Callasine Religion

Each and every Silver Elf born under the glimmering spires and the fluttering banners of the Veiled City is a nominal member of the Celestial Church of Callas Selvarion. As the state religion of the Callasines, her philosophies and influence pervade deeply into the structures of this Elven people.

Origin: Pride is the enemy of Callas Selvarion. It was Pride that brought low the Elven Race and the Bright City, Selvaras. But those who are truly Chosen, who follow the will of the Overworld in truth, know this fact: the Race of the Archons – those Celestial Beings that would become the Elves of Midworld – were created as the Servitors of the Gods.

The Gods and the Overworld are inextricably linked for the Gods came from the Heavens and the Heavens were wrought by the Gods. But they who were all-wise and all-powerful, fought the Wyrm and her brutish spawn. Infinite ages had passed in the waging of this war but its end had found the Overworld triumphant. Wyrm and her evil were bound in the hellish furnaces and freezing depths of the Underworld.

In the Elder Days that were the aftermath of the war, the Gods looked upon their battlefield and saw the scars of their battles. They felt sorrow and regret and sought to create a paradise that would undo the evils caused by the war. To this end, the Gods created brutish creatures from stone and from fire to work the Middle World, or Midworld according to the Gods’ whim. These earth-workers would become the Dwarves when the Elder Days had passed.

To counter-balance these simple, earthen creatures, they shaped the Archonis Celestia – or the Archons. The Archons were creatures of pure thought and will. Most Archons lived with the Gods in Overworld itself and acted as their personal servitors and messengers. In time, the Archons became as children to their creators, dearly loved and cherished. Some Archons however, were sent to guard the vaults of the Underworld and these creatures were twisted and corrupted by those that they had sought to ward.

Ages would pass, Midworld would reach perfection and the Gods chose to place another Creation unto the world: the Race of Humans. Part spirit and part flesh, this new Race was meant to be the crowning achievement of the Gods – the proof of their total supremacy over the wars of the past.

But the Underworld was not idle in those Elder Days. The Archons of that accursed place rose up in open revolt, displeased with their masters and bristling with the stolen power of Wyrm. Gone was peace and truth from their minds – these monsters were the fell, the mighty, the Daemon.

Midworld shivered under the weight of this new war as the Daemon crawled out of their homes to strike at the Gods’ creations and ultimately, at the Overworld itself. The Daemon used their stolen energies recklessly, endangering even the fabric of the worlds with their eldritch might.

The Gods, however, were undeniable in their superiority. Had they not defeated the Wyrm? Was it not they who created the Archons?

The Aspects of the Gods and their beloved Archons sallied forth from the Overworld and scoured the Daemon from Midworld. The Daemons’ strength mattered little to the true Divinities and their loyal servants. Those Demons that escaped fled to the Underworld and awaited their impending doom within their Vaults.

That Doom would be long in the coming, however. The weight of this new war was too much and the fabric of Midworld threatened to tear asunder.

Thus did the Gods’ Aspects inscribe the symbols and the sigils of sundering – ending the Elder Days and breaking Midworld from the Underworld… and the Overworld.

Before the Sundering was complete, the Gods bade their children-servants to Midworld, to protect it from harm and to guard it until the three Worlds are once again linked so that the final war between God and Daemon can be finished.

Those Archons that descended to Midworld then donned the veils of flesh to house their thoughts, their will and their souls. Now corporeal, they called themselves Elves – which comes from the Ark-tongue symbol “Aelfan” which means “Guardian”.

Afterlife: The Elves of the Silver Kingdom believe that their forms are more soul than flesh. Death is simply when an Elf’s flesh can no longer contain its soul – which by itself cannot remain in Midworld without dissipating into oblivion.

The Celestial Church teaches than when an Elf dies, their soul is shed of their bodies and begins an arduous journey. Those Elves that lived good lives of Compassion, of Humility, of Honesty, of Loyalty, of Valor and of Virtue eventually rise up into the heavens; Elven heroes and saints find their way to the lofty realms of the Overworld to serve the Gods as Archons.

