Gotterdammerung Power Groups

The Church of the Lord Reaper

The Church of the Lord Reaper is a dominant political and spiritual structure in Gotterdammerung, but it is far from the unified organized visage that it displays. The rise of Siegfried Gotthammer to the role of the King-Priest and his call to purges and crusades causes friction in the ordered structure of the church.

Scions of Silence

The Silent Council is wisdom and strength. A true King-Priest would not deny himself its support.
Basic: The Scions of Silence are a sect of the Lord Reaper’s Church that adheres to the traditions and the precepts of the old.
Symbol: the Scythe and Gavel of Lord Reaper in gold and black.
History: Before Siegfried, the Scions of Silence controlled the direction of the church and the beliefs of the faithful. The King-Priests of Gotterdammerung were once beholden to the combined wisdom and the strength of the church’s arbiters. It was the Silent Council who raised up a King-Priest from among the clergy to serve as the figurehead that the populace could rally around.
And for centuries, the Silent Council had maintained their stranglehold on the throne. From them poured forth the edicts that would affect Gotterdammerung’s faithful and the laws that would alter the Corpse-Kingdom’s destiny.
It all changed when Siegfried, Arcturus and their companions marched into the Council’s chambers. They revealed without doubt’s shadow that some of the Silent Council were possessed by demons and smote them with great vengeance. The Scions of Silence fell swiftly into disfavor afterward, although they managed to keep significant amounts of power and influence.
Current: The Scions of Silence are the old guard of Lord Reaper’s church, the heralds of His holy word and the keepers of His holy scripts. Their control over the archives and the holy script is a significant portion of their influence over the Dammerung faith. They also have in their possession several powerful religious relics whose powers they service toward their own ends (which normally coincide with that of the King-Priest).
The Silent Council and their sect, the Scions of Silence, offer an opposing counter-view to the King-Priest’s perspective. While it occasionally proves frustrating to Siegfried, the Council’s wisdom and their support cannot be denied if the church is to continue in the process of renewal and of cleansing.
Leadership: Arbiter Ella von Brakengard is a prominent member of the Silent Council. She is known for her voice and her presence, both of which have remained powerful despite the passing of her fifty-third winter. Arbiter Ella disapproves of Siegfried’s methods, but grudgingly recognizes the need for a purging.
Like her peers, the Arbiter desires a return to the days of old. Unlike the other Arbiters, she is as rich in friends as she is in monies. Her contacts span the length of Gotterdammerung and beyond, both seedy and pure. Few things occur in the Corpse-Kingdom without her knowledge and thus, the knowledge of the Silent Council. When the time comes, she will be ready to bring the church where it needs to go… it is only a matter of time.
Bearers of the Scythe:
The words of the King-Priest come from Lord Reaper himself
Basic: The Bearers of the Scythe are a sect of the Lord Reaper’s church that believes in Siegfried Gotthammer almost as truly and as righteously as they do the Lord Reaper.
Symbol: The silver Scythe and Gavel of Lord Reaper, Gavel ascendant
History: The Bearers of the Scythe are a new sect within the Lord Reaper’s church. They emerged soon after Siegfried Gotthammer assumed the mantle of the King-Priest of Gotterdammerung. They came from various portions of the clergy and their numbers are bolstered by the hundreds of layfolk who hunger to join the Lord Reaper’s church and perform the bidding of the King-Priest. The Bearers of the Scythe swiftly gathered enough manpower and fervor to match an army.
Current: The Bearers of the Scythe are stalwart followers of the King-Priest and devout bearers of his judgments. Their ranks include the fanatically devout and those who see wisdom in Siegfried’s decrees. The Bearers of the Scythe are more militant than the other sects of the Lord Reaper’s church, directing their forces against those would invade and infiltrate the Corpse-Kingdom.
The Bearers of the Scythe also have a darker side to them. They are credited with various unofficial executions and lynchings across the Corpse-Kingdom. Some of their more extreme members perform their investigations above and beyond the protocol – reportedly, they employ methods uncondoned by the King-Priest and the church. Investigations upon these fanatics have proven inconclusive for the most part, but the few who have been caught, tried and executed for heresy have yet to hobble the sect’s momentum.
Leadership: As the sect quickened and was born, Arbiter Seth Krofter took it upon himself to lend organization and direction to the Scythe-Bearers.. While the King-Priest is technically the head of the Bearers of the Scythe (and of the Lord Reaper’s church), the Arbiter guides the sect toward Siegfried’s goals, lending his talents in supervision to the King-Priest’s ends
Arbiter Seth is a heavyset, bald, middle aged Dammerunger human with an eye for detail and a commanding demeanor. Although the fanatical extremists of the Bearers have yet to be completely culled, the sect does well under his direction. He answers to the King-Priest and to the King-Priest alone, receiving orders and objectives for the sect to accomplish.

