The Chained Kingdom of Jotunbrud

“The Jotunbrud are here! Your Fates are all but clear!
We’ll chain your sons and spill your blood! The Jotunbrud are here!”
– Jotunbrud War Chant

The Chainers, the raiding parties of the Jotunbrud, are feared across the land for their reaving and their slaving. However, the Men of the Jotunbrud are enslaved by those whom the fearsome have much to fear: the mighty giants known as the Jotun and their Frost-King, Ymir. The coming of the Jotun, the sacking of Wodenheim, the slaughter of the Woden priesthood and the unification of the scattered raider villages have born fruit as the Chained Kingdom, terror in the West. There are those Jotunbrud that oppose the reign of Ymir; they seek the slackening of their people’s chains, they worship the first Wodenson, Valder Twice-born and plot the fall of the Jotun – but these Men, who also name themselves the Wodensons, are few in number and easily stamped out by their foes. However, the Jotunbrud, be they Chainer or Wodenson, are a people of clangor, they love all loudness, whether it’s in the clash of arms, in the madness of their feast days or in the bardic songs of their heroes.

Costuming Preferences: Owing to their military lifestyles, Jotunbrud tend toward martial attire: stout chainmail, thick boots, and other protective vestments. Those Jotunbrud who do not want to wear armor prefer armor-like dress, such as leather bracers, leather collars, and pelts to adorn their garments and protect them from winter. Like the Fir’bolg to the south, the Chainers have a love for tattoos and scars, especially those that mark their faces and hands. Similar to the Dwarves, the Jotunbrud have a penchant for long beards and long braids, but they do not let these grow too long for fear that it will turn against them during the clangor of battle. In regards to their clothing, they tend toward grim and dour colors, but have a weakness for the color of blood and the color of frost.

Races: Human only.

Language: Wyrd-Spiel, Rune-Speak

Kingdom Benefit: (choose one)

o       Life at War:  A lifetime of raiding, dueling and battlecraft can make a Jotunbrud far more resilient than other Men. You gain the Toughness skill and 2 extra HP for no build cost.

o       Jotunbrud Chainer:  You are a blooded raider among the Jotunbrud, having learned battlecraft from the most bloodthirsty warriors in Midworld. You gain the Axe Proficiency, the Blade Proficiency, and Armor Proficiency skills for no build cost.

o       Wodenson Reclaimer: You are from the secret, persecuted sect among the Jotunbrud that continues to worship the old gods of your people and searches for allies that can help the destruction of the Jotun. You gain the Resist Charm feat.

o       Frost-blood: The frozen winds that beset the Chained Kingdom are of little threat to you. To one such as you, the howling blizzard is a pleasant summer rain. You gain the Resist Ice feat.