Those Elves that have lived lives of sin and of fell deeds, such as Murder, Cruelty, Thievery, Betrayal, Diablerie, Blasphemy and Treason, sink toward the furnaces and abysses of the Underworld – the worst souls actually succeed in the journey become Demons. Those souls who succeed in neither Heavenly ascension nor Demonic damnation return to Midworld and reincarnate.

Because of their beliefs in the afterlife, the Elves of the Silver Kingdom have different funerary traditions when compared with other mortal creatures. The bodies of the dead are ritually cremated their ashes spilled over a family’s tree or scattered from atop a Choir’s highest spire or tower. A Choir will usually have a Memory hall that contains items of sentiment such as an ancestor’s favored accessory or item to help remember and celebrate an ancestors’ achievements, good works and lessons.

Magic: To a Callasine, Magic is a gift from the Gods and a curse from the Daemon both. The Celestial Church teaches that the highest form of Magic is Faith Magic, that which is practiced and used by Priests.

The elemental magic of Witches, the Totemic power of Adepts and the magic of foreign Gods are far less favored but grudgingly accepted. Those that practice these arts are considered to be tinkering with dangerous forces that may endanger their soul to damnation.

Sorcery is ill-regarded among the Callasine. Necromancy and Shadow-binding are tolerated and their practitioners are disliked by most of proper Callasine society (with some exceptions). However, Diablerie is forbidden within the Silver Kingdom. Diabolists are slain upon discovery and the very use of Diablerie damns an Elf’s soul into the clutches of the Underworld’s Demons.

Celestial Church

The Gods of the Overworld have been sundered from their most favored servants, but their divine voices are far from unheard. These voices have reached the Callasine and have manifested into the four Mysteries of the Callasine Celestial Church – of the seven Elven Gods, only four have retained their love of Elvenkind. It is believed that the other Gods now care little for their favored servitors… or else their worship has been lost to memory.

The Priests of the Celestial Church (called the Silmaril by the Callasine) are all considered to be Chosen of the same Faith, even though they might serve a different Mystery.

Each Mystery represents a sect with a specific domicile and duty within the Celestial Church. Every Chosen believes in each Mystery of the Church, but the Priests of a Mystery embody its values and advance its causes. Within each Mystery, there are three tiers of office.
Topmost is the Valara, followed by the Therin. The last tier is composed of three different kinds of Priests: the Arya, the Venya and the Ilya.

Valara – the Oracle-Harbingers of a Mystery. These are the absolute leaders of their Mystery and are considered to be speaking with the voice of their God. The Valara of each Mystery meet with one another to discuss the direction of the Celestial Church as a whole. Valara are chosen from the Malar of a Mystery through a mystic ritual through which the God himself or herself makes this choice. Valara serve their office for life but are often granted extended lifespans during their service.

Therin – the Hierophant-Harbingers of a Mystery. Each Mystery has four to eight Therin that take the words of the Valara and bring it to fruition, just as the Archons were servants and messengers to the Gods. Just as Valara rarely leave the main Towers (Minas Valara in Ark-tongue) of their Mystery, the Therin tend and administrate their own Temples (Minas Silmaril), leaving only when summoned by the Valara or when called to perform a difficult objective.

Arya – the Emissary-Clerics of a Mystery, the Arya are messengers and emissaries of their Priesthoods. Often chosen for their charisma and their intelligence, these Priests serve as couriers, diplomats and heralds for their Priesthood.

Venya – the Guardian-Clerics of a Mystery, the Venya are protectors and sentinels to their Priesthoods and their Chosen. Venya are just as often Crusaders as they are Seekers, however, as threats from within a Minas Silmaril can be as deadly as threats from without.

