Kingdom Explanation


The Kingdoms of Midworld are powerful national entities, usually ruled by a Monarch or by a Council of Peers. The sizes of Kingdoms vary: some span hundreds of miles in breadth while others are only the size of large island or a city-state. A few Kingdoms are little more than several Power Groups that band together during troubled times while others are united under the iron fist of tyrannical dictators.

Except for the Free Tribes, each Kingdom has ascended to great prominence in the current age — a powerful, political, economic and military presence in Midworld.

Thematic Excerpt: A short piece of prose or poetry that helps illustrate the Kingdom’s beliefs and theme.

Overview: Here is described the basic theme and the story of the Kingdom.

Costuming Preferences: In this entry are described the cultural clothing customs of the Kingdom. Take note that these are guidelines and inspiration rather than hard-set rules.

Races Allowed: Only the Races written here are allowed to be part of this Kingdom.

Starting Languages: Characters from this Kingdom receive these starting languages for no cost (granting them access to notes regarding said languages).

Kingdom Benefit: Living in a Kingdom colors a character’s upbringing, abilities, and values. It may be overt, a subtle, or even a reactionary influence (such as a Jotunbrud expatriate that rejects his people’s bloodthirstiness after years of pointless battles). A starting character may choose one (and only one). Skills, feats, or spells gained from a Kingdom are annotated in sections that they belong in, but in the build cost, write a “K” instead of a number. This shows (1) how the character received the ability and (2) the fact that its presence does not contribute to determining what level a character is (although it may fulfill prerequisites for certain class abilities).

Design Note: Having an origin in certain Kingdoms may grant seemingly more powerful mechanical benefits than those who choose to come from others; for example, the Free Tribes seem to grant very basic benefits compared to the established Kingdoms. This is because certain Kingdoms reward certain character types while the Free Tribes offer a simpler, more versatile benefit that can reward any character type.