The Bog Kingdom of the Fir’bolg

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“You will find no weakness and little mercy in Morread’s marches, outsider. You’ll find little and less of them in Morread’s daughter. Cruel Cruach made the first Men out of mud and blood –and that’s all you’ll be when I’m done with you.” – Magda the Redspear, Dyed Woman of King Baelor Witch-Eye

The desolate marshes of Morread lie between the inner sea of Ordas and the western sea of Kaos. Amid this misty landscape dwell the Fir’Bolg, a Race of Men made hardy and dour by the bleak marches they call home. King Baelor Witch-Eye claims leadership of the holdings, villages and towns scattered across the bog and beneath his banner, the Fir’Bolg have become a force to be reckoned with. No longer can a Jotunbrud raider, a Shadow-Eater, or even a Hollow Man find even the loneliest village as easy prey. Where the Witch-Eye’s mark is painted, no trespass against Fir’Bolg goes unavenged. The Witch-Eye’s Dyed Men, the deadliest slayers among the Fir’Bolg, and the Druids of Maerla’s Coven, ensure his protection and enact his vengeance while within the unfinished stone citadel of Muirthemne, the Witch-eye sits upon his cold, cracked throne… and plots – what he intends when he sends Dyed Men and Witch-Druids to Freehold is anyone’s guess.

Language: Wyrd-Spiel, the most common language in all of Midworld

Costuming Preferences: The bogs of Morread drive the Fir’bolg toward a preference for wearing less clothing but of tougher fabrics such as hide, leather, or just thicker textiles. Fir’bolg will wear pelts, cloaks and the like when the weather necessitates such garb, but they prefer attire that does not restrict their movement, such as robes, kilts, and tunics. Dyed Men are especially known for wearing only minimal clothing when not wearing armor to showcase their distinctive battle paint as it swirls across their flesh.

Races: Primarily Human. Twilight Elf, Wild Elf allowed

Favored Classes: Warrior, Marksman, Berserker

Favored Professions: Bard, Survivalist

Kingdom Benefit: (choose one)

o       Mud and Blood: The god known as Cruach the Cruel was said to have made the first Fir’bolg out of mud and blood to withstand the worst that Midworld can bring to bear. You gain the Toughness skill and an additional 2 HP for no build cost.

o       Bog-runner: The Morread marsh can take hold of the slow and weak and drag them to death amid the depths of her bosom; thus must the Fir’bolg be quick to evade any attempts to shackle or chain them. You gain either the Break Force feat or the Shot on the Run skill for no build cost.

o       Dyed Man: You are a Dyed Man, one of Witch-Eye’s warriors chosen for your skill and your strength. For no build cost, you gain two proficiencies skills from the following list: the Blade Proficiency, the Pole-arm Proficiency, the Bow proficiency and the Shield Proficiency.

o       Druid of Maerla (Witch only): You have trained among the Druids of Maerla, personal advisors and seers to the Witch-Eye. You learn a Basic Witch Spell at no cost.