Ilya – the Keeper-Clerics of a Mystery, the Ilya are keepers of lore and power within their Priesthood. Some Ilya are tasked to teach the Chosen and the Priests of a temple while others are tasked with the performance of rites and ceremonies.

The Mystery of the Shrouded Moon: Xirith Kesellas

Sul tular Xirith Venya, kerin vend Querathas; Xirith Vallen, kerin vend Verathim

Through her Song, we find Serenity and in her Shroud, we find Sanctuary.

The Mystery of the Shrouded Moon concerns itself with the aspect of Xirith (called Xirith Kesellas when formally invoked), the Elven Goddess of Order, Guardianship, Healing and Renewal. It is believed that Xirith was integral to the creation of the Archons, lending her will and her love toward the wholeness of their forms.

Healers pray for her grace, the Wounded pray for her mercy and the Forsaken pray for her compassion. She is as much Mother to the Archons and the Elves as Athalarian was their Father – and even now, in these shadowed times, she guides the Elven Race still through the Xirith Valara (the Oracle-Harbinger of Xirith and close advisor of the Queen)  and through Her Radiance, the Elven Queen of Callas Selvarion.

When the Sundering Symbols were writ, Xirith Kesellas made a covenant with the Elven Race to lend them her guidance and her protection – It is believed that the Moon that illumines the night skies is a symbol of her covenant. However, when the Elven Races were divided and factioned by the ignorance of Verdis and the foolishness of Shaedis, the covenant became as inconstant as the Race’s faith with one another and their own waning influence over Midworld after the endless wars they had endured.

The Mystery of the Shrouded Moon is far from a sign of despair, however. It is a clarion call to hope, a promise of renewal and reunion despite the darkness of the night.


·         Heal the sick, the wounded and the sorrowful – As Xirith was mother to the Archons, so must be you tend to the ills of the Callasine.

·         Bring peace to the factioned and justice to the wronged –  When Callasine rises up against Callasine, it is your task to bring harmony to all parties as is due them.

·         Keep the stories, traditions and rituals of the past – remind the Callasine of their duties and their destinies so that they may ever be mindful of what they must do.

Symbol and Colors: A veiled half moon above a silvery wreath. Pale Silver, Violet and Dark Blue are the colors of the Xirith Silmaril.

Spells: The damage Spells of a Xirith Priest inflict Silver damage.

Sphere Access: Those who serve the Mystery of the Shrouded Moon gain access to the following Spheres:

·         Creation

·         Tranquility

·         Inquisition


The Mystery of the Shrouded Moon is the largest order of Priests in the Silver Kingdom. Called Xirith Silmaril or Xirith Priests, this Mystery was instrumental in Callas Selvarion’s founding, its growth and its continued sustenance. Xirith Silmaril are beloved of their compassion and respected for their wisdom – worldly reflections of the Elven Goddess herself.

The Xirith Silmaril is the primary Priesthood of Callas Selvarion just as Xirith Kesellas is the primary Mystery of the Veiled City. As the most civic of the Priesthoods, the Xirith Silmaril oversees rites and ceremonies that involve the initiation of souls and the swearing of oaths: births, commencements and marriages. The blessings and the presence of Xirith Kesellas are important to Callasine tradition and the spiritual well-being of these ceremonies’ participants.

The Priesthood of Xirith is also called upon to officially and peacefully arbitrate matters of contention among the Callasines. When two or more factions are in conflict, it is to the temples of the Xirith Silmaril that they bring their woes. Besides those Choirs and Officials that bear the Queen of Stars’ direct blessing, the judgment of a Therin or a Valara of Xirith Silmaril is final in the eyes of the Callasine.

Surrounded by carefully tended gardens, the cathedral-temples of the Xirith Silmaril are also houses of Healing to the wounded and places of Solace to the weary of the Callasine. The Xirith Silmaril charge almost nothing for these services, although those who are well-off and avail of them are expected to respectfully donate to the Priesthood.


