The Stone Clans of the Dwarves

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“At the heart of each Clan, a forge. At the head of each Clan, a king”

Overview: It is said that the Race of Dwarves were forged by the Maker from the corpse of Wyrm, the Father of all Dragons. And while the Maker granted mighty talents of creation to those who would follow him, the fallen Wyrm gave the Dwarves fortitude, determination and a heart ripe for vengeance. No Clan truly knows what began the feuding, but each Clan strives to survive the others and the tunnels beneath Midworld are drowned in Dwarf blood. The feuds are as cruel as they are senseless – but those that survive them, those Stone Dwarves of this modern age, are the fiercest, bravest and craftiest warriors the world has ever known. When one encounters a Stone Dwarf in Freehold, it is best to give him more than enough breathing room – Dwarves are always itching for a new feud to fight.

Costuming Preferences: Stone Dwarves tend to have an unkempt savage appearance. They like to wear the furs of creatures they’ve killed and carry trophies of battles they’ve won. Tattoos and piercings are common among these belligerent folk, as are scars and other battle wounds that have yet to heal (limping or a horrible coughs). The beard of a male Stone Dwarf and the braid of a female Stone Dwarf is a particular point of pride and they like to keep these long but tidy. Some Stone Clans require the cutting of braids or beards by those who are defeated in a formal duel, so that one could see the pride and the skill of those with long beards or braids.

Races: Dwarf only.

Starting Languages: Wyrd-spiel, the most common language in all of Midworld and Rune-speak

Kingdom Benefit: (choose one)

o       Tough as a Rock: A lifetime of constant feuds and wars makes the tough, tougher. You gain the Toughness skill and an additional 2 HP for no build cost.

o       Life at War: Basic education among the Stone Dwarves includes knowledge of how to use weapons and how to wear armor; in your case, the lessons stuck true. For no build cost, you gain two skills from the following list: Axe Proficiency, Mace Proficiency, Shield Proficiency, and Armor Proficiency.

o       Stone does not bleed: The Stone Dwarf way is to endure the worst of blows and carry on as though it were a bothersome gnat sting – You gain the Endure Pain feat for no build cost.

o       Dwarven Artisan: So prominent is the crafting of arms and armor among the Dwarves that it is easy for a Dwarf to dabble meaningfully in its workings. For no build cost, you learn either the Field Repair Weapon skill or Field Repair Armor skill.