Creeds of the Corpse-Kingdom:

See the Religion page.

Krieger Families:

There are many Krieger families in the Corpse-Kingdom, but three have risen above the ranks of the others through antiquity and attrition to prominence in Gotterdammerung. There are other smaller Krieger families in the Corpse-Kingdom, their names and natures subject to the creativity of player intellect. It is the suggestion of the Rules Director that players who create their own Krieger family submit a profile of that Krieger family to the Rules Director and to Staff (for further use in plot if need be).

Krieger Dammerlicht
[[UPDATE 06/01/2017 (WR) — Krieger Dammerlicht has been declared expunged and their assets have been confiscated by the Church of the Lord Reaper, primarily the Scions of Silence sect. The Twilight Elves in this clan (at least 50, 000 -100,000 people) are in the process of being hunted down and destroyed. The heretics are fighting back vainly — displaying and using corrupted shadowy powers to defend themselves and maintain their corrupt existence. Magnus von Dammerlicht, leader of the Krieger, leads the survivors in unleashing terrible sorcery against the purging forces of the Lord Reaper’s Church and the Creed of the Slayer. But the forces of Gotterdammerung are poised to be victorious in this conflict. The King-Priest is unhappy with this decision and the massive loss in life — he has been advised accordingly by the heroes of Freehold and the Envoy of Gotterdammerung]]
Even the Sun cannot escape the Shadow – The Words of Krieger Dammerlicht
Basic: Krieger Dammerlicht is an ancient noble house learned in the ways of sorcery and shadows and willing to use these to protect the Corpse-Kingdom from its enemies.
Symbol: A half-sun eclipsed by a crescent moon.
History: Krieger Dammerlicht was forged during Balagas’ crusade against the dark forces that threatened Gotterdammerung. They were a ragtag group of Shaedling magic-users and mercenaries that accomplished key objectives under Balagas’ direction. For their excellence, they were awarded the highest of positions: Balagas’ personal guard.
They enjoyed great prestige and influence until Balagas himself was assassinated. Krieger Dammerlicht immediately fell into disfavor and were almost destroyed in the wars that followed. Only through spell power and sheer tenacity did the Dammerlicht survive nigh-utter dissolution and the loss of their holdings.
Centuries would pass before they reclaimed most of their former glory. Dammerung Shaedlings flocked beneath the banners of the Dammerlicht, swelling their ranks and their strength. Never would they grasp the favored position that they once held, but they nevertheless gathered great power and a vast influence. Their chance at resurgence came when Balagas was deified and they, unlike the other Kriegers, placed their full support behind the Reaper’s Church and the Keeper’s Creed.
Current: Krieger Dammerlicht today exists as a major player in the politics of the Corpse-Kingdom and an avid supporter of the Lord Reaper’s clergy. Their strengths lie in magical prowess. Krieger Dammerlicht possesses the mightiest Witches and Sorcerers among their ranks – other Kriegers often ask for them to foster and train would-be magic-users.
The possession and safeguarding of high magics is said to be the ultimate goal of Krieger Dammerlicht. They often send forces or employ mercenaries to investigate areas of power, report their findings and retrieve items of interest.
Leadership: Magnus von Dammerlicht is the current Patriarch of Krieger Dammerlicht. He is a skilled Necromancer and possesses a fearsome presence. It is said that he leads his House with fear as well as blood and wisdom. Magnus was a good friend of the King-Priest although their relationship has soured as of late. He refuses to speak of it to any but his closest kin, yet he continues to provide Siegfried the support of his holdings and his forces.
Krieger Eisenwulf
Strength, Patience and Ruthlessness –the Words of Krieger Eisenwulf
Basic: Krieger Eisenwulf is an ancient noble house that believes in a monarchy, not a theocracy – that men of quality and of strength deserve to rule over the populace of the Corpse-Kingdom.
Symbol: A steel grey Wolf’s head over a sea of dark purple
History: Krieger Eisenwulf claims descent from King Gregor the Iron Wolf, the man who kept the Corpse-Kingdom together after Balagas’ fall. They held power for a long time thereafter, fighting off those Kriegers that sought to depose them and maintaining the land’s peace despite all the infighting. The throne of Gotterdammerung was taken from the Eisenwulf dynasty only by an invading army of demons that laid waste to the capitol and the flower of Eisenwulf chivalry.
The losses to Krieger Eisenwulf were massive and the entirety of their bloodline was almost expunged from the world. But Eisenwulf was powerful before the age of darkness arrived; half of their strength was still a fair amount when compared to the other Kriegers.
However, it was not enough to continue their claim upon the throne. When the Lord Reaper’s church made Gotterdammerung into a theocracy, the Eisenwulf were hard-pressed to accept the change. They did not fight it but decided to marshal their forces and await the next turning of the tide.
Current: Krieger Eisenwulf holds the greatest military force in all of Gotterdammerung, in number and in quality. The purple plumes of the Eisenwulf are feared upon the field of battle and their wolf-head banners rarely see defeat. The Greymane Wolves are an especially vicious order of knights among the Eisenwulf, infamous for torturing captives, grisly trophies and their worship of the Slayer.
Eisenwulf is decidedly against the theocracy, but it makes no open moves to rebel against the dominant order. The rebellion of the Iron Wolf belies their usual unsubtle natures. Common belief holds that the Eisenwulf are as blunt as maces and just as intelligent… but that is a myth that the Krieger is willing to propagate until the time is right. If anything, the Eisenwulf is as patient as iron and cruel as a wolf.
Leadership: Gregor von Eisenwulf III is the current patriarch of Krieger Eisenwulf and possibly the deadliest swordsman alive. This incarnation of the Iron Wolf is broad-shouldered, gray-maned and covered in vicious scars. His blade, Steel Fang, is said to have drunk the blood of a hundred men in single combat and five times that number in chaotic battle.
But Gregor III is no mere red-handed killer; he is a red-handed killer who has learned from his mistakes. Were it not for the armor he wears always, the Patriarch would proudly display his scars. “Each is a lesson earned and a vengeance achieved” he says to the blood of his blood.
And when youths ask of his most difficult, most pain-staking lesson, he always replies: “Patience”

