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Tier -1: Reviled Standing

An outlaw. Caused great shame or humiliation for that specific Kingdom or has wronged that Kingdom in a grave manner.

  • Members of that Kingdom are greatly discouraged from trading with, training or personally assisting persons that are Reviled by that Kingdom.
  • Frequent and flagrant positive association with a Reviled Character might cause a Character to lose Kingdom Standing, barring special reasons or dispensations.
  • Depending on the Kingdom in question, Master Assassins or Bounty Hunters may be sent to end the life of the Reviled character — be warned however, these killers might be beyond the Reviled character’s skillset.
  • You may not accrue Patronage with a Kingdom that you are Reviled by, but the members of that Kingdom may spend Patronage on your behalf to grant you forgiveness.

Tier 0: Neutral Standing

A Stranger, neither a boon nor a detriment to a Kingdom.

  • Most characters will began the game at this Standing with Kingdoms that they do not hail from. Likewise, Free Tribe characters will be at this Standing with all other Kingdoms.
  • You may not accrue Patronage with a Kingdom that you are Neutral with, but the members of that Kingdom may spend Patronage on your behalf to bring you into the Kingdom.

Tier 1: Good Standing

A citizen of a Kingdom in decent standing.

  • Characters hailing from a Kingdom will usually (but not always) be in Good Standing with their Kingdom of Origin. This is based on how a Kingdom views their Race and/or Class.
  • You may accrue and maintain Patronage although you do not receive any except as a result of your own actions.
  • You may only have this Standing or higher with one Kingdom.

Tier 2: Favored Standing

A loyal citizen of the Kingdom and a representative of its interests.

  • Favored Characters are seen as a cut above the members of a Kingdom when it comes to serving their Kingdom’s interests. Members of that Kingdom are encouraged to treat them with respect.
  • At the beginning of every Year, you receive 1 Patronage point.
  • A character that is Favored of a Kingdom must wear a favor of that Kingdom (a strip of cloth with the sigil/colors) or a positive Power Group of that Kingdom.

Tier 3: Renowned Standing

Recognized for their qualities and deeds. The Kingdom looks up to them in admiration for their abilities and their efforts.

  • A Character that is Renowned in a Kingdom’s eyes must wear a symbol or favor of that Kingdom or a Power Group of that Kingdom on his person.
  • At the beginning of every Year, you receive 2 Patronage points.

Tier 4: Exalted Standing

A personage worthy of emulation and admiration even among the higher classes of the Kingdom: as hero of the Realm,  unflaggingly serving their Kingdom’s interests.

  • A Character that is Exalted in a Kingdom’s eyes must openly display the symbol or sigil of that Kingdom or a Power Group of that Kingdom on his person (on a shield, cloak and/or a tabard).
  • At the beginning of every Year, you receive 3 Patronage points.

Tier 5: Legendary Standing

A paragon of that Kingdom and an embodiment of that Kingdom’s ideals. Even Royalty and Nobility will treat a Legendary Character with respect (though they still expect respect in turn).

  • A Character that is of Legendary Standing in a Kingdom’s eyes must wear a tabard, a cloak or a similar obvious piece of clothing or armor that has the colors and the symbol of that Kingdom on their person.
  • At the beginning of every Year, you receive 4 Patronage points.

Patronage is a type of currency that abstractly represents the lengths of which a Kingdom is willing to help you. Usually, you gain Patronage at the beginning of the year. Significant assistance of your Kingdom or Power Group may cause you to gain Patronage as well, although this only happens once or thrice a year at most.

You may spend Patronage between events to gain a special benefit or item, pooling Patronage from willing countrymen if necessary. To expend Patronage, send an email to with the stated intention of spending Patronage and the desired outcome. This email should also contain an in-game letter to the character’s superior or contact that reflects the intent of the Patronage expenditure.

Patronage points may be bought, although doing so is not very “profitable”. Patronage costs 1000 GP or a Pure component, representing a donation to Royal interests.

1 — Request Training in a Basic or Complex recipe/feat/skill/spell that you are able to learn.
1 — Request a Stipend (50 GP or 5 basic non-illicit components)
1 — Gain a Priest’s blessing for 6 months (Kingdom religion only; basic or complex spell)
1 – Request a Kingdom or Power Group action
1 – Grant an Auspice (see below) to yourself or a Kingdom member of “Good” standing or better.
3 — Request a foreigner’s entrance into a Kingdom (Neutral to Good).
3 — Request an outlaw’s forgiveness by a Kingdom (Reviled to Neutral).
5 — Request Training in an Erudite recipe, feat, skill or spell that you have access to.
5 — Request a non-illicit Pure component.

Kingdom Actions:
Kingdom Auspices