The current Oracle-Harbinger of Xirith Silmaril is Valara Anarin, once of Choir Crimiserac. Anarin is an elf well-advanced in years, respected for her sound judgment and beloved by the common populace for her even temper. It is known that she is a confidant and confessor to the Queen of Stars, not just a mere voice in the Queen’s council.

Despite her closeness to the throne of Callas Silverion, Anarin leads the Mystery of Xirith according to her Goddess’ dictates and her own design. This has caused the Xirith Silmaril to fall short in the political arena and has cost them a fortune in gold, but Anarin’s piety demands no less than absolute faithfulness to Xirith Kesellas – a trait that even the Queen of Stars cannot help but respect.

The Mystery of the Glorious
Sun: Athalarian Verathul

Stragos vas Viktiras, Valos vas Hirionir, Visos vas Nirathas   

Strength against Weakness

Courage against Terror

Clarity against Deception


When Solarian forged his Sun Empire, it was dedicated to the King of the Gods and the Creator of the Elves: Athalarian (called Athalarian Verathul when invoked in ceremonially or formally invoked), Elven God of the Sun, of Righteous Battle, of Skillful Creation, of True Honor and of Blessed Might.

It was Athalarian who sung the Archonis Celestial into existence, gracing them with strength, virtue and valor. They were bound with loyalty and free will, with might and with fragility – more children than servants to the Gods of the Overworld. The Callasine pray to Athalarian for strength against weakness, for courage against terror and for clarity against deception.

When the Sundering Symbols were writ, it was Athalarian Verathul who carved them glimmering and shimmering unto the skies of Midworld itself. The greatest of these symbols became the Sun whose purity continues to drive back the forces of death, darkness and deception.

The Elder Days are long passed and Sun Empire has all but faded from Midworld. In the Silver Kingdom, however, the Mystery of the Glorious Sun continues to burn bright and pure, anathema to demons and sinners alike.


·         Guard well the Callasine race and keep keen the Callasine blade –  Remember that evil can come at any time and from anywhere.

·         Suffer no insult to Queen, Kingdom nor Church without retribution – Burn bright and bring vengeance to the foul-tongued and the sinful.

·         Create beautiful things, be they weaponry, jewelry, song or speech – As Athalarian created the beautiful Archons, so too must you reflect his creative spirit.

·         Be honorable, gracious and courteous – Athalarian shines upon you always and expect the best from you.

Symbol and Colors: A bronze sun engraved upon a dark blue sky with eight pointed rays. Yellow, Bronze, and Dark Blue are the colors of the Athalarian Silmaril.

Spells: Athalarian Priests inflict Silver damage with their damaging spells.

Sphere Access: Those that serve the Mystery of the Glorious Sun gain access to the following Spheres:

·         Creation

·         Inquisition

·         Battle

Clergy: The initiates of Athalarian are at the forefront of the Callasine war-machine. It is the Athalarian Silmaril that stand alongside the Veil-Keepers to keep Callas Silverion’s territories safe from trespass and intrusion. The Mystery of the Glorious Sun are also the first to answer any summons of battle, leading strike force or army against Labyrinthium slavers, Fir’bolg warbands or Riverfolk pirate raiders.

Guardianship of Callas Silverion is the mandate of half of the Athalarian Silmaril. The other half is tasked to spread light of the Mystery across the world and vanquish the enemies of the Celestial Church and Callas Selvarion wherever they may lurk. These Priests lead and support Callasine warbands who travel Midworld in the name of God and Queen to accomplish a given objective, be it elimination, retrieval or protection.

A Minas Athalarian of this Mystery is built as a place of worship, of guardianship, of beauty and of creation. Like the blades of the Callasines, these forge-temples are as handsome as they are deadly, tools of their God against the darknesses of the world. In the hours of day, the air around these sacred sites ring with the sounds of crafting and training. At night, a Minas Athalarian glows golden from hundreds of holy lamps set upon each window and arrow-hole, upon each reinforced wall and towering turret.