Krieger Nibelung

All Power has a Price – the Words of Krieger Nibelung
Basic: Krieger Nibelung is a noble house that is steeped in merchantile wealth and power, allowing it greater status than its relative novelty would normally allow.
Symbol: A Golden Ring of wrought of seven runes on a field of black.
History: Unlike the other two major Kriegers, Nibelung is a newcomer to the political scene – its foundations lie only three hundred years in the past. This Krieger traces its lineage to Kord the Cunning: an entrepreneurial adventurer who gathered enough power and influence to start his own Krieger.
Although the Kriegers and the Church were displeased at the arrival of a new faction, the favors that they owed the Nibelung and the strength that it possessed could not be denied. The Nibelung’s alliance with the Shaper’s Creed and its own mercantile power aided in its integration even as the Nibelung wormed its way into high society. Kord’s descendants continue to display his greed, his guile and his guts. Then finally, after two generations, Krieger Nibelung gained the acceptance that it had worked for and displayed the same arrogance that the Kriegers were known for.
Current: Krieger Nibelung is a dominant power in the Corpse-Kingdom, controlling a majority of the Dammerung harbors and trade route cities and profiting from the tariffs placed on traffic through these key points. Certain merchants and guilds receive reductions in their dues in exchange for specific, discreet services performed for Nibelung’s sake.
Despite their lack of innate military prowess, Nibelung’s wealth has allowed the Krieger to purchase the muscle that they require, when they require it. Mercenaries and sell-swords will find profitable service with Krieger Nibelung.
The King-Priest Siegfried Gotthammer is born of Krieger Nibelung. And although their sentiment runs against giving power to the Churches and Creeds of the Corpse-Kingdom, the House of the Golden Ring has seen fit to support the King-Priest in his endeavours.
Leadership: Gunther von Nibelung is impious, Machiavellian and power-hungry. He is also the younger brother of the King-Priest Siegfried and the Patriarch of Krieger Nibelung.
Despite their differences, Gunther has a deep love for his sibling who had protected him and cared for him during their formative years, especially after Gunther lost his left arm and left leg in an attempt on his life. The younger Nibelung has since replaced his limbs with necromantic prosthetics and his heart with that of a stone-cold killer’s. His fraternal devotion is the only thing that keeps the Nibelung beneath Siegfried’s banner; the remainder of Krieger Nibelung want nothing more than to overthrow the theocracy.