The Painted Flotilla of the Riverfolk

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“River, river wending free
Follow, follow, follow me
River, river, see me roam
Bring me safely, bring me home.”

Named after the rivers they are often camped beside, it is easy to believe think that the nomadic Riverfolk are a scattered, leaderless people. But to assume that these relaxed yet vibrant people have always been so would be as foolish as petting a bear cub in front of its mother. It was only a few generations ago that the word “Riverfolk” was synonymous with “pirate” or “brigand”- The rivers and the seas were their domain and they taxed all intruders with threats of steel and blood. A drastic change to their leadership, the five hidden Kings or “Datu” of the Tagalog, allowed the Riverfolk to drift away from brigandry and bloodshed and more toward mercantile means of prosperity. Those colors have yet to run completely however, as some Riverfolk persist in the old ways even while their kinsmen’s boats glide from village to village with trade and rumors.

Costuming Preferences: Colorful attire is the name of the game when it comes to the Riverfolk’s manner of dress. The Riverfolk’s love of color, both subtle and garish has influenced their fashions and their demeanor. Each member of the Riverfolk will have their own idea as to the proper way to dress and so, their attire and the dyes they use run the full gamut of utilitarian but colorful to gaudy and flamboyant. Ragged, patchwork (though functional) dresses, sarongs, cloaks, trousers and tunics are common-place among these nomadic people; there are those Riverfolk that put patches over whole-cloth vestry to add a little “spice” to the ensemble. Semi-precious jewelry are common place among all Riverfolk as well, who tend to sell pricey ornaments rather than wear them.

Races: Human only

Language: Wyrd-Spiel, the most common language in all of Midworld.

Kingdom Benefit: (choose one)

o Deep Pockets, Tight Purse: Traveling among the Riverfolk means traveling with both goodly and unsavory characters. A wise man must learn to guard his treasures or make peace with their loss. You gain the Conceal Item skill for no build cost.

o River-speaker: You have lived many years among the River-speakers of the Tagalog, drinking of the river of knowledge to attain a fluency with the common tongues of Midworld. You gain the Omni-Linguist skill for no build cost, allowing you to speak and read all languages that are not forbidden or forgotten languages.

o Mercantile Mindset: The Riverfolk have cast the brutality of common brigandry aside long ago; what remains is a cunning mind and a glib tongue that make the best of trade and palaver on the roads and rivers of Midworld. You gain the Haggle skill for no build cost.

o Watch the Waters: Among the Riverfolk, it is a common folklore that those who learn how best to
watch the waters will learn how best to catch fish. You have taken this philosophy to the seas of
conversation and discourse, learning the different ways that people reveal themselves when they attempt to deceive you, You gain the Sense Deception feat for no build cost.