The Misty Kingdom of Ixia

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“Patience is the first step upon the stair of Enlightenment” – Ixian Proverb

Amidst the mountainous reaches of Ekthalon, there lies a civilization of thought, of philosophy and unity with the natural world. Until recent memory, Ixia had never existed in the minds of the common population as more than a whispered rumor. In a world wracked by war and atrocity, there seemed no place that could keep above the disputes and the bickering. But in truth, Ixia exists – it is a society where Gnome, Nightkin and Troll dwell in harmony, or something akin enough to it. Arcturus the Errant was not the first outsider to breach its borders, but he was the only one to advance the idea of Freehold to its ruler, the Horned-King Malleus. Malleus, in traditional Ixian patience, gave his answer after five days of fasting and meditation. With a single stroke from his club, the Horned-King made ruin of the gate which had sealed misty Ixia from the rest of the world – he then turned to Arcturus and spoke thusly: “The Gate is open. The deed is done. Let the Keepers of Fate now decide what is wisdom and what is folly”

Costuming Preferences: Ixians, with their utopian civilization, tend toward simplicity rather than glamour when it comes to clothing. They tend toward attire that is useful in enduring the murky heights of Ekthalion – fur caps, thick overcoats and fur-lined boots and gloves. When warmer climes are abound, Ixians turn to robes, togas and other flowing garments, although tunics, trousers and tighter attire are not uncommon either. Those Ixians who desire more complex fare turn to embroidery of mandala– an art which Ixians glorify. Mandala are colorful, complex and symmetric patters drawn within the confines of a circle. Mandalas are often sewn into the back or the front of a robe or a tunic, and they represent an aspect of the world and its symmetric, beautiful nature. In the same fashion, Ixians are fond of wearing beaded necklaces around their necks – the beads can be large and unadorned, or small and runed, but the beads remind the wearer that all worlds, all things, are interconnected and the breaking of one may well ruin the entire fabric of reality forever.

Language: Wyrd-Spiel, the most common language in all of Midworld and Rune-speak and Aetherese.

Races: Gnome, Troll and Nightkin. Twilght Elf (Rare) allowed

Kingdom Benefit: (choose one)

o       Inner Peace: Living in a place of peace has given you some ability to instill peace in others, even in those who have never tasted such paradise. You gain the Diplomacy feat for no build cost.

o       Overcome Weakness: Constant meditation has gifted you with a greater resistance to the harmful elements of the natural world. Nightkin and Trolls receive either the Endure Pain feat or the Resilience skill for no build cost. Twilight Elves and Gnomes receive the Evade feat for no build cost.

o       Free Mind: The Ixians say: “To live in peace is to have a mind free of violence and coercion” You gain the Resist Charm feat for no build cost.

o       Elemental Meditation (Adept or Witch only): You have especially close bonds with nature and the elements, to the point that they more easily provide you with their secrets than others: Learn a basic spell or a basic melee attack feat from your Class’ spell or feat list for no build cost.