The Iron Kingdom of the Dwarves

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“No debt unpaid, No trade turned away”

Overview: Amid smoke-spewing foundries, bubbling breweries, and glittering armories lies the Iron City, called Malak Travak by the Dwarfkind. The Iron Dwarves have put aside bloody feud and bitter grudges for one gleaming goal: Profit. Warring clans have been replaced by mercantile guilds that wage bitter rivalries for the favor of the Runed-King and a seat upon the Council of Ten. But this competition bears precious fruit: all that comes from the Iron City is priced highly by the rest of Midworld, be it arms, armor, or beverage. Dwarves from Malak Travak are individuals driven by greed and jealousy to great heights of craftsmanship and mercantile prowess. And if there is a bit of bickering on the side… well, a little competition is always good for business.

Costuming Preferences: Iron Dwarves lean toward either utilitarian craftsman attire – aprons, goggles, large gloves and boots (all of which are usually scuffed or marked with soot) – or slightly flashier mercantile attire – colorful fabrics – tabards, cloaks and the like, each well-made and all fashionably assembled. Iron Dwarves also have a tendency toward metal or stone accessories, be they armor, necklaces, torcs, bracelets, or rings. Some of these accessories bear a craftsman’s personal rune. Iron Dwarves keep their appearances well-kept, trimming beards and nails to present an ordered appearance – some would say that this obsession toward a structured demeanor is a reaction to the unkempt manners of their Stone Dwarf kin.

Races: Dwarf only.

Starting Languages: Wyrd-spiel, the most common language in all of Midworld and Rune-speak

Kingdom Benefit: (choose one)

o Dwarven Artisan: So prominent is the crafting of arms and armor among the Dwarves that it is easy for a Dwarf to dabble meaningfully in its workings. For no build cost, you learn either the Field Repair Weapon skill or Field Repair Armor skill. 

o Mercantile Mindset: The mercantile nature of the Iron City has made you skilled in the buying and selling of goods. You learn the Haggle skill for no build cost.

o Pockets of the Miser: Greed is a pervading force among the Iron Dwarves and while acquisition is important, keeping possession of what you have is similarly vital. You gain the Conceal Item skill for no build cost.

o Guilder Secret: Most Iron Dwarves are part of a Guild of some sort, but you are found important enough by your guild to be taught a precious formula. If you chose to be Alchemist, Brewer, Smith, or Wisdom for your first profession at character creation, you learn your choice of a basic or complex formula relating to your Profession for no build cost.