The Corpse-Kingdom of Gotterdammerung

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“Reaper, Reaper, take my soul. Take it piecemeal, take it whole.
Reaper, Reaper, keep my heart. In your care do I depart”

Dammerunger Nursery Rhyme

Gotterdammerung, also called Dammerung, is a Kingdom under siege –Packs of the restless dead run amok and savage the countryside. For too long have the whispers of Demons undermined the priesthood. And the borders of Dammerung face constant threat from orcs, goblins, and other Kingdoms. But hope is forthcoming in the form of a King-Priest, the first of his line: Siegfried Godhammer once of Krieger Nibelung, the Knights of the Golden Ring. The King-Priest has cast down hundreds of corrupted priests and restored order to the capitol of Lichtenstein. With Runed Hammer and Silver Fire, he intends to cleanse his Kingdom of all things impure. Those that join his crusade will be well-rewarded. Those that side with the restless dead or consort with demons will find out why the Godhammer deserves his title.

Costuming Preferences: The typical Dammerunger prefers dour, drab clothing that is loose fitting but utilitarian. Some Dammerungers wear long-coats or outer-robes with many pockets, while others stick to cloaks or short-coats that protect them from the bitter winds that howl across the Corpse-Kingdom. Dammerunger commoners tend toward dark grey and tan – simple, neutral colors. Wealthier Dammerungers or those who are a part of the clergy tend toward grey or black as a main palette with silver or gold adornments or trim. Simple caps, hoods, and hats are common accessories among the simple folk while clergymen and nobility tend toward finer, more ornamented versions of this type of clothing.

Races: Primarily Human. Twilight Elf, Cambion (Rare) allowed

Starting Language: Wyrd-spiel, the most common language in all of Midworld.

Kingdom Benefit: (choose one)

o       Whispers from the Grave: The shadow of death has lain over the Corpse Kingdom for so long that even healthy Dammerungers can spy its gossamer hand. You learn the Spirit-Sight skill for no build cost, allowing you to see and speak (in whispers only) to Spirits and Spirit-Creatures.

o       Dammerunger Determination: Your years in the Corpse-Kingdom have allowed you to see disaster, death and desolation in great multitudes – perhaps tragedy has even struck you personally. You learn the Spurn Death feat for no build cost.

o       Corpse Flesh: Calamity has struck you personally and it has left its mark on your flesh, but what did not kill you has made you stronger. You gain the Resilience skill for no build cost.

o      Scion of the Scythe: You are a Chosen of the Lord Reaper, one of his Scythe-Priests or a lawful Necromancer that works Sorcery in His Holy Name.  Learn one basic or complex spell of your choice for no build cost. This must be a Necromancy Spell (Necromancers only) or a Fate Spell (Scythe-Priests only). You must fulfill the requirements of the spell in order to learn it.