Jotunbrud Overview

Because of their notoriety, the word “Jotunbrud” is a byword for ruthlessness and cruelty. However, these warrior people are also known for their skill in battle and their fearlessness.

Kingdom Symbol: A giant’s gauntlet, curled into a fist and with a rune carved upon its wrist. It is surrounded by a ring of spiked chain.

The Reclaimers rally under the banners of the God they serve.  

Outlook: The Chained Kingdom is a land of merciless ice and ruthless tyranny. Just as their world is a hard one, so too must the Jotunbrud become hardened to its perils. Not surprisingly, the folk of the Jotunbrud have become a people both grim and passionate, full of life, yet ready to face death.


Thus, the Jotunbrud face hardship with the tenacity and determination of an iron wall. Unmoved by dismay or despair, they work towards solutions with a no-nonsense attitude of one accustomed to perilous situations. Because constant danger faces the Chained Kingdom, its people have become experts at working under pressure. Thus, when peril or danger advances upon a Jotunbrud, their reaction is typically to act unsurprised and then prepare accordingly yet without being overly hasty.


However, their practicality is offset by their love of drink, of song and of merry-making. Few things are sweeter to a Jotunbrud than the feasting after a victory, even when casualties are heavy. They will howl in triumph when a foe is felled, shaking their blades in the air victoriously. The Jotunbrud cling hardily to life and hope regardless of their situation and their celebrations allow them to rejoice even in the face of loss.


War is the greatest glory given to a Jotunbrud. Within battle is the chance to truly feel alive and the chance to gain prestige amongst their peers. In the shackles of the Chained Kingdom, only victory can grant freedom. Even the Reclaimers hold to this outlook which hails from the ancient war-like traditions of the Wodenbrud, who esteemed valor and combat above all else. To these folk, the blood and clangor of war calls them back to the roots of their people.


There is one trait unique to Reclaimers however, and that is a reverence for their ancestors. While Jotunbrud care little for parentage and bloodlines, the people of Woden still cling to the past and allow it to define them. Elders are respected and ancestors are called by prayer – with the Reclaimer’s future being so bleak, it is their glorious past that lends them great strength. Many Reclaimers will remember their lineages well, knowing their ancestors even to the ninth degree.

Mannerisms: The Jotunbrud are known for their wrath and their valor, but it is their military discipline that defines them above all. Almost everyone in the Chained Kingdom is trained in the art of war. Thus, the Jotunbrud are quick to follow the chain of command and enforce it upon their own troops if necessary. As the individual links of their Chained Kingdom, it falls to them to be strong and loyal as though their lives and their Kingdom’s power were dependent upon them. A Jotunbrud may be cruel to his enemies and his captives, but to those worthy of being his comrades, he is a stout shield. To a Jotunbrud’s commander, he is the sharpest, swiftest sword- felling enemies with a single command.

To that end, pride and prestige is a big part of their warrior culture and most Jotunbrud will act the part of the skilled fighter. . A Jotunbrud warrior has earned his or her place in a Warband or Creed, so they are proud of what they have earned. Naturally, pride in one’s abilities does not equal harassing everyone that crosses their path or challenging everyone they meet to a fight. This confidence instead results in a demeanor that is self-certain and unwilling to back down from danger or a challenge.

Even in defeat, a Jotunbrud does not lack in bravado. Some Jotunbrud even collect scars as though they were trophies, with a tale for every patch of mended flesh and every crooked bone. Jotunbrud who fall in battle have been known to keep fighting even when their limbs are maimed.  Many a healer has been surprised by a Jotunbrud having crawled leglessly from across a battlefield to find healing and protect the healer.

For Luccari and Reclaimers, it is a common practice to hold their gods close to their heart by invoking their god’s names when appropriate (when making an oath) and even through subtle gestures. A Luccari may howl in battle like a wolf or clutch their skulls when in deep thought. The Chosen of Mjordir smash their fists together in greeting or even when thinking. The Kyrasar like to cross their arms over their chest in salute to one another (symbolizing the Goddess’ twin blades) and decapitate their fallen enemies while dedicating the death to Kyras. The Valderion like to twine their fingers together when speaking on an important matter (a reference to Valder’s holy symbol) and greet their close friends and Chosen by touching them on the left shoulder.  

Accent:  Players who want to adopt an accent for their Jotunbrud characters may use the accent of Scandinavian nations (Denmark, Sweden, Finland).


Male: Alfar, Dain, Eldagar, Gallir, Hrothgar, Keldar, Ragnar, Sigmund, Thordin, Uller

Female: Astrid, Bestla, Embla (Elm), Fenja, Grida, Hylda, Nyra, Iva, Singrid, Ylla 

Surnames: Most Surnames serve to highlight a particular Jotunbrud’s descriptive trait or nickname in order to differentiate that Jotunbrud from their brethren as well as grant themselves the prestige of a unique name.

                Examples: Braken Skull-stomper, Jorgen Bloody-handed, Vassik Chip-tooth, Merna with the Red-smile, Ingrid the Eye-gouged

Some Jotunbrud attach patronymic or matronymic names to their own This is especially the case when one’s father or mother is a figure of legend or renown.

                Examples:  Wylaf Garmson, Fenrik Fellingson, Jormi Tyrsdotter, Ran Nyrmasdotter,

Some Luccari and most Wodensons keep to the ancient practice of taking the surname of one’s Father. These surnames are often the names of the tribal clans of old Wodenbrud


Luccari families: Winterborn, Windcaller, Wolfblood

Wodenbrud great clans: Bearclaw, Crowsong, Blackstag, Whaletooth  

Historical Allusions: The history and religion of the Jotunbrud are based on ancient Norse mythology, although heavily altered. Their culture and mannerisms are a blend of ancient Sparta and Nordic society.