Weapons. An extension of your arm. The tools of death, vengeance, and so much more.

Seventh Kingdom Weapon Size Requirements:  (In Inches)
Dagger / Small Hammer/ Small Axe – 12” to 24” (1 hand)
Short or Long Sword / Medium Hammer / Medium Axe – 24” to 40” (1 hand)
Bastard Sword / Hammer / Axe / Spear – 40” to 48” (1 or 2 Hand)
Great sword / Hammer / Axe / Quarter Staff**– 48” to 60” (2hand)
Polearm** / Poleaxe** / Pole Hammer** / Staff** – 60” to 72” (2hand)
Short Bow: 24” to 36”
Long Bow: 36” to 48”
Great bow: 48” to 60”
Crossbows Small: 12×12 to 18×18
Crossbow Light: 18×18 to 24×24
Crossbow Heavy: 24×24 to 30×30
Throwing Weapon: 3″ to 12″ (no core allowed)

*A weapon that fits multiple classifications may only be assigned one and only one. For example, if a weapon appears to fit both the great ax or the great hammer classifications, it must be assigned one during inspection — subsequent uses and skill interactions with the weapon will use the assigned designation, not either and not both.

** Quarter Staff, Staff, Polearm, Poleaxe, and Pole Hammer weapons must have Pipe Foam covering the entire length of the weapon. This is a safety precaution added as the entire length of these types of weapons can be used in combat.

Weapon inspection-
All players are required to have all weapons inspected seasonally during sign in. A weapon that passes inspection will be considered legal for the remainder of that season. At the start of the next season it will need to be inspected by staff again.

Seasons are as follows:
Winter Season- December, January, February
Spring Season- March, April, May
Summer Season- June, July, August
Fall Season- September, October, November

Weapons that pass safety inspection will be marked with a waterproof paper band around the hilt, handle, or pummel. This band will be signed and dated by a staff member. If this band is removed or damaged, the weapon will need to be inspected again.

Any weapons found unsafe will be prohibited from entering the game. The staff reserves the right to remove any unsafe weapon from the game at any time. This is strictly for safety reasons. Weapons are only inspected at Seventh Kingdom functions.

Do different colors of duct tape mean different things?
We do not have overly strict rules when it comes to the color of a weapon. Meaning, in almost situations we will overlook the color. However we suggest that black, chrome, and silver are considered metal, while brown and tan are wood, and white, bone. We ask that pattern tapes be reserved for specific circumstances.

What type of weapons are illegal?
– Real Weapons (Not even for role play or decoration)
– Flails or weapons involving a chain or rope (regardless of if the chain is real or fake)
– Weapons with Metal cores. PVC, fiberglass, or carbon filament only please.
– Weapons with pipe not covered by foam in an area other then the handle
– Weapons with joints that are not crossbows (They have a history of breaking easily during combat)
– Weapons larger then the maximum size noted below.
– Weapons with insufficient padding. (5/8″ pipe foam thickness minimum)
– Weapons with “metal foil tape” (Chrome Duct Tape is Legal)
– Weapons with sliding weights.
– Weapons that do not fit the fantasy setting. (IE boffer guns)

So far we have not found any Nerf weapons that have passed inspection. We suggest you bring a backup weapon if you are bringing a Nerf weapon to the game. Also, Bows and Crossbows follow the same rules as standard weapons. They must be properly padded for combat.

How do I make a boffer sword?
– You can find the official Seventh Kingdom Boffer Sword How To here.

What are the restrictions on throwing weapons?
Must be within size requirements above, and may not contain a solid core or weight. They should be made of nothing but foam and tape. Throwing weapons can not double as a melee weapon because melee weapons must have a solid core. We also allow “latex/foam injected” foam throwing weapons. All throwing weapons are subject to inspection, the same as every other weapon.

Storing weapons or shields on your person:
A sheathed weapon or shield can not protect you from attacks. If it is hit, the attack is counted against you as if you had been hit directly. This is to prevent someone from wearing a shield as a breastplate or backpack.

What ‘kinds’ of weapons are allowed?

We allow both boffer and latex weapons. Due to the nature of latex weapons (typically harder and without thrusting tip) we may ask unsafe fighters using latex to use a boffer weapon instead. Players can still swing too hard with a boffer sword and if they do they will receive a warning. If they continue to do so they will be asked to leave. There is no need to swing hard enough to draw blood, your target will be more inclined to take your damage if you swing gently.

(At this time we allow all brands of latex weapons)

See combat rules for Light combatants, and ultra light combatants.

Special Note: Claw Weapons

Player claw weapons follow specific guidelines that differ from those traditionally used by npcs.

The hand guard, or the part that covers your hand and wrist may not be larger than 8 inches. This measurement is taken from the handle to the end of the wrist guard. The overall length of the claw (including hand guard) may not exceed 36 inches, or be less than 24. Claws may be single bladed or double bladed only. They deal damage and are tagged as if they are short swords. Finally, claws may not contain a pipe core, making them the only melee weapon in game without a core that can deal damage through melee strikes. Staff reserves the right to revoke the use of claws for a player should they be used in an unsafe fashion.  Use them with caution. Claw weapons are also subject to the same seasonal safety inspections as all other weapons.

Special Note: Ranged Weapons
Ranged weapons, such as bows and crossbows may not be used as boffer swords in melee to deal damage. They are however subject to the same padding rules as boffer swords.

 Updated January 7th 2018