Year Gifts

One Year Gift:
Every time you PC (or at least pay as one) for 12 months straight you are given a “year gift”. This is staffs way of saying, “thank you for supporting the game!” This gift is delivered after the 12th event, not during.

Year Gifts can take one of two forms.
Option #1- receive an unique item custom crafted to fit your character.
Option #2- receive and learn an erudite skill/spell/feat that is available to you for free.

After your first one, and twelve more months of perfect attendance, you can gain another year gift. Year gifts continue every 12 months of perfect attendance as a PC. In addition, you can buy back events to replace ones you might have missed here, making you eligible for the gift.

Note – Since there is no event in December, it does not count against you, nor does it count towards your attendance (unless you buy the December event credit, then it does count towards your gift).

18 Month Gift:
There is another option for players unable to play as a PC every month for a year. Its called the 18 month gift, and its involves having played as a PC 18 events non consecutively. However, the 18 month gift can only be earned if the player was not eligible for a standard one year gift. The 18 month gift has the same options as above, either a unique item or learning an erudite.

How to obtain a gift:
Contact Staff at and let them know you are eligible for obtaining a one year or 18 month gift. You are also welcome to send staff ideas regarding abilities and the role-play flavoring of your gift (although they do not have to honor these ideas). Staff will check payment records and if you are eligible, begin crafting your gifts properties. It is your responsibility to contact staff regarding your gifts. Staff must be messaged about your gift at least 2 weeks prior to the event so they have time to process your request.

Updated on 12/7/16 – Added option to learn a free erudite skill/spell/feat that is available to the character, instead of an unique item. This rule is effective starting at the beginning of the 2017 season and applies to both 12 month and 18 month gifts.