The Athalarian Silmaril are charged by the Queen to keep the peace upon the streets of Callas Silverion. While the Callasine go to a Minas Xirith for healing and a Minas Neheris for knowledge, the Minas Athalarian are for those Silver Elves that desire sanctuary against aggressors and justice from those who would breach the Queen’s Peace. The Mystery of Athalarian Verathul are quick to respond to such help, defending their charges and subduing the guilty as necessary to the needs of justice – those they capture are held at the local Minas Athalarian until the guilty are sentenced and punished.

Leadership: Valara Varaduil, once of Choir Qellessir, is the current Oracle-Harbinger of the Athalarian Mystery. He is a handsome Elf of thirty-five winters, known for his skill with the blade, his talents at the forge and his belief in Elven Stewardship over Midworld.

To Valara Varaduil ni Qellessir, the duty of the Callasine is to go forth from their Veiled City to cleanse the world of wickedness and as equals, guide the other Kingdoms toward peace and prosperity. Of his forebears, he is the most outspoken and the most active; he constantly counsels his Queen to action. He frequently sends out Crusaders and Seekers into Midworld to destroy evil wherever they may find it.

Much to his chagrin, the Queen of Stars usually stills Valara Varaduil’s calls for a crusade and a war. Even his request to send a detachment of Athalarian Crusaders to advance Callasine interests in the Treaty of Freehold has been met negatively.

To his credit, Valara Varaduil’s calls to action are gaining support among the Choirs of Callas Silverion and if the Queen does not rein him in, her City may march without her consent.

The Mystery of the Glimmering Stars: Neheris Kesarai

Silarin sin Silmaras – muril verathas queras cadrathas

Knowledge is a gift – treasure it well or lose it forever.

Neheris Kesarai is the ceremonial title of the Elven Goddess of Enigmatic Stars, of Tempestuous Sea, of Highest Lores and of Darkest Secrets.

Her faithful include Sorcerers and Witches who seek power through knowledge; Sailors and Merchants who make their living across the seas of Midworld; Artisans and Craftsfolk that seek the lores necessary to perfect their craft; and of course, Scholars who desire nothing more than knowledge for its own sake.

When the Archonis Celestia were first wrought by Athalarian Verathul, it was Neheris Kesarai who whispered unto them the secrets of all worlds. The Archons then became worthy servitors to the Gods, performing their wills according to divine dictum. Much of this knowledge was lost when the Archons descended unto Midworld – but to this day, the entirety of Elvenkind has the innate capacity to read auras, evade spells and dodge attacks, all thanks to Neheris Kesarai.

When the Sundering Symbols were writ upon the skies, Neheris cast glimmering stars upon the night skies to shine their lights upon Midworld. These stars were placed among the heavens to remind Mortals that what they know is a mere sliver compared to the vast mysteries that shroud the skies and to give hope to Elvenkind that they would one day return to their places alongside the stars.


·         All knowledge is sacred and worthy of respect – suffer not for knowledge to be forgotten or misused.

·         Bring all secrets and knowledge that you learn to Neheris Kesarai – Each piece of information found strengthens the Neheris Silmaril

·         Keep hidden the lores and the deeds of the Neheris Silmaril – secrecy empowers the Mystery of the Glimmering Stars and weakens its enemies.


Symbol and Colors: A bladed compass-cross with a star at each point (eight stars total). Dark Blue, Black and Silver are the colors of the Neheris Silmaril.

Spells: Neheris Priests inflict Silver damage with their damaging spells.

Sphere Access: Priests that serve the Mystery of the Glimmering Stars gain access to the following Spheres:

·         Chaos

·         Knowledge

·         Inquisition

Clergy: Minas Neheris loom over wave-ridden coasts or placid lakes or bays that mirror the skies above. These towering Spire-Temples are repositories of lores both ancient and dark. The Neheris Silmaril are secretive in the extreme regarding the knowledges they have in store – only the Valara and the Therin are allowed access to the deepest and darkest secrets of each Minas and only the Valara Kesarai is allowed to know the lores within the Minas Valara of Neheris Kesarai.

