali-Avesti-Ishtar. When her power flows through you, little else matters. You gain either Channeling Expertise skill or the Grace Under Fire skill.

o       Judgment of Avesti (Priest, Sorcerer, Witch only): You have been judged by Avesti and found worthy of bearing well the gift of magic. In this world, you and your ilk are her hand – dispense her justice as you see fit but do so with wisdom or else you too will find ill judgment. You gain a basic spell whose prerequisites you have fulfilled for no build cost.

o       Prey of Ishtar: As a mortal, your days are numbered. But as a Prey of Ishtar, you know that your end lies with her- and it will be a good one. You gain the Spurn Death feat for no build cost.

o       Soul of the Sunless: You have been blessed by Kali-Avesti-Ishtar. The cold shadows of the night are not yours to fear. To the Ishtari this is might be a sign of greatness or of tragedy. You gain the Resist Shadow feat.