The Labyrinthium Within the Jungle

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 “Villainy, a virtue
Anarchy, a law.”

It is said that only savages, monsters and worse dwell in the tangled jungles of the South. Many of those that belong to the last category reside in the Labyrinthium, a ruin of a city that manages to house the some of the vilest villains, cultists and outlaws in Midworld without them killing each other. Villainy is virtue and anarchy is law in the Labyrinthium, say the rumors, although they often fail to mention the true cohesive force of this den of thieves: a creature known as Kristoff King-Slayer– said to once have been a King in Black among the Riverfolk. He keeps the Labyrinthium intact and his power is secure for now, although to what end he keeps it is anyone’s guess.

Language: Wyrd-Spiel, the most common language in all of Midworld.

Costuming Preferences: Many of those who dwell in the Labyrinthium often wear ragged, mismatched clothing and armor that suits their chaotic lifestyle.  Tall boots, worn bandanas, patchwork tunics, tri-corner hats and the like are the order of the day for this harbor for the highwayman, brigand and pirate. Those who delve in deeper darker arts, Sorcerers and other ill-omened characters, tend toward form-flitting blacks and leathers amidst tattered, fluttering, smoky cloaks and robes. And then there are those who serve Kristoff King-Slayer – clad in the black and red of his King-Slayer Crew. Their clothes and gear are always of the finest quality, although sometimes spotted in the blood of some interloper or would-be hero. Each member of the Crew wears long, black feather spotted with red in their hats, masks or bandanas – the mark of the King-Slayer’s favor and death to any who would harm the feather’s bearer.

Races: Human, Nightkin, Gnome, Twilight Elf and Troll

Kingdom Benefit: (choose one)

o       Friend from Foe: Those who dwell in the harsh world of the Labyrinthium must learn well to determine friend from foe elsewise, they end up with a knife in the back. You gain the Sense Deception feat for no build cost.

o       Poison Use: The Labyrinthium is possessed of many kinds of criminals and scoundrels, some of whom are willing to teach and use the arts of poison. Student of the Lotus 

o       Magics of the Ruin (Witch or Sorcerers only): The many dark cults that are drawn to the Labyrinthium seek not only asylum from a world that deems them to be outlaws, but also to seek the secrets of the ruin that spawned this city. You have gained one such secret. You gain a Basic Witch or Sorcerer spell whose prerequisites you fulfill.

o        Sticky Fingers: Living among the criminals and outlaws of the Labyrinthium has taught you how to make your way through the world via the dangerous and rewarding method of pick pocketing. You gain the Cut Purse Skill for no build cost.