Callasine History

                Perhaps the greatest tragedy to befall the Race of the Elves is not their descent from Overworld or the factioning of their Race. To the Callasine, the Silver Elves of Callas Selvarion, the worst of all ills is the irreparable injury to their histories: The aeon obelisks that held the memories of the Elven civilization were destroyed along with the first Silver Elf city in the War of the Black Gate. The new city was built, shaped and veiled by magic – but it was named for the sin that led to the destruction of the first: “Callas Selvarion” or in Ark-tongue: “the Price of Pride”. With the aeon obelisks lost, all that remains to the Callasine are written word and haunting song.


                Until the rebirth of the Sun Empire and the return of Elven supremacy, it shall have to be enough.



The Descent of the Archons


In Overworld above did dwell

the Gods of olde as legends tell

and to their children held most dear

these words were told, their ears did hear.


“Blessed slaves and cherished thralls,

we send you forth from hallowed halls

to a place both sacred and accurs’d

to ward it from daemon, beast and worse.


The task is fraught with perils fell

and fates await as dire as hells.

To Midworld sent from Realms above

to guard it in this Trust of love”


Corporeal form did these Elves donn

of bone and skin and passions strong

their spirits veiled in mind and flesh

the Trust they bore was put to test


In thraine the Elven host was cleaved

Three kings arose and wished to lead

their folk across the truest road,

fulfilling thus their given role.


Solarian wish’d to raise a keep

across the seas so wild and deep.

This risen state would then stand guard,

hold safe and sound the World it wards.


Shaedis wish’d to shape a hold

of magics dark and strong and bold

She used fell spells to guard the land

while never showing her shadowy hand.


Verdis wish’d to plant an oak

and fill it with his sylvan folk.

From its roots, the Trust performed

and thus their guardianship was borne.


Tragedy did not await

it struck the Race with quicken’d gait.

Tattered bonds were rent and shorn

whilst distrust grew into a war.



The War of Sun and Twilight


Shaedis wrought an Empire great

which shivered lands with shadowed weight

March did they their darksome hosts

and broke the back of Verdis’ folk.


With trees aflame behind their force,

they sailed ‘cross seas and marched to war

with Solarian and his city bright

and drown in depths their sacred lights.


But Shaedis’ plans were all undone

by Solarian’s Empire of the Sun.

By lance and light was Twilight spurned

Their greatest Lords to cinders burned.


Solarian’s Elves brought arms and spells

to the Twilight sunken citadel

to end at last Her shadowy reign

And burn to ash what she had made.

When cleared the smoke of desperate war,

the land itself was scarred and marred;

but good at least was done that day

for none could find where Shaedis laid.


Of her citadel there was no sign

nor of her wards and spells malign

Whilst her folk were scattered, lost,

and to the four winds they were toss’d.


Of Verdis and of his folk.

was there neither sign nor hope.

They retreated to wood and to wild

much alike their kin reviled.


Where once were three, stood only one:

the blessed Empire of the Sun,

which a darksome curse did fade

‘till none recalled where it had laid.


Its mythic isle now to us lost

its secret was the dearest cost

of Pride among those Elvenkind

that would become the Callasine.



The fall of the City of Selvaras


Sent from the Empire of the Sun

were greatest daughters and greatest sons

To watch over the sacred Trust

‘till world itself would fall from rust.


They raised a citadel in the west

These “the children of the best”

did weave their spells so brilliant, bright

that made their home a wond’rous sight.


This new city was as star to Sun,

a youngling boy and a prideful son.

It filled its streets with light and sound

but knew too late that its sire had drowned.


Then came the ages fell and dark

when beasts and daemons saw their mark.

This vengeance wrought by Twilight’s shade

to rend and tear and break and fade.


Selvaras tried to fight this curse

with hallowed might and argent force.

But salvation was an effort vain:

sounds were silenced, lights were shamed.


The daemons tore out stem and root,

while pillaging for slaves and loot.

Even the stones had scarce remained

and none now know where they had lain.


Less than twelve score Elves survived.

They learned too well of folly and pride.

They swore to seek the darksome horde

to give their foemen  just reward.


Thus they sowed their seeds of lore

Elves taught Men the arts of war

and magics that were once kept close

were given freely without woe.


The stalwart Dwarves were given gifts

to mend a tired, ancient rift.

They took and kept these relics dear

and marched to battle without fear.



The City and the Gate


The desperate host had charged the horde

of daemons with spell and axe and sword.

Though Man and Dwarf and Elf were slain,

the costliest price had yet been paid.


Arvas the Elder, King of Elves,

fell beneath a treacherous spell

sent from his own faithless son

to win before the battle’s won.


‘Tis said the gods themselves returned

to the Midworld they had spurned,

though they stayed a moment’s half

their mark did for-the-ever last.


The faithless son was slain in turn;

by own beloved was he burned.

Her form was wrought as though of light

and upon the field she shone so bright.


Elf and Man and Dwarf she led

A shining star above their heads

that Daemon feared and Beast did flee

for with that light they could not see.


The Daemons withered before Her Grace

and Beasts turned tail before Her face.

The shadowed host was shattered clear

by blistering light that burned and seared.


They rushed back to the fellsworn Gate

and thus did they their terror slake

And Her Radiance bound it through and through

With wards and sigils and prayers true.


Elven veils obscured these lands

beside Elven steel and Elven hands.

Around this Gate she raised a wall

to stand until the gods shall fall


For only then will Elves forget

what sinful pride will oft beget.

Thus it stands before you yon:

our city, Callas Selvarion.