Shadowsouls and Necromancers are often drawn to Minas Neheris because their darksome powers and forbidden knowledges are not only accepted, but also appreciated by the Neheris Silmaril. Those Shadowsouls and Necromancers that align themselves with the Mystery of the Glimmering Stars are likewise better regarded by their fellow Callasines, just as they would be if they belonged with one of the sorcerous Choirs. No Choir or Mystery will ever accept a Diabolist, however – discovered Pact-Mages are given to the Athalarian Silmaril for judgment.

Callasines seek out the Mystery of the Glimmering Stars when they have need for experts upon esoteric or erudite lores; only the University of Varwen has greater access to Master Researchers and High lore. Choirs are more likely to go to Minas Neheris because of their multiple locations and because of their penchant for secrecy, a useful trait in the internecine politics of Callasine nobility. It is for the same reason that those who seek out darksome magics are more likely to turn to the Mystery of the Glimmering Stars as opposed to their secular counterpart. This causes no small amount of friction between the two factions.

Minas Neheris are also flocked to by sailors and merchants seeking to learn the arts of navigation or else auspicious journeys across waves or roads. There are also those who seek out the temples of Neheris to discover the destinies written of them or their children among the stars. Many of these folk tithe regularly to the local Minas Neheris are another large factor of their continued prominence despite their lack of civic clout.

Most members of this Mystery stay within their Spire-Temples, maintaining the premises and aiding supplicants. A small select few, however, are sent out into the realms beyond Callas Selvarion to undertake covert missions that involve Forgotten or Forbidden Lore and usually the history of the Elven Race. Oftentimes, the true nature of these missions are not even truly known by the Silmaril performing them, discovering them often in mid-mission or even years after its completion. This ensures that the secret agendas of Neheris Kesarai remain so.

Leadership: Valara Nethelwen ni Eldressar is often called the Crone-Priestess because she is almost completely unique amongst her kind – this Oracle-Harbinger has seen a hundred and fifty summers and appears as an ancient, withered Elf. There are those who believe that she holds a powerful spell of longevity that does not adequately protect her form from the ravages of age.

Valara Nethelwen is reputed to be a spiteful, hateful old hag; her sharp tongue is the stuff of legend among the Callasine – those who survive her scathing demeanor without wincing or blinking are considered to be made of hardy stuff indeed.

Despite her bearing, she has ever been an excellent voice of reason to the Queen of Stars’ council and is an adept swimmer in the currents of politics. The Mystery of the Glimmering Stars flourishes under her guidance, gaining never before seen influence among the Callasine. Few, however, know of the clandestine efforts of her Mystery: alliances and pacts forged in secret and mysterious goods moved from one place to another.

The Mystery of the Silent Darkness: Cadrafel Ahroun

Sun verdarin Athalas sin verdaril athal, quereth Nirathas sin cadrath

The dawning Sun may begin the day but the silent Darkness is ever its ending.

Cadrafel Ahroun is the Elven God of Death, of Oblivion, of Night and of Darkness. He was the hammer to Athalarian’s anvil, the bitterness to Xirith’s sweetness and the silence to Neheris’ whispers.

Cadrafel is not commonly invoked by the Callasine, save by those who desire a proper repose, those who want for a noble death and those who fever for the vengeance of the righteous.  He is the God of the End, ever patient, always waiting to take Elves to the next world – whether they are ready or not. To speak of Him, makes him move more swiftly toward the speaker, say the Callasine – so they invoke him infrequently.

When the Sundering Symbols were writ, Cadrafel stood by in silence and in stillness. His aspect and his Archons were bathed in Demon blood and blessed vengeance; they watched as the Symbols were carved unto the heavens and knew that the time of action was over and the time of waiting was nigh.

