The Chivalric Kingdom of Pendrakken

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“Seven keep you standing tall, or in Their mercy catch your fall.
And if They grant no aid at all, I pray you wake amidst their Halls”

– a Pendrakken Knight’s blessing

It has only been three hundred years since the Dragon of the Pendrakken was raised above keep and tower, but the Pendrakken have become just as strong and just as influential as their neighboring, older kingdoms. Arcturus I, the Errant King, the first of his name, rules Pendrakken with the wisdom and skill that he has learned after 40 years of hard travel and hard combat. Commoner and nobility sing tales of his triumphs; his death-duel with the Jotun Thane, Surtur, receives as much praise as his debate with the Obsidian Throne of Kenrei. But for all the progress that he has claimed to have brought, Arcturus is concerned for his Kingdom’s future. And it is this concern which has led him the transformation of Freehold as a neutral ground and to the forging of the Concord among the Kingdoms that he hopes will bring the fabled Seventh Kingdom to pass. Those from Pendrakken that travel to Freehold are tasked to be as shining examples of His Majesty’s wisdom, His justice, His piety and, when called for, His valor.

Costuming Preferences: Because of the temperate climate of the Pendrakken valley, the Pendrakken prefer the simple attire of tunics and trousers. Those that are affiliated with the nobility wear tabards over their garb that reflects the colors and the symbol of the House they serve. Besides this simple vestry, Pendrakken attire is accessorized and ornamented by many other types of adornments – hats, cloaks, mantles, vests and the like. Pendrakken tend toward the colors of their particular house, be it one of the seven Major Houses or one of the many minor Houses: for example, those that serve the Manticor of House Macha, favor Black over Crimson. Those that follow the Drake of House Pendrakken favor Gold over Red.

Races: Primarily Human. Beastling, Wild Elf and Twilight Elf allowed

Language: Wyrd-spiel, the most common language in all of Midworld.

Kingdom Benefit: (choose one)

 o Pendrakken Honor: You are a paragon of Pendrakken honor, keeping to the tenets of doing well and acting well whether they are nobility or not. You gain the Resist Charm feat for no build cost.

o Pendrakken Valor: A life in the service of King and Kingdom is not without danger or fear. You gain the Spurn Death feat for no build cost.

o Steel and Oak: You have been trained in the favored fighting style of the Pendrakken, using sword, shield and your honor to snatch victory from your enemies. You gain the Blade Proficiency and Shield Proficiency for no build cost.

o Heraldric Fighter: You have been born into on of the Heraldric Houses of the Pendrakken or else, you’ve been chosen by them and raised from your common origins to be one of their vaunted Heraldric Fighters. Honor and glory are yours to take if you please your House and advance its cause. You gain a basic melee attack or basic defense feat from your class for no build, providing you fulfill any prerequisites that it might have.