Jotunbrud History

The Wodenbrud

The Giants of the Jotun did not always rule the Jotunbrud. Long ago, the frozen, windswept lands of Midworld’s northwest was ruled by the god Woden and the priests of his Wodenbrud. The Wodenbrud were expert survivalists and mighty warriors amid the frost and the wind. They warred with the Fir’bolg, the Riverfolk, the Dwarves and the Kali-Ishtar, taking thralls and bartering them like currency. They warred with each other as well, since their god Woden was a god of war and of death and of magic.

It is said that when the Wyrdic Empire fell, the Wodenbrud had a red-hand in its falling, their warbands raiding and reaving vulnerable settlements and fading away as quickly as they had arrived. The Riverfolk had their match in the stalwart mariners and cunning soldiers of the Wodenbrud, who reveled in the art of the raid and the glory of the slaughter. A Wodenbrud warband what fall upon a hapless village and empty it of its people, killing defenders and taking away captives as slaves.

Thus was it known that even before the Jotun came to them and chained them in frost and thralldom, the Wodenbrud were warriors and reavers.

The Coming of the Frost King

However strong the people of Woden thought themselves, the Jotun were stronger still. Some songs say that the giants rose up from the sea, covered in seaweed and scales. Others say that the Jotun came forth from the very earth and Midworld quaked with their awakening. And then there are those that claim that Ymir and his folk came from the very frost itself, entering the world in the deepest, coldest winter Midworld had ever known. Like the storied winds of the north did the Jotun descend upon the Wodenbrud and hammer them into submission.

There was no war against the Jotun when they walked across the north; there was only a massacre. Entire bloodlines of mighty warriors, each with storied claims to honor and glory, were wiped out. And in the end, with Wodengard burning amid the snowy winds, with their mightiest warriors and most pious priests broken across the land, the Wodenbrud were no more.

The Rise of the Jotunbrud

Ymir, the Jotun King of Frost, claimed Woden’s seat and broke the power of his priesthood in a ritual that slew all of his Chosen. Those who would swear to Woden would find death instantly, their life ripped away from their flesh by Ymir’s spell and by Lucca’s secret lores. He did this to each god of Woden’s pantheon and those that wished to worship their gods had to make their images anew for their old gods were utterly slain by Ymir’s power. Lucca’s Priests gathered what remained of the faithful and convinced them of the truth: they had lost and there was no hope against the Jotun.

With this conquest of their flesh and their spirits, the Wodenbrud were truly destroyed and in their place arose the Jotunbrud – the people of the Jotun, the Chained Kingdom and Ymir’s hand against Midworld and Overworld. They still take captives and slaves, but most of these go to feed Ymir and his children, for they are ever hungry for flesh and for souls.

The Frost-King sits upon his throne in Ymirheim. He watches his sons and his daughters forge the armies of Jotunbrud into a true force to be reckoned with. When his preparations are complete, when the season is right and the stars in proper order he will speak the secret words that will start his Kingdom’s march and begin the true end of the world. Woden was just the beginning – he intends to drag down all the Gods from the heavens.

He knows of the Wodensons. He knows of their new gods and their so-called prophecy. He knows of their successful attempts at reviving their faith.

But it is a lie.

The sun will die and all light will fade – all that remains will be the cold, dark winds of the End.