The Mercenary Clans of the Grellken

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“You want enemies ground into dust? You call Grellken. You pay gold. Grellken make chop-chop of enemies. Grellken eat enemies’ hearts for breakfast and lungs for dinner. You call and pay. We kill and eat. Fair trading, yes?”

The Grellken Clans are wandering mercenaries, entire clans of Trolls and Minotaurs dedicated to battlecraft for the sake of coin. Named Grellken or “War-Eater” by their kindred in Ixia, there are few creatures in Midworld as feared and as loathed as these Trolls. Each day for the Grellken involves harsh regimens designed to bolster the already sturdy Troll physique. Yet, unlike their larger, savage cousins, Grellken temper their might with a soldierly honor and military discipline. Furthermore, the price for disobedience among Grellken is torture and the price for desertion is a death at the hands of one’s own family – harsh lives require harsh laws.

Costuming Preferences: The Grellken Clans tend toward a ragged, simple vestry that eschews bulky non-armor clothing for the sake of free movement and the display of tattoos, war-paint and piercings. Oftentimes, Grellken do not wear clothing beyond the necessary dictates of modesty unless war, weather or wealth dictates. Those from the largest clans of the Grellken wear small feather tokens, or carved idols to show their affiliation, but most Grellken Clans care little for these symbols.

Races: Troll or Minotaur

Language: Wyrd-Spiel, the most common language in all of Midworld.

Kingdom Benefit: (choose one)

o        Grellkin Toughness: To grow up Grellken is to undergo constant military regimen and exercise to build up one’s physical resilience. For no build cost, you gain the Toughness skill and 2 additional HP.

o        Life of War: You gain the Axe Proficiency, the Blade Proficiency and Armor Proficiency skills for no build cost.

o        Fear not the Flame (Trolls only): Some Grellken Clans require their members to undergo a torturous ordeal that fortifies them against the fire that is the bane of most trolls. You gain the Resilience skill for no build.

o        Grellkin Tenacity: Life among the Mercenary Clans is a life of hardship and you have grown inured to the worst that such a lifestyle can bring to bear. You gain the Endure Pain feat for no build cost.