Despite the sundering of worlds, Cadrafel would be a God that every Elf would know in the end. They say that he instinctively knows when an Elf nears his or her own demise and that he traverses the veil between Midworld and Overworld within the span of an eye-blink to take the worthy to their reward. Cadrafel is alongside every honest and true Elf to hear their dying whispers, to feel their dying breaths and to see the very life fade from their eyes.

Ages would pass and lives would burn away in flickering instants before the union of the three worlds. But all who serve the Mystery of the Silent Darkness know that Death is ever-patient.


·         Let nothing stop you from your target – the dead feel no pain and know no remorse

·         Be slow to draw steel but swift to end conflict – deal death only when necessary but cause no unne
eded suffering.

·         Protect the other Silmaril – your training is in destruction but your true purpose is protection.

·         Respect those who have fallen – Death comes to the wicked and the just alike.

Symbol and Colors: A Black disk ringed by bronze (inner) and red (outer). Black, Red and Bronze are the colors of the Cadrafel Silmaril.

Spells: Cadrafel Priests inflict Silver damage with their damaging spells.

Sphere Access: Those Priests that serve the Mystery of the Silent Dark gain access to the following Spheres:

·         Fate

·         Chaos

·         Battle

Clergy: The Cadrafel Silmaril are feared and respected in equal amounts by the people of Callas Selvarion. They are slayers, one and all – masterfully trained destroyers of wickedness and evil. To this end, they work with the Mystery of the Glorious Sun and the Court of Her Radiance to eliminate threats to Callas Selvarion. Those who have witnessed the work of the Cadrafel Silmaril speak of the swiftness and efficacy of the Priesthood in their task.

The Monastery-Temples of the Cadrafel Silmaril are high-walled, fortresses that resemble deathly mausoleums instead of temples. Usually located on the outskirts of Callas Selvarion or hidden in the wildernesses beyond the Veiled City, the Minas Cadrafel keep the Priesthood and its secrets isolated from outsiders; those who enter see only dimly lit halls  and hear naught but footsteps and whispers. The Minas Valara of the Cadrafel Silmaril is a hidden location known only to the Cadrafel Therin and their closest associates.

Unlike the other Mysteries, the Cadrafel Silmaril lose their true names and their Choir names after they are initiated; each member of the Priesthood is given a ceremonial “funeral” to indicate their passing from the world of the living. The Therin or the Valara presiding over the ceremony assigns a new name to the initiate, usually an object, an event, or an idea related to the initiation or to the initiates themselves(e.g. Silver Tide, Summer Blade, Verdant Frost). The new initiate is called by their title and their new name (e.g. Arya Silver Tide, Venya Summer Blade) and given a mask to wear when in public (a bronze mask-helm with red and black markings).

Once initiated to the Mystery, a Callasine is considered dead to society, hence the need for a new name. Entrants into the Cadrafel Silmaril are usually criminals given one last chance at redemption, the children of Cadrafel Priests (who are considered to be illegitimate bastards by society) or disgraced or fallen Callasine who seek to avenge their loss by gaining the power to destroy great evil.

Leadership: Valara Fallen Wisdom is the current Oracle-Harbinger of the Cadrafel Silmaril. Many are the rumors that surround her life before initiation; the wildest rumors cast her as a serial murderer from 10 years ago that turned a new leaf or as the missing Matriarch Medrissel of Choir Vallorien disappeared after vampires slew her eldest son.

Valara Fallen Wisdom grants no council to the Queen of Stars, only bodily protection against any that dare harm her. Likewise, Fallen Wisdom’s most skilled Priests are the guardians of the Queen’s private sanctum and her last line of defense guardians in her entourage.

There are those that whisper that Fallen Wisdom and the rest of Cadrafel Silmaril are not just the Queen’s bodyguards but also Her personal assassins – there is no one, however, that has come forward with evidence to make this claim.