The Veiled Kingdom of Callas Selvarion

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“There are those that say that the stars are distant lamps, fixed high above the heavens. They have not seen Her Radiance, the Queen of Callas Selvarion…”

Callas Selvarion is an oath re-sworn, a vow made anew: that the Elves will continue to keep watch over the world their gods have made and keep it safe until their return. The first city of the Silver Elves was lost to arrogance, betrayal, and a foul horde of Orcs and Demons. But the Race of Elves is nothing if not resilient and when Silver Elves rebuilt their city, they named it “Callas Selvarion,” or the Price of Pride. And it has stood for two thousand years since it was built by the finest Elven craftsmen and warded by the mightiest of Elven magics. Silver Elves are one of the greatest artists in Midworld, and this mastery shows well in their fashion, in their craftsmanship and in their manners – all of the finest and highest quality. There are those that say that Silver Elves are arrogant and haughty, but each Callasine knows the Price of Pride and they know well that it is too steep to pay.

Costuming Preferences: Callasines love to wear only the finest clothing, even when the tasks they embark upon are difficult ones. Cloaks, tabards, hats – whatever clothing or accessories they wear are often finely crafted and ornamented with sinuous, graceful designs of celestial bodies (stars, the sun, the moon). The Callasines tend toward a lighter color scheme, with pale hues, silver and white often (though not always) used as primary colors in their attire. Callasines more experienced with the rough nature of Midworld, compromise by tending toward more utilitarian colors but make up for the lack of preferred coloration with finer craftsmanship in the accessories (hats, cloaks, jewelry) that they possess. Likewise, Callasines are usually well-kept, their hair and fingernails trimmed and their clothing far from rumpled even after the worst disasters – while keeping one’s appearance is sometimes a difficult task, it is in typical Callasine spirit to exercise a greater effort than most to maintain one’s good looks.

Races: Silver Elf only

Starting Languages: Wyrd-spiel, the most common language in all of Midworld and Ark-tongue

Kingdom Benefit: (choose one) silver

o       Callasine Academic: You have studied with the scholars of Callas Selvarion, finding high learning either with the University of Varwen or with a prominent sage among the Callasine. You gain the Lore-Keeper skill.

o       Callasine Weapon Training: In keeping with the tradition of martial excellence that the Callasine expect and demand, you are trained in the traditional weapons of the Silver Elves. You gain the Blade Proficiency, the Bow Proficiency, and the Pole-arm Proficiency skills.

o       Song-Shaper (Priest, Witch, or Sorcerer only): Even among the magically inclined Silver Elves, you are especially attuned to the forces of magic. You gain one basic spell whose requirements you’ve fulfilled already.

o       Veil-Keeper: You have been trained by a Veil-Keeper, one of the guardians of Callas Selvarion and death to would-be invaders of the Veiled Kingdom. For no build cost, you learn the Channeling